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Full Version: Newcomers, Please Say "hello" Here! ^^
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hi im a noob on my bros. account and i was wondering if this web site is a good one and that if i was goijng to welcomed. Im a shy person. My bro. says that this web is a really good one where the people are really friendly and cool. So i was wondering should i join? my bro says ya but he some times is a pain.
Well your brother is right! This forum is probably the most active one I've been in. Of course you have to like FMA. The mods are cool, for the most part, people are friendly, with the exception of a couple people. Of course this is just my opinion. Oh and by the way, for future referance, the mods dont like it when you attach pictures to a post for no reason at all biggrin.gif If you do decide to join, read this, and you'll have no problem with the mods or anyone else.

To all new people...welcome! Enjoy your stay!
@Edward-san: PLEASE do not attach irrelevant images as attachments...the signature editor exists for a reason! mellow.gif
hi i am new ph34r.gif rolleyes.gif cool.gif wink.gif unsure.gif ohmy.gif blink.gif huh.gif

can somebody talk to me.. pleAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEE laugh.gif
well, if you want people to talk to you, then you sould not doble post, read the rules, and .....Welcome to the forum
Hey! Well i am glad i have finally decided to sign up to the board discussion. I have been coming on to this site for a little bit over a month. But i kinda didn't want to go and chat on here just yet until i know a little bit more about Full metal Alchemist. So as you can see i'm now here, hoping to get to know a lot of interesting people on here. smile.gif
Yoroshiku ne, Majic-san. happy.gif Since you've wandered around here awhile I'll hope it's safe to assume you can tell the difference between what is acceptable behavior and what is not. biggrin.gif
You dont have to worry, i know whats acceptable and whats not ^^
Welcome everyone, have a fun stay and make sure not to get on the mods nerves. :3

EKE: Hihi!!!
That's good to hear, majic-san. We're always thrilled to have more sensible members to help lower the baka n00b-tachi ratio. laugh.gif

@Coffee-chon: Hihi! laugh.gif *wave-ishy*
Well then i'm glad to add on to the sensible members then. OH and thanks for chatting with me! usually when i'm new to things not a lot of people talk to me, so thanks for that! smile.gif
Welcome all new members. *leaves ramen for newbies. leaves Pocky for veterans* We ask that you read the Forum Decorum thread and ask questions in the appropriate thread. (like this one) If you break a rule, we might break your account. Enjoy your time on the forums.
Wandering Namekian
Hey, I'm new (if you haven't already guessed). My real name is Allison, I'm usually referred to that on forum boards etc. (probably because I always put it in my sig). Let's see here. I read a lot of manga and watch anime when I can, I love the works of Jhonen Vasquez (creator of Invader Zim, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and many other neat-o comics) and Roman Dirge (a writer on Invader Zim and comic book author). My favorite manga is Dragon Ball, and Full Metal Alchemist has replaced Yu Yu Hakusho as my second favorite. If you've ever seen the user name "Wandering Namekian" before anywhere else, there's a good chance it's me (I use it everywhere so I don't have to remember a lot of usernames, I'm lazy like that). That's about it.

Man, in re-reading this paragraph I realized something about myself, I'm boring.
Yoroshiku ne, Nemekian-san. happy.gif *bows* You're quite descriptive. tongue.gif

It's lovely to see that you're familiar with forum conduct. biggrin.gif
sup everyone i am new here i dont know how often i will show up but i browse the site alot so hi you all can just call me slayer
Welcome S1aye12 happy.gif *gives cookies*
QUOTE(hagane_no_tokage @ Jun 9 2005, 12:33 PM)
but don't worry, new members, so long as you stay within the lines, the mods are all very approachable and helpful.  *glomps quis and ninja*

I get no glomp ? T.T
*glomps deshi*

OMG, I JUZ SAPMED. ph34r.gif

i r telling! ph34r.gif

*dares not respond with another spam post*


I mean, er, welcome, everyone. Read the guide or die.
Hi every one i hope my brother didn't get on your nerves. He is a real pain i mean he will adgitate you for a friend. I wouldnt let him on my account and he would just wine and wine. He is just like Ed if you call him a shorty he will say stuff thats not in his vocaulay and stuff that Ed says. I told him that this web site is a realy good one and a pleasant place to meet wonderfull people, but no he hade to sneek on mine and look around. I gave him a serious noogie. LOL. laugh.gif
Oh hey im New...I am bad at introductions. Well, Hello. I dont really know what else to say besides im happy to be here!
Welcome frostyrp14 be sure to read this before you start postng, those are the rules for this forum....have a nice day biggrin.gif
And if you already have read that, then....Have a happy posting tongue.gif
Welcome frostyrp14 Just follow the rules and you'll have a kick ass time here!! biggrin.gif
Riza Hawkeye Chuui
Hello, I'm new here... It feels strange to be new, making a first post... Anyway, My name is Brittany, I'm 14 and I'm from Florida. This seemed like a nice site, so well, I joined! Well, not much more to say, but I'm glad to be here! smile.gif
Celestial Shadow
14, from Florida and your name's Brittany...I have a friend that fits that description, only she's lame and doesn't like anime. So that can't be you biggrin.gif

Welcome! *Throws confetti* If Falling were here, he'd hand out ramen and pocky and mini-cakes...Also, I'm from Florida too.

Also, read this. It'll help you, keep you on the good side of moderators and you won't seem like a n00b too laugh.gif
welcome all!
hope u have fun and post lots ^^
Hi i am new here and can i use a picture from the gallery as my avatar?
Hi i'm The_Fire_Alchemist, i'm from Yanceyville NC. & I hope to make alot of new friends here happy.gif ...

Spark Alchemist
hey 20 and from Nor Cal...i just joined today but ive been looking at this awsome site for a couple months now...i just found out about FMA not too long ago but im already hooked and i just looooovvvvveeee Roy Mustang what a cutie...anyways i look forward to talkin to everyone....and if anyone wants to talk to me just give me a laugh.gif

-the Spark Alchemist
Welcome all new people! Please read the beginners guide, and enjoy your stay! happy.gif
Hello everyone! Your favorite chibi is here! happy.gif Well... I will be anyway....

Don't be afraid to post! It's not THAT scary! For, once you post, there's no stopping you, I promise. laugh.gif

There are a lot of great people on this web site, and some "extra-special" people, too. XD
---->If you're respectful, you'll be respected. (I'm not guaranteeing that everyone will be nice, because that's a term taken lightly here.) X3

I hope that everyone reads the rules AND BEHAVES THEMSELVES! XD

Have a nice day, and remember... If you're respectful, you'll be respected. I DON'T CARE IF YOU'RE THE NUMBER 1 PERSON IN ANOTHER FORUM, YOU STILL NEED TO BE RESPECTFUL. happy.gif

Play nice, children!
Le Monkey
QUOTE(F.M.A_Fan_2005 @ Jun 14 2005, 11:05 PM)
Hi i am new here and can i use a picture from the gallery as my avatar?

yeah shure!

QUOTE(Spark Alchemist @ Jun 14 2005, 11:47 PM)
hey 20 and from Nor Cal...i just joined today but ive been looking at this awsome site for a couple months now...i just found out about FMA not too long ago but im already hooked and i just looooovvvvveeee  Roy Mustang what a cutie...anyways i look forward to talkin to everyone....and if anyone wants to talk to me just give me a laugh.gif

-the Spark Alchemist

would i be right to be of the presumption you are a girl?

QUOTE(Drina @ Jun 15 2005, 05:59 AM)
Hello everyone! Your favorite chibi is here! happy.gif Well... I will be anyway....

he he he... likely story..
なんか急にこのトピックのページが増えた それにすごい量。 ってか、日本語だけを話すトピックがあったらいいな。 (日本語練習しなきゃ) こんなモンあるの?

Hey new members! Welcome! (Although I'm ranked as a newbie as well... i think) I hope you like it here (i do!)
Spark Alchemist
yeah Le Monkey you presumed right i am a
Le Monkey
I wonder how?
Welcome everyone. *hands out ramen and Pocky* Please follow the rules set out by older members and admin., or we'll skin your account alive. (or some other painful torture method...) Enjoy your time on the forum.

@Ailuro: I'da glomped you back there, but 1. Quis beat me to it. 2. I try to restrain myself from such actions...
have fun and keep posting ^^
ill see u around!

Hi everyone! I am new and dont know alot. smile.gif I am 13 and LOVE anime.I can also draw my own anime.I dont like them but my friends really love them.So..........HI!!! biggrin.gif
foolmetal alchemist
Welcome to you Ed#1fan2.0
[attachmentid=1505]yes welcome laugh.gif
Thanks everyone! smile.gif
I am alredy messing up! lol o well i will figure it out sooner or later smile.gif ...........i hope.
foolmetal alchemist
Don't attach random images Ed fan
ed fan, I think your trying to make an avitar just go into your controlls go to edit avatar and pic one from your computer or from the gallery smile.gif
Welcome Ed Fan-san. happy.gif *bows*

@FMA-san: I think you mean signature. smile.gif
Thanks for the help smile.gif I still dont know if I have done it right or not.I am hopeless!
Welcome Ed#1Fan2.0, and yes don't attach random images like FMA JPD >_>
silver bg
pretty much what zarpai said.
...If you're going to agree with someone, at least spell their name correctly. sleep.gif

Well....while I'm here I suppose I'll post up another link to the Forum Decorum...

'A Beginner's Guide to Forum Decorum'
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