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Full Version: There're **** Snakes On This **** Plane!
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The movie that I'm sure we've all heard about seems to have snuck up upon us- like a snake from a seat cushion life preserver.

Anyone else going to see it?

Think it's going to be crap?

Going to see it anyway?

Samuel L Jackson rumored that there might be a Snakes on a Plane II in the works already... Feel free to not only discuss the movie, but also post links to trailers, fan trailers, and various fanwork.

The Wikipedia article has information for everyone living in an internet hole tongue.gif.
the internet viral marketing turned me off to it.
I loved Samuel Jacksons interview on the Daily Show. He knows it's stupid but he also knows it's funny aswell.

I might catch it when it comes out here.
I am not ****ing seeing this motha****ing movie!

I'm going on Monday with some friends. Yes, it looks stupid. Yes, that's why it's gonna be so funny
Molecular Alchemist
I'm gonna go with Asu on this one. The movie/joke was more funny before they created an online frenzy over it. I mean, i know that the hype is about the movie being the dumbest thing ever...but it would have been funnier if they didnt make such a big deal out of it. granted it was fun to prank call everyone i know with the samuel l jackson calling service I kinda got in trouble for that...and got some nasty phonecalls from ppl i made Jackson call ph34r.gif
phoenix dying
That movie looks fu*ked up...they build up in the movie trailer only to destroy you with the plot.
I was worried when I saw the tariler for this and it wasn't a huge joke. True what they say, Jackson is in everything.
Personally, I wouldn't go see the movie but I have a slew of University friends who are dying to see it just because it has Samuel L. Jackson in the cast. I laughed when I saw the trailer and thought that it was a joke at first. It weirds me out that there is so much hype about this movie, and I don't even know if the movie is supposed to be 'campy' on purpose. However, I think that the logo for the movie is brilliant- a nice take-off of the Caduceus. I have a feeling that I'll end up seeing it sooner or latter just so I don't look like an idiot when my friends are discussing it.
I got talked into to seeing this, and no I didn't pay for it myself. I honestly laughed through the entire movie. So much so, that people had to tell me to be quiet. From what I've read, the movie wasn't supposed to be as campy as it turned out, but once the hype about the movie leaked out, they makers supposedly went back and edited some stuff to make it seem like they did it on purpose. I'm not sure if that's true, but that's what I heard. It actually wasn't as bad as you'd think. The visuals were very well done, which is about the only thing that was well done in the whole movie. The acting and overall story was pretty awful, although Sammy did shine. smile.gif I loves me some Sam Jackson, but I really want to know what he was thinking.

The music video is kinda catchy.
Good thing I made my Sig. wink.gif

Anyways, I was watching this funny fan video on YouTube, and this person was drawing these absurd pictures and fused them into a mini *stick people* video.

The other one I saw was making a parody of it, with the title "Lions on a Bus."

I'd watch Snakes on a Plane, if I can handle it.
My friends and I went and saw this movie just to make fun of it. It's funny that they edited it to add content in order to give it the R rating XDDD That's probably why the softcore porn scene was in it *nods*
I heard that the only reason that it was rated R was because of Samuel L Jackson's line implying that both snakes and planes copulated with their mothers.

I saw it the other day, and I really enjoyed it. The snakes were on the plane- and that's all it really needed. It set out to do it's job of being incredible crap that tried to take itself seriously, and did it perfectly. There aren't many movies that accomplish a mission like that, and it's hard to find fault with those that do.

I loved the boa constrictor.

There were so many clichés! Everyone was a cliché, but so were the snakes, the snakebites, and the snakes crawling into mouths and ears and things. Plus, there was the end. It was good that way, though. It'll probably be the subject of parodies for years to come.
Roy Jr.
Jeez, this is the lamest and crappiest movie I have ever seen! mad.gif
Sorry to those who liked this crappy movie. I'm just expressing my opinion. dry.gif
Kal Rommel
I won't go see it...I never plan on ever seeing it...I hate snakes...and on the news they had said that someone released a baby rattler (or some other kind of snake...don't remember) into the theaters while the movie was playing...-shivers-
I'd die...><;
And the blatant shouting of Snakes On A Plane title is a big turn off...><; It just...bothered me.
at first when i first saw the trailer, i thought it was pretty stupid
i still kinda do
but i wanna see it, it looks interesting

i really like the song for this movie, though biggrin.gif
Would love to see it so I can laugh. tongue.gif.

Hopefully, if I ever do watch it, the theater I'll be in won't have any snakes in it. XD. *They did that before I forgot where though.*
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