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Full Version: Small Greed Piccy.
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Okay.. this was done as a gift avatar for a friend of mine, so it'll be small but..

IPB Image

It's meant to be Greed ( chibi..e-heh ^^; ) looking into a video camera and grinning.
hehe i acually think it's cute...for greed. hahaha looking into a video camra and grinning omg that is so funny.
Hehe thankies ^^
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
It's nice... but you could have at least made a bigger picture for more detail. Please don't get mad at me. sad.gif BTW, is it supposed to be an avatar?
LOL! hey don't worry I'm not mad at you..

Yeah it's supposed to be an avatar, that's why it's so small since the maximum size for an avvie can only be 100 X 100 ( O_o; ) .. :: pokes tiny Greed::

I'm quite sad it couldn't of been a bigger pic too.. but maybe one day I'll redo the pic with Greed and maybe add in his subordinates ( since I believe they need more loving too) although I'm worried it won't look the same.. since if I do something twice it never does look the same. blink.gif

But thank you muchly for the comment. happy.gif
Haha, I like your chibi-Greed!! biggrin.gif
It's funny and crazy looking, and cute at the same time!!
I like your style of drawing, too!! keep up!! happy.gif
It is a funny chibi greed, nice job
It's better then what I can do... Course that ain't saying much. T_T

Good job! ^^
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