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Full Version: Newcomers, Please Say "hello" Here! ^^
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IPB Image
nice pic DameGreyWulf ^^

welcome all
have fun
keep posting
15 about 2 days... im from Norway!
i`ve joined about 3 days ago or was it 2? nope it was 3...

so plz WELCOME me! ohhyeah!
Welcome Laffe-sama! I hope you have fun during your stay!
Berserker Alchemist
Yes...welcome...XD Muwahahaha!
welcome laffe! enjoy your stay here!
Welcome all new people happy.gif
thats lame name and lame pic change it for the good of us all
Ed-sama, who are you talking to?
well hi im new too soo isnt that funnny tongue.gif lol [I][B][SIZE=1] well i dont now ho to mack a bio so im into fma and i mack animas about them lol cya ph34r.gif
Welcome Guest_XDunitmetel_*!! I hope You enjoy your stay here and have tuns of fun!!
heh Guest_XDunitmetel_* you should at least sign up for the forums >.<
hello!im sorry for posting late i didnt look but oh well!^^im sora-chan!this fourm is a lot like the Kingdom Hearts fourm but oh well!>>i hope to make lots of friends here.ja na!
Welcome Sora-chan! I hope you have a fun time here!!!
phoenix dying
Welcome all you little bastards laugh.gif
Hah, hi everyone. Not a newbie to forums but am to this one. Glad to have found a forum where I can talk to other people who like FMA as much as I do :3
alchemist x
go away i hate you


Welcome to the forums.
hello new members smile.gif
sora-chan- so ur a k/h fan tongue.gif cool ^^ i am also
*lets continue with wlecome*
have a nice time and yeah... post
foolmetal alchemist
I have been slacking and thinking someone else would do this, but no one has so I better get going.

Welcome to all newcomers. Remember to click on this link before you ever post again.


This is the Beginner's Guide to Forum Decorum written by the magnificent Quistis. It will help answer any questions you have.
Welcome everyone. *hands out Pocky* Please follow the forum rules and other basic things listed in the Forum Decorum thread. (it's the CLICK ME NOW hyperlink in foolmetal-chan's post) Otherwise, the Mods will thrash you, the older members will chew you out, and you'll get numerous foil thwacks and STOP sign slaps. Enjoy your time on the forum.
Welcome Maiku-sama! I hope you have a fun time here!!
Riza Babe
Welcome Maiku! I see you like cowboy bebop! biggrin.gif
Hiyas, I'm a newbie too, and I almost feel so ashamed to admit that! -Sniffle.- But soon enough I won't be a n3wb. ^-^ Yay!

<3 -KindlyDelusional
Squirrel of Doom
Howdy again,I did'nt know about this before. Just a warning I will be saying WEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Alot.
saqra_22@hotmail.comHi I'm new here happy.gif I just want to say that I love fullmetal alchemist, I can hardly see it but with the little parts I have seen that makes me be more curious about that show. biggrin.gif

I was born in North Carolina, when I was six my parents and I moved to Colombia, I lived there for six years, I came back last november the 6th day, I'm going to start 8th grade in september 7th (I'll be in 9th if my hole school year haven't been in vacation) sad.gif
welcome ed'sfan. i hope you enjoy your stay here. do not forget to memorize this:
A Beginner's Guide To Forum Decorum
Welcome Ed's fan, Squirrel of Doom, and KindlyDelusional1 I hope all three of you have fun while your here.
welcome all smile.gif
enjoy and have fun
Youkoso ne, Delusional-san, Squirrel-san, and Fan-san. happy.gif

Please take a look at our forum guidelines~

' A Beginner's Guide to Forum Decorum'

Have fun and post sensibly~ (Or is it the other way around...laugh.gif||)
Sakura Katsuya
[FONT=Times][COLOR=purple] laugh.gif Hi Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm new in this page and I like to meet new people(If you speak spanish more better)^^
foolmetal alchemist
Hola y buenos vidas!

Make sure you check our forum rules, which EKE just posted earlier.happy.gif
No Skill, Just Luck
I'm not good at self introductions, so I'm just going to say hello, and I've already read the decorum so there's no need to repost. smile.gif
^ ohmy.gif

*stare* Kara!


@Foolmetal: Como estas?
foolmetal alchemist
@Foolmetal: Como estas?

Asi, asi. Tu ablas espanol?
Hello. I'm Shizuka, and I'm new here. I am a huge fan of Fullmetal Alchemist and many other anime. My favorite character is Ed. I'm really into the EdxWinry pairing. I'm currently nineteen years old and I live in Tampa, Florida.
Hajimemashite, Katsura-san, Luck-san, and Shizuka-san. happy.gif *bows*

I don't speak any Spanish...tongue.gif;;
@Sakura Katsuya - Alguien mas que habla Español^^ que bueno, pm si necesitas ayuda con el forum^^

@Foolmetal - ohmy.gif you speak Spanish too^^ Que bueno (si es que es verdad)

@Caffee - Tu lo hablas tambien (not sure)
Hi everyone! (Good place for me to start, no?) Anyway, I'm new to the forum. I live in NYC and (obviously) love anime and FMA. Just wanted to say hello. biggrin.gif
Welcome MiyokoChan/ No Skill, Just Luck/ and Shizuka85! I hope you all have fun while your here!
¡Bienvenida Sakura Katsuya! Espero que usted se divierta aquí!
hi MiyokoChan
enjoy the forum and keep posting ^^
Yoroshiku ne, Miyoko-san. happy.gif *bows*

Please take a brief look at our forum guielines, and have fun posting~ tongue.gif

'A Beginner's Guide to Forum Decorum'
Hello! I'm Fireblend, I may be around I guess tongue.gif I'm from Costa Rica, 16 years old, male, and everyone who wants to add me on MSN, it's on my profile (can always use someone to chat with! biggrin.gif)
Also, FMA rocks! And this website does, too tongue.gif
See you around.
Welcome Fireblend-sama! I hope you have fun while your here! And please be sure to take a look at the forum guidelines that Elderberry has so kindly posted above!!
hi i am new my name is ayame!!!!! biggrin.gif

how do you get a avatar/icon
Welcome! Edward_Elric_Rox_my_world!
Welcome Ayame, i know that you are new, but you can't double post^^, and if you whant an avatar, well you can update one from your computer, just go to your "my controls" and look there (don't really know how to explaine it). Oh, and one more think, be sure to read the rules that are in each and every board, they are really helpfull.

~have a happy posting~

If you want an avatar, you can find one on the internet and save it to your desktop. Then go into 'my controls' here on the site and go to 'update avatar' and it well give you a couple options for getting one. Click on the option that asks you if you would like to upload one from your computer. (You click on the box that says browse) and then hunt through and select your avatar.
I know my instructions aren't really clear but it's the best I can do...
Hajimemashite, Fireblend-san and Ayame-san. happy.gif *bows*

Please take a brief look at our forum guidelines~

'A Beginner's Guide to Forum Decorum'

@Ayame-san: Yes, yes, please do not double post. biggrin.gif *gestures towards signature* I'll let you off this time since you're new, but don't do it again, ne? tongue.gif *waves foil*
ph34r.gif that foil is scary ph34r.gif
Hey there! I'm 12...13 Oct 31. Halloween Yea! um.....BYE! happy.gif
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