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Full Version: My First Fma Drawing
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IPB Image

This is the first FMA drawing I have ever done. Tell me what you think of it.
Roy Jr.

personally, I really hate that character. tongue.gif

but about your art, I think it's awesome! wink.gif
Roy Mustard
I think he;s cute in the skull!

Nice drawing of colour pencils. smile.gif
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
Really nice drawing! But I hate that character too... I hate Barry the Chopper. I just wanna get a rocket launcher and shoot him. XD
Revolutionary Alchemist
That's really awesome! I don't really like Barry either though...
WHAAAT!? I love Barry! sad.gif

I like this picture he looks like a chibi.
I like Barry!!
And, I like your drawing!! I think it's nicely done!! biggrin.gif
You're so good, excellent job
I don't like human Barry but when he's in the skull armour and actually has a sense of humour I think he's pretty funny! And this picture is great! I wish I could draw that good...
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