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Full Version: Taking Art Requests
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Well, I've got waaay too much time on my hands lately, so I've decided to start this thread to make myself get up off my lazy @ss and work on some art. Just try to be detailed in what you want in the pic. Also, say if you want it inked, shaded, or colored, and be sure to follow the rules. I color with colored pencils.

1) I will not draw any yaoi/yuri.
2) I will not draw any romance past kissing.
3) If the waiting list is full, wait for me to update before requesting. I can only deal with so many things at once.
4) Only constructive criticism and plain compliments are allowed. No flames, please.
5) No more than 3 requests from one person at a time.

Waiting list:
1. IttyBittyPretty
2. IttyBittyPretty

OK, I'll bite. I have two fanart ideas:

1) EdxWInry are my favorite couple. Let's say, Ed and Al have completed their mission, and have found a way to return home. I would like a picture of Munich!Ed post movie laying a really passionate lip lock on Winry. If there is room, show Al looking horrified, he's still a teen and thinks kissing is "yucky".

2) After weeks of watching "So You Think You Can Dance", I also have this odd desire to see munich! Ed dancing the samba. I know he's agile, so the question is: is Edward coordinated? laugh.gif

If two requests are too many, please just choose one. And thank you for offering your talent. smile.gif
ok, I'll edit this post when I'm done with them.
QUOTE(Sonya @ Aug 16 2006, 07:16 AM) [snapback]433387[/snapback]

ok, I'll edit this post when I'm done with them.

TY! smile.gif
@Sonya - Nice drawings!! I like them very much!!

Could you do Roy and Riza?? Any situation is fine. biggrin.gif

BTW, I beleive this thread should go to Fanart forum, where like-wise "original drawings threads", and "taking requests for drawing" threads are posted.

("Taking requests" threads in this Fanart forum are for "Photo manipulation" arts, such as Sig pic, and avatar, I believe. biggrin.gif)
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