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Full Version: Newcomers, Please Say "hello" Here! ^^
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awesome, Remedy-san... happy.gif ....I'd like to travel to Japan some day tongue.gif Arigoto!
Europe sounds like fun too! travel to France and Italy happy.gif....but have to wait until im older biggrin.gif
ed's numbuh 1 fan
i'm new i joined or rejistered or whatever a few days ago YAY for me.i AM ed's 1# fan hehehehe rolleyes.gif hence the name tongue.gif soooooooooooooo i love,love,love,love,love Edo-kun of course and is there much more to say??? smile.gif biggrin.gif tongue.gif blink.gif huh.gif laugh.gif ohmy.gif rolleyes.gif unsure.gif wink.gif cool.gif cool.gif
StrawberryShampoo: Thank you! biggrin.gif

TRueREmedy25: You say that you’ll have to wait until you are older to travel abroad, but I think that you will also need something else to do it: Money! wink.gif

ed's numbuh 1 fan: Is there much more to say ? well…. Hello and welcome! biggrin.gif
Thanks for welcoming me everyone! And welcome guys that joined after me!
Hi everybody! I'm new here! ^-^ I joined a couple of weeks ago but I'm still looking around and figuring stuff out. I've known about FMA for a long time but never got into until this summer when I got bored and started playing the first game of it for the PS2 then I got hooked. Since then I've beaten that game, seen all the episodes that had been on Cartoon Network, bought the 1st and 3rd DVD, and done some artwork of it. biggrin.gif

I am 17 years old and I live in Southwest, Va. I am female and I am a senior in High School. I love anime, singing, and drawing. I can speak french and japanese.

I hope to make some friends here. *spaz*
Hello, I am Rave-san. It's nice to have you here.
QUOTE(Rave @ Aug 13 2005, 07:35 PM)
Hello, I am Rave-san. It's nice to have you here.

Thank you! It's nice to meet you. ^-^
Hello laugh.gif
I just signed up yesterday biggrin.gif
so.. this is my second time here..
I'm 15 years, and live in sweden, near the town Gothenburg..
and.. I'm obsessed with fma.. rolleyes.gif it is one of my favourit anime..

so.. that's all from me for now.. cool.gif
Konichi wa! Im Reid and i love Naruto and Full metal alchemist!!! Those are my favorite animes. it seems like too many people have their name aboiut fma so i decided id name mysef after my other favorite anime:)
im 13 and im fron New york about 30 minutes away from the city
Anime-Kat2002, Chise and NarutoFan101, hello and welcome! biggrin.gif
QUOTE(Valérie @ Aug 14 2005, 04:42 AM)
Anime-Kat2002, Chise and NarutoFan101, hello and welcome!  biggrin.gif

ooh.. thanks laugh.gif

This is my third day in this forum. I read the first volume of FMA at work on Friday and got hooked. Once I got back home, I looked up website and found this place. On Saturday I read the second volumen. v. v. v. sad that was all out. Then I went to the manga page in this site and found more volumes. I stayed up until 2am last night reading them all. It made me cry and laugh. And I'm very confused but hopefully new chapters will be posted and I can continue reading.

Now I have to go hunting for images and caps and stuff so I can make banners and icons. biggrin.gif

Hello defronk, I am Rave-san. It's nice to have you here.
(I'll probaly say this whenever some joins laugh.gif )
Fullmetal Alchemist Edward #1
i'm bored
Welcome defronk! Enjoy your stay and keep reading FMA! biggrin.gif

Fullmetal Alchemist Edward #1 : Why are you bored?
Thank you everyone for all the welcomes ^-^ ~feels loved~ And welcome newcomers. ^-^
Everyone be sure to read 'A Beginner's Guide to Forum Decorum'. smile.gif
Well.... ya know... Hiya all!!! happy.gifU

By the way, if i sometimes write something wrong forgive and tell me, cuz i'm spanish and all... :s
Celestial Shadow
Welcome Eni! Please read this and I hope you stay here happy.gif
Welcome Anime-Kat2002, Ed's numbuh 1 fan, Chise, Narutofan101, and Defronk! I hope you all have fun here.
Bienvenida Eni-sama! Espero que usted se divierta mientras su aquí. I hope that was right.**sweatdrop, doesn't speak much Spanish**
Anyway, welcome all! biggrin.gif
Hello Eni, I am Rave-san. Nice to have you here.
Thank you Rave-san, Valerie, and StrawberryShampoo for the warm welcome! I'll try to stay around. I have much to catch up to. *goes to read newbie info*
To StrawberryShampoo:

hahah thanks a lot ^^ but i'm a guy tongue.gif (even if the name doesn't seem so, it comes from Enishi of Rurouni Kenshin xD)

To Rave:

Hiya too!! i'm Eni-kun ^^
Thank you again foe the nice words everybody! ^-^

~Random Moment~ "Hi Ya'll!" *glomps everyone* "SPAZ!"
I did not welcome you Eni, so hello and welcome! biggrin.gif
Hi, I'm Mikage_Elric. I found this site a week ago and i really like it. I just became a Full Metal Alchemist fan girl because of the story or is it the guys

thank you
Hello Mikage_Elric, I am Rave-san. Nice to have you here. happy.gif
Hi, Mikage_Elric! Nice to meet you! biggrin.gif
Hope you have fun on the forums!

Hi Rave! You better still remeber the other things to eat your bread with on that Island! laugh.gif I'll bring Ham and Cheese! tongue.gif
Welcome Mikage_Elric-sama! Please be sure to take a look at the forum guidelines and please have fun posting!
Hello and welcome Mikage_Elric! Where are you from? Enjoy your stay! biggrin.gif
Yoroshiku ne, Mikage-san. happy.gif *bows*

Please take a brief look at our forum guidelines, and have fun posting~ smile.gif

'A Beginner's Guide to Forum Decorum'
thank you all. i feel so welcome.
Random Person
I cant beleive im doing this now after a 100 or something more posts. XD!

Anywho Hi Im Random Person! You can probally catch me in the character discussion. Mostly in the EdxWin threads (huge edxwin fangirl). Im 16 as well, though (as Im told) I dont act very mature for my age. *shrugs* oh well.
Hello....uh....Random Person, I am Rave-san. Nice to have you here. happy.gif
foolmetal alchemist
Ah, I've been slacking and not helping EKE with the welcoming. >_<

Welcome to Mikage and a belated welcome to Random! happy.gif
thanks ool metal. *huggles him/her* i'll do my best to be here
WELCOME Random Person!!! I hope you have fun while your here.
Hello again Mikage_Elric!
Hi, I'm Sanowaeca-chan and I love FullMetal Alchemist (of course) and InuYasha
I dislike Winry haters and yaoi and yuri p unsure.gif please don't hate me I love FullMetal Alchemist for what it is biggrin.gif by the way I'm a Royxriza and edxwin fangirl rolleyes.gif so there ya go.... Bye!
Hello Sanowaeca-chan, I am Rave-san. Nice to have you here. happy.gif
Hello Random Person! Hello sanowaeca-chan! Enjoy your stay! biggrin.gif
foolmetal alchemist
Welcome Sanowaeca! Be sure to read the Forum Decorum guide, which was posted previously by EKE! happy.gif
My Alchemist Romance
Hey everyone! I'm Marion Phauna, a lil' FMA fan from Argentina! =D
I've recently got into this anime so this would be my very first FMA forum!
I hope you guys like me.

*I feel like a little outcast... *
Riza Babe
Welcome New members!
Hello and welcome My Alchemist Romance! Don't fill like a little outcast here! There are people from all around the world here! I'm from France, there are people from, of course, America and Canada, but also from Spain, Sweden, and many other countries.... biggrin.gif
My Alchemist Romance
Thanks Valérie! =)
Welcome My Alchemist Romance and sanowaeca-chan I hope you both have fun here. And please be sure to take a look at the forum rules.

@My Alchemist Romance- Don't worry if you feel like an outcast. I felt the same way when I joined.
Welcome all new members. *hands out Pocky and ramen* We ask that you follow the rules and read the Forum Decorum. Hopefully, most of your questions maybe answered there. Break a rule or two continuously, and the GP will maul you. Who are they? You'll learn soon.

Enjoy your time here on the forum.
Hi everyone smile.gif

I'm another new member tongue.gif I'm 20 years old from Italy and of course a fullmetal alchemist fan biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

I hope to be wellcome here, see you around smile.gif
To My Alchemist Romace: I don't think I welcomed you yet...Welcome! happy.gif

To Ayoffa: Welcome Ayoffa! I love your avatar. It's hilarious! laugh.gif
Riza Babe
Welcome Ayoffa!!!!! Read the rules and obey them! Enjoy posting here!
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