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Full Version: Newcomers, Please Say "hello" Here! ^^
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Check the top right corner of the screen. You'll see search and members. Go try one.

Welcome all. Check out the rules and obey the honest older members. Otherwise, we'll sick Gluttony on you. Enjoy your time here. *passes out ramen and Pocky*
QUOTE(Falling_Man @ May 6 2005, 09:50 PM)
Check the top right corner of the screen. You'll see search and members. Go try one.

Welcome all. Check out the rules and obey the honest older members. Otherwise, we'll sick Gluttony on you. Enjoy your time here. *passes out ramen and Pocky*

thanks!!! oh and welcome cassie! that is her real name but i got to get SN tmrw~!!!~
Fayth Prophecy
welcome all!! enjoy and post bunches!! happy.gif
Woohoo, I finally signed up ^-^

I've been lurking for a while, but that gets pretty boring after a while, heh.

Hmmm...a little about myself, then? Well, I'm 17, male, caucasian, bisexual, a huge dork( biggrin.gif ), enjoy long walks on the beach, candle lit dinners...*ahem*...I mean...I love anime, obviously, am an Ed fanboy(as if he didn't already have enough fangirls, heheh), like to draw, write, and sit online doing nothing, which is what I'm usually up to.

So...yup...there's my introduction. Hope to have a good time here ^^
Welcome empty and stay along time with us!
hi my name is david
i am 13 years old
and thats all i have to say
Then that is all we need to know....just joking tongue.gif, welcome and stay for as long as you whant.
phoenix dying
QUOTE(zarpia @ May 8 2005, 01:20 AM)
Welcome empty and stay along time with us!

^WTF that makes no coherent sence
It makes enough *sense to me. ^^

Thankyou for the welcoming, I do plan on staying a while and having a good time. biggrin.gif

And hullo to the other new person too. smile.gif
welcome empty! i love your sig hehe
the person who wants to join
uh.....i have a question...may i join?......i mean...i dont want to be rude and just join without i'm kinda shy....but i come here all the time and just now saw the forum thing.....and well...i would like to join...but i also dont want to be it ok if i?
Riza Babe
You can join if you want you don't need to ask biggrin.gif
QUOTE(mongooseboi @ May 8 2005, 11:31 AM)
welcome empty! i love your sig hehe

Hehe, thankya! I was gonna mention that I'm an atheist in my post, but I figured that my sig got that point across readily enough. XD
avid fangirl
Hi, everyone!!! laugh.gif
Name: Kyleen
Age: 14
personality: very, very obsessed with Fullmetal Alchemist........ happy.gif
alchemist of fire
Welcome, Kyleen!!! laugh.gif
hi my name is jair and iam 15 years old and live in california
hi im new here the name is diego
rolleyes.gif Well I guess I should do the introduction thing... Im Zhyla If thats too hard to remember you can always use Zy. I was glad to fall across this site...
Well anyway... Hi

welocme everyone
hope u guys like the website and dw, everyone is a good person! *well maybe not all tongue.gif*
Riza Babe
Welcome,welcome! to the fma forums where anime and fma fans come!! biggrin.gif
well i finaly did it..i joined.......i hope that was ok....but heres my info lol

bio-girl who plase to much...kinda i am very nice that thats all i know about myself lol
IM not new. Im actually quite an old member relatively speaking.

I guess my point is Im sorta... back. so uhm. hi. all 12,000 of you o_o.

...holy crap theres a lot of you o_O
you can go to the welcome back thread in spam central. smile.gif
Such a thing exists? Thanks then.




carry on.
Your the friend Ailuro was talking about? ohmy.gif
...I guess o_O

I didnt know she talked about me >>

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu ne, minnasan. happy.gif|| *bows*
hawha? o_o
*ahem* tongue.gif

"It's very lovely meeting everyone. happy.gif *bows*"
gotcha ^^
Yay Jim!
I'm glad you're finally back here~ =D

@Cafe: Yes, this the friend I talked about. >>
Dark Moogle
Well I'll introduce My self I'm Dark Moogle at your service ask me to save you games adn I'll kick you Kupo! My faveorite character is Roy and a close Second Is Maes. I draw adn maybbe I'll get the never to post something up. Um..Well yea I'm don't babbling Kupo.

Ja Ne Kupo!

Dark Moogle
Welcome Dark Moogle, have fun...
QUOTE(Elderberry @ May 9 2005, 08:01 PM)
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu ne, minnasan. happy.gif|| *bows*

"mina-san" ka "minna" da. flip-flop suru no wa dame dayo. tongue.gif
QUOTE(xrninja @ May 9 2005, 10:08 PM)
QUOTE(Elderberry @ May 9 2005, 08:01 PM)
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu ne, minnasan. happy.gif|| *bows*

"mina-san" ka "minna" da. flip-flop suru no wa dame dayo. tongue.gif

I'm so proud. I understood what y'all were saying! laugh.gif
Yoroshiku ne, Moogle-san. happy.gif *bows*

...Are? Coffee-chon, you weren't formerly acquainted with Haroken-san? I thought you might know each other from the Karaoke thread...ohmy.gif
I dont recogniuze Coff at all ^^;;;

if I shoudl sorry x3
help! how do i get an avatar and add siggs? ohmy.gif blink.gif
QUOTE(buddy @ May 10 2005, 09:39 AM)
help! how do i get an avatar and add siggs? ohmy.gif  blink.gif

First, you register.

Next, you read this.
A Dude that says stuff
Ok.... I already introduced the boards with my stupidy and noobishness in the thread "A Beginner's Guide To Forum Decorum" rolleyes.gif

In an attempt to find out when the hell i could see the FMA movie, i came across this site, which, so far, has answered all my questions about our beloved Fullmetal and friends... so i just figured i'd stick around, post a bunch of stupid comments, and get to know all the ingenious individuals here that love Fullmetal Alchemist biggrin.gif
*dances the chicken dance in celebration, while humming the theme tune from Oklahoma*

Anyway... ME? *coughs nervously* Basically.. my name is something you will never theoretically be able to pronounce; "Sigurur Ingi". Im generally addressed as Diddi though, and l live on a little reef in the middle of the atlantic: Iceland. If you haven't been there before, then bring a scarf when u do, also, bring food. Food in Iceland is expensive. Even sour sheep testicles and burned sheep heads are expensive, and even considered a luxury diet! I dont eat the testicles though... i just eat the sheep heads. The eyes taste good.. bit squishy.. but tasty.

Im no expert on anime to be honest, i just like to watch TV material. It was people like me that invented Hollywood! Regarless of hollywood, FMA is probably by far the best TV material I have ever feasted my eyes with.. and that's why im here biggrin.gif And I did always have a problem with communicating my message directly and concisely, so i apologize for this post and hereby warn you of my future comments. Be afraid! Be very afraid!
Riza Babe
Hi and welcome to the fma forum!! Where members sell ramen and drungs!! Enjoy!!
A Dude that says stuff
YAY! That's enjoyable!
*enjoys it*
Hajimemashite, Stuff-san. happy.gif *bows*

...As of currently, I believe the only legalized drug permitted on this forum is the Cotton Candy Juice (available in varying levels of strength) from the Royal Apocathary Keeper, Blue-san...happy.gif||
ってかここ日本語見えるかな??? ま、やってみよう。 悪いことじゃないと思うし えっと 初めまして。 私の名前はるり子です。 でもるりでいいです。 私のキャラの名前はにきなでそれで私のユーザーネームがnikinaです えっと 今アメリカに住んでいるから英語もわかります! だから英語で話かけても大丈夫! (ってかその方が楽だし笑) じゃ! よろしくっと!

Do I really hav 2 type this all over? oh well. Just want to see if Japanese actually appears here... Okay.

tteka koko nihongo tsukaeru no kana??? ma, yatte miyou. warui koto jyanai to omou shi... etto... hajimemashite. watashi no namae wa ruriko desu. demo ruri de ii desu. watashi no kyara no namae ga Nikina de sore de watashi no username ga nikina desu... etto... ima america ni sundeiru kara eigo wakari masu! dakara eigo de hanashi kakete mo daijyoubu! (tteka sono houga raku dashi... warai) jya! yoroshiku!

...Basically what I said up there is:

Hi, my name is Ruriko, but Ruri is fine. my character's name is nikina so that's why my username is well, nikina. I live in America right now, so as you can see, I'm good at English.... So, of course, you can talk to me in English... I'm being a bit too obvious here... It's actually easier for me... but talk to me in japanese if you can!
Well i don't know anything about japanese (but i really whant to) so i'll talk to you in english althou my main think is spanish, so i'm glad that you join the forum Ruriko and welcome to it, hope you have a great time happy.gif
Ara, yoroshiku ne, Ruri-san. happy.gif *bows* Ore mo Nihongo ga hanaseru kedo mada koukou de nihongo KURASU wo totteru no de, anna ni jouzu wake nanka ja nai wa ne...laugh.gif|| E~to...tonigaku kono HAGAREN FORUM ni youkoso...happy.gif;;

Eheh, my Japanese stinks...
hugs are good ^-^ biggrin.gif

QUOTE(BlackFangAlchemist @ May 6 2005, 01:32 PM)
QUOTE(Guest @ May 6 2005, 12:53 PM)
hello!!!!!!! *runs up and huggs newcomer*

QUOTE(BlackFangAlchemist @ May 6 2005, 12:38 PM)
Hi everyone! *waves frantically* I'm new. (like you couldn't tell)


Yay! Hugs! biggrin.gif

lol I'm new too biggrin.gif
Riza Babe
Hi EYeBoL2 welcome to the fma forum!!! Read the rules and enjoy posting!
hey I'm a newbie here smile.gif
I'm 13 year-old girl and I'm from Hong Kong
I've read the beginner's guide just now and
I hope I could fit in here and I'll try my best not to be a nOOb wink.gif

I started to like FMA a few months ago
and I really really really love it
and I'm totally in love with Roy *fangirl madness* tongue.gif

It's great meeting all of you laugh.gif
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