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Full Version: Untitled Sucky Drawings
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Well, this is my VERY 1st drawing of fma... I never really had drawing lessons nor do I
draw good. I was thinking of trying so here it is! There are LOTS of erasures and etc
but hope it's not THAT bad(considering I made it..)

Well, if I have time, I guess I'll try more?

*Sucks doesnt it?*

If you cant see it, try here : click
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
Wow, nice drawing, given the fact it's your first FMA drawing. smile.gif

Ugh... too bad I have a lot of homework today. Can't submit more drawings today.

Just passing by saying HELLO! biggrin.gif
happy.gif thanks!
.... Did I just say that?? OMG!! Who's taking over my head?!
Well, I'm off to online gaming since test week is finally over!!
I like it. Ed looks really cute. happy.gif
I like it. Ed looks really cute.

Thanks! happy.gif

Here's Roy!

happy.gif Roy and Riza.. I didnt scan it, just used my web cam.. I dont have a scanner
Sorry for the double post.. Just wanted to bump up this thread back laugh.gif
I think both of them look great! Especially for your first time drawing them. Keep it up smile.gif
>_< draw more!
The Lightnig Emperor
its not bad. all of your drawing is good. please draw more.hehehe
Hm.. Let me think if I'll draw more.. laugh.gif Okay, I guess I have extra very unused time laugh.gif

OT: @The Lightnig Emperor
You're from the Philippines?? Hi!! Me too! laugh.gif
The Lightnig Emperor
yup. i'm from philippines.. how about you?
these are really good Untitled! I probably can't draw half as well.
@Fullmetal vs Flame Glad you like them! I'm surprised that you people could stand my drawings! laugh.gif

Here's another fan art of Roy..
Bad art by me

Enjoy the badness...
Roy and Riza

Sorry I double posted again! This time it's scanned!(finally) A simple drawing of Roy and Riza. I started Riza's head a little too high so her head's not on Roy's shoulder. dry.gif Just my stupidity acting up!
still awesome. I might try a Roy and Riza one someday
Fullmetal vs Flame
thanks! happy.gif Show me the Roy and Riza one if you ever do it, 'kay? happy.gif
Roy with eye patch was cute
and Royai one was adorable smile.gif
Thanks DarkHaze!
Well, I thought that I would have lots of time to draw more but I was wrong. In school, we're cramming to make everything we need to do before the 1st semester ends. And, I was supposed to draw Al next.. But.. Too hard laugh.gif I'll still try though. It would just be a while before I could post a new doodle here again.
QUOTE(Untitled @ Oct 18 2006, 06:21 AM) [snapback]461750[/snapback]

In school, we're cramming to make everything we need to do before the 1st semester ends.

Actually, Untitled, I found that I, personally, drew a lot MORE back when I was in school.
Especially during finals week. I used to like to slack off on the studying. XD

Sometimes I miss school...
laugh.gif You're my opposite LadyHawke78!
I DID make one of Ed, but I can't scan it yet. I'll be sure to sneak just for the sake of this happy.gif Sneaking is very fun
@Untitled - Aha, I found your fanart thread!!
You know I love all your drawings!! biggrin.gif
That Roy and Riza one is so far my favorites!!
Please draw some more!!! happy.gif
The Lightnig Emperor
sad.gif i wish i could post my drawings as soon as possible. but its not yet finish.. i need to finish 50 phases of FMA and 50 phases of chrono crusade...
Ed Elric

Here's the last one that I did! happy.gif Only got to post it now.. Too lazy busy. XD

Oh and The Lightnig Emperor
I like your sig! It's true Pinoy Pride!! Go Filipinos! XD
Very cute. smile.gif
The Lightnig Emperor
your drawing is cute and nice....
That's a cute Ed!! I like it!! happy.gif
Thanks for the comments! Here's another one! I used a sign pen but my hand is very very shaky.. dry.gif It's Royai and look! They're holding hands! XD


Tell me when your eyes burn! I'm keeping a record!
@Untitled - Gahaha, that one is soo cute!! Yap, I can see them holding hands!! biggrin.gif
They are so adorable!! happy.gif
The Lightnig Emperor
wow!! they are so cute!!! i like it, very adorable... biggrin.gif very nice
Very adorable! happy.gif
@Untitled - I demand more!! biggrin.gif
(Yeah, post that cute Riza one!! happy.gif)
The Lightnig Emperor
Untitled we need to see more of your cute drawings.. please, i like it very much...
the magical secret to learning now to draw a char is trace it a few time then draw feehand
Hi guys.. Sorry I'm not posting much.. Just you know. A little life issue everyone goes through. I'll be sure to draw much greater drawings when I feel better about myself happy.gif
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