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Full Version: Newcomers, Please Say "hello" Here! ^^
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Hello eveyone!I am new here and that did suck that the people started it over from the begging.I got so mad!But I luv Eddy.
im new here too.....guess u guys already know that. I started watching FMA a couple months ago and i LOVE it soo much, its so awesome! biggrin.gif Ed is so hot, so is Al and Roy. None of my friends ever heard of FMA sad.gif so i got no one to talk to about it. That makes me sad, i want to talk to people who love FMA too!!! So if u love FMA talk to me!!!!! smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif
alchemist x
ok huh.gif well welcom to the forum of fullmetal-alchemist. smile.gif

now wile you do not have anybody hating you go read forumdecorum located on open chat.
Win+Ed lover
Hi im new here
im 13 and im a female. smile.gif
welcome all have a great time and have fun!!!

Amanda The Stampeda- wow... another Amanda! hi!! im amanda too smile.gif
alchemist x
Hi ed+win where do you come from? huh.gif
Welcome all. *hands out Pocky and ramen* I direct you to The Forum Decorum and the FAQs. Please read through and learn how to be a good poster. Otherwise, the Mods will become angry and beat the living daylights out of your account with their iron fists.

Enjoy you time on the FMA forums.
rei nakiwarai
Opps, I forgot to check this place out when I signed up so~

Heh heh hi! tongue.gif
Yoroshiku ne, Rei-san. happy.gif *bows* your name intended to be a pun or anything? (The second half seems to mean "cry-smile/laugh-ishy...) tongue.gif *curious*
i think im the newest on here at the moment.i thought i could talk about myself and usually always happy biggrin.gif and a little silly tongue.gif and its hard to get me mad but it still happens mad.gif .i always get use to it and say that its may be confusing to u wink.gif but not to me.its hard for me to fit in but i dont care.i have a best friend that doesnt fit in either so i dont care about it.its easy for me to fit in with my friends because to us we all fit in because we all live in this world.
QUOTE(Gashole @ Oct 9 2004, 05:34 PM)
Due to several "Hi I'm New Here" threads I've already witnessed, I figure it'd be more efficient if we just have one special thread for you guys. wink.gif

Introduce yourself here, smile, and check out the "biography" thread. And welcome! smile.gif

Edit: Hopefully this thread will not disappear to the next page due to flooders. tongue.gif

ph34r.gif ph34r.gif Hello new alchemist here
Hajimemashite, Welcome-san and Jks-san. happy.gif *bows*

There's no need to be afraid, as long as you post sensibly and take a look at A Beginner's Guide to Forum Decorum. tongue.gif
Welcome all. *hands out ramen* Check the Forum Decorum, forum rules and FAQs. Follow the rules. Otherwise, we take you out. Enjoy your time on the forums...
'Ello! I'm Aurora-Corrine, which is, yes, my real name. My parents were major hippies in their time, and when Mum got pregnat with me, she decided to name me Aurora-Corrine. Aurora means dawn, and Corrine means maiden, so, Dawn's Maiden, which is what they call me... *shrugs* To each his own, I suppose.

Anyway, I'm 16, female, and an anime/manga obsessed aspiring author. My top 5 anime are:

1- Cowboy Bebop
2- Wolf's Rain/Samurai Champloo{it's a tie}
3- Rurouni Kenshin
4- FullMetal Alchemist
5- Fruits Basket

My favorite color is purple, my lucky number is 72, I'm going to become a childs psychologist, with a minor in literature, and I'm currently working on my first full-length novel.

So, that's me in a nutshell. If you like serious, novel-style RPGs, or just would like to know me better, message me! happy.gif
Latina Nina
Hiya ya'll! Im Latina Nina! My real name is Maria and well hehe im new here... so yeah.. anyways
i love FMA, KH, Fruits Baskets and DN Angel, im a very social person so i love to talk and stuff, i come from another forum so i know all the don't spam/don't double post rules, btw the forum i ccome from kicks ass! so go here! (well if i wanna and if ya like KH)
well im glad to be here and i hope i can make new friends! happy.gif
QUOTE(FullMetalAlchemistRules!! @ Jun 4 2005, 01:31 PM)

Welcome. Spam again and something ghastly will happen.

I'd like to welcome you to the forum as well, Aurora-Corrine and Latina Nina.

Please take the time to read this.
Well hey ppl im new here im 16 and i live in ny and im a sophmore in high school. I love watchin FMA, it rocks!!! I love reading the manga too, im a huge anime fan.....well see u all l8r biggrin.gif
Latina Nina
Thank You Quistis88, anyways i have a suggestion, should ya'll have like an introduction section where new ppl come and make their own "Come Welcome Me" thread? wouldn't that be easier than posting in the same topic over and over again? Well im just suggesting, btw where's the suggestion and question section?
QUOTE(Latina Nina @ Jun 4 2005, 02:12 PM)
Thank You Quistis88, anyways i have a suggestion, should ya'll have like an introduction section where new ppl come and make their own "Come Welcome Me" thread? wouldn't that be easier than posting in the same topic over and over again?

That would be an open invitation for spam, which neither the majority of the forum community nor the Spam Assassin will tolerate.

This "Newcomers" thread will be the proverbial grand lobby of the forum. It's best to keep every "Welcome Me!" message in here. Plus, this thread becomes more close-knit, and therefore, more friendly.

QUOTE(Latina Nina @ Jun 4 2005, 02:12 PM)
Well im just suggesting, btw where's the suggestion and question section?

Visit our Site Support section, please.
Latina Nina
oh i see spammers hehe that is a problem, but thanx for replying that anyways, well i also posted other suggestion in the Request/Suggest section if ya wanna see, now back to topic, keep on welcoming yerself new members! lol
Hi im Anthony and im welcoming every one to this site and hope you have fun. I like this site and this site is cool. All the people is nice. My favorit anime is

1. Full Metal Alchemist
2. Fooly Cooly
3. Samurai Champloo
4. Hellsing
5. Cowboy Bebop
6. Azumanga Diao
7. Comic Party
My favorite hobby is to draw anime and watch it.
phoenix dying
Hi and welcome to all you "noobs"
Hello! Ah, I'm new here...and...go me cuz I'm a noob! ^^
Omakase Shimasu
Welcome all. biggrin.gif I strongly recommend everybody to read up on The Guide if you haven't already. Many questions you didn't know you have will be answered in there.
Welcome everyone. *hands out ramen and Pocky* Please read the above link and the forum rules. Read through the FAQs or send a PM to a Mod or other older member if you have questions. Break a rule or two, and you'll get banned for a day or two. Since we've had a number of n00bs on the board, the Mods are at wit's end. So they're just a tad less lenient now. Anyway, enjoy your time here on the forums.
Guest_Lightning Alchemist_*
Hey new here, I started coming here just last month. So I'm a little shy at first, unsure.gif but I'll get more open with some funny jokes![COLOR=orange][COLOR=blue] laugh.gif
Um...if you're going to introduce yourself, the please at least sign up and log in...mellow.gif
Do what she said..uhm...Guest_Lightning Alchemist_*?
Dennis Coren
Hello. This is Dennis Coren, the great wind alchemist. I'm just saying hi and wanting to make friends with people who are fans of my favorite anime, Full Metal Alchemist. I'm really glad to be here.
Welcome RobinArendt, have a happy posting
alchemist x
yea and go read the forum decorum.
Welcome everyone, w00t! :3
Youkoso na, minnasan. happy.gif *bows*

@Robin-san: E~to...this is more of just a personal preference, but I'll recommend that you don't type in all bold letters all the time...happy.gif;;

@Coffee-chon: Hihi! laugh.gif *wave-ishy*
welcome robin. and have fun.
light alchemist
Welcome light alchemist, hope you have read the rules...have a happy posting
Hey, I'm new.
Dennis Coren
I can't believe this. You guys say hi to everyone else but you won't say a thing to the wind alchemist Dennis Coren, I feel left out.
IPB ImageWelcome newcomersIPB Image

-------------Denis Coren and Bet(and all the other new one)
Err... Hi. I actually just registered after a long time lurking here. (Yes I am odd) why? Because I have promised myself I shall end my lurking ways... so yeah, hi!
Welcome Squirrama, i did lurk here too before i register..
Youkoso ne, Light-san, Beth-san, Coren-san, and Squirr-san. happy.gif *bows*

Please make good use of the Search feature and examine the Forum Decorum Guide, written by our lovely moderator Quistis-sama. smile.gif We've been having swarms of n00b-tachi lately, so tread sensibly or we might lash out harsher than we used to. biggrin.gif||

Heh, I was never a lurker. I registered the day I first visited the forum. biggrin.gif (I only made like 2 posts a week for a while, though...laugh.gif)
likewise... happy.gif i stumbled on this forum and i was like OOH STUFF! and i registered like immediately. but i posted on eggshells for a little while till i got the hang of things to avoid the wrath of the mods. pff, now i'm just all over the place. laugh.gif

but don't worry, new members, so long as you stay within the lines, the mods are all very approachable and helpful. *glomps quis and ninja*
Welcome all new members. *hands out Pocky and ramen* We ask that you read the Forum Decorum thread, use the search option, read the rules and use proper grammar. If you don't follow these rules, older members may hurt you in some way, shape or form. Enjoy your time on the forums.
well, maybe I should re-introduce myself here... you could sorta call me a veteran I guess... but it's been a while people, and for those of you who don't know me, I'm Ryuji1314, and I'm glad to be back!
hey im a newbie here as well, i really love this site cause i can read the manga on here lol and i also love fma..... biggrin.gif hope to make so tongue.gif
Welcome blood_alchemist be sure to read the rules of this forum, have a happy and responsable posting
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