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Full Version: Who's Your Favourite FMA Character?
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Edward Elric
Konichiwa cool.gif

All of you FMA fans...
Why don't you tell us who is favourite character and why is your favourite ?
Well As you all know ...
I'm an Edward Elric fan !!
Crazy about him..
Because he's cute whenever he is
And he looks real cool when he's fighting
And so funny while angry laugh.gif

So be a good sport
And tell about yours !!
RoyxRiza BigFan
*points to my nick*

HAWKEYE,MUSTANG GO GO YEAH!!!! rolleyes.gif biggrin.gif cool.gif

Havoc and Alphonse are pretty neat as well

Even those big luggers like Barry and even the Glutton baddies are pretty
bad boys. tongue.gif
My favorites would have to be Ed & Al. But the entire group have a special place in my heart, especially Maes Hughes.

The bad guys are exceptionally wicked. A group you love to hate & despise! mad.gif
RoyxRiza BigFan
Envy that son of a darn &*^&*^& turd reminds me of a more handsome,despicable version of kanryu from rurouni kenshin(the lowlife turd drug lord whom aoshi worked for, total coward stuff and one insane bloodthristy nutcase if given a gatling gun) i mean the smile on his face even resembles kanryu..woohoo rolleyes.gif

but at least he makes it up with the sexy gear to get fanservice tongue.gif
Riza Hawkeye
Mine is Hawkeye, because she (other than Sensei) is one of the stronger good female characters in FMA. She is also funny and kickass with her gun.

I also love Hughes. I cried when he died. It was really bad. He is just so lovable, using his love for his daughter as a distraction for a lot things.
Evidence that greed is the best character in FMA:

1. despite being imprisoned for 100 years greeds clothes are still in fashion when he's released

2. despite using 100 year old jokes and pick up lines he manage to get a pair of bimbo's relatively quickly

3. Greed can be punched directly in the face with a steel arm without a single hair moving out of place

4. having been released from 100 years of captivity greed immediatley finds his mates and goes to a bar

I challanged anyone else to give reason like this for other characters
Edward Elric
You do have so many reason for loving Greed huh.gif
You gave 5 reasons didn't you ?
Let me give you seven....

Edward Elric
1. Looks so cute in whatever way he is ..

2. Looks SO COOL when he's fighting ..

3. Looks so funny whenever people call him a shrimp/bean...etc...etc

4. Got a State Alchemist Qualification at the age of 12

5. Still going on eventhough he lost an arm, a leg,and Alphonse's body

6. Dared to try alchemy to revive his mother eventhough it's forbidden

7. Can use alchemy without an array..can GREED ?

That's why I like Edward.. smile.gif
good points but.....

Greed has a better jacket than Ed

Greed keeps going despite being a non-human monster

Can stroll away from car crashes

Complains less than Ed

Has a cooler collection on friends
Alexis Louis Armstrong! He's teh uber-cool.
Edward Elric
Yeah ,

Alex is also nice...showing muscles a lot !! laugh.gif
RoyxRiza BigFan
Hawkeye is known by the japanese as the number 1 "Kakoi Onna"=Cool Lady cool.gif what a pretigious title
Edward Elric
Oh my god, ohmy.gif
I didn't know that.....
Really? laugh.gif

PS:When's your next picture coming out ?
i like the 7 sins happy.gif their skills just seem to be on another level compared to some of the others
RoyxRiza BigFan
Edward Elric: Bwhaha was just reading a popular jap magazine from kinoukonya and an online review of the PS2 FMA video game and man...she came in tops! She is ranked the numero uno anime babe on Jap TV!!! Woohoo!!!

GO GO HAWKEYE! cool.gif

PS: soon lah wait lah...want to make it look good lah tongue.gif must have that very mushy feeling biggrin.gif
Hawkeye and Winry are juz PERFECT biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
My favorite chara is LUST! biggrin.gif
She's handsome and seems very mature to me.LUST

Although she acts only passive most of the time, she seems to be the one of all badones who knows most about what happens around her... laugh.gif

And then there is Major Alex Louis Armstrong on the good side. When he appeared the first time(that was second season i think) he was so funny all the time showing his gorgeous muscle-body(, i don't like bodies with too many muscles...) but Armstrong is sooooooo funny, when the scene changes into a dramatic one and there are pink stars appearing beside his head.. laugh.gif laugh.gif

But, then, he became very silent since 3rd season... He didn't make stupid things like that anymore. But the story became sincere too. That's ok...(like Brigadier General Hughes died - former Lieutenant Colonel Hughes) sad.gif

P.S.: Al Elric is my favorite main character. His voice is funny, although he got a very heavy armor around his soul...His voice is soo funny... in the beginning where he always asks his brother Ed: "Edo! Daijoubuuh?" laugh.gif which means "Ed! Are you ok?"

ok, that's enough posting for now^^
did you know, that: wink.gif

1. LUST is german and means DESIRE(one of the 7 sins)

2. The FUHRER is german too(-> DER FÜHRER). That's what Adolf Hitler was called in 2nd World War by the Germans as their highest LEADER!

3. You're suprized that ROZE(the girl appearing in the first/second episode) isn't pronounced like ROSE in English? rolleyes.gif
That pronouncing of ROZE is the german pronounciation of a beautiful ROSE in nature^^

I hope that was helpful^^
Edward Elric
I'm Amazed
You did quite a lot of posting and know your info very well
Give a pat on your back laugh.gif
Edward Elric
By the way...just some info about the previous post..
Edward doesn't wear a Jacket !! he wears a coat/mantle
And I don't see Greed having it laugh.gif
Thank you, Ed! laugh.gif
I feel flattered...
Al is my favorite <3<3<3 he goes through a lot of stuff that people don't realize, beyond not having a body: having to look after his older brother, feeling inadequate because he's not as great an alchemist as Ed (mind you, he's still great, even if he can't transmute with just his hands), being treated as an object, etc. It was shown in Episode 24ish that he has a lot of doubts about who he is. But he still holds on to his dream of restoring his body, and regains his trust in his brother. I really enjoyed it in that one ep where Ed wants to allow Scar to kill him, and Al punches him out for wanting to give up. He's didn't just sit around being the meek one, he told it to Ed like it is, because that's what he needed. It must have taken a lot of strength, and a lot of love for his brother, to do that. He goes through everything that Ed does, supporting him all the way. And through all that, he still has all the kindness of a little boy. He still cares about the life of a little cat. I think one of the biggest themes in FMA is the fragility and preciousness of life, so even the simple act of saving a cat from the rain is very symbolic. Overall, I think Al has a lot more depth inside him than any of the other characters. So yes. Al = <3
Renzoku Hikari
Well, of course there is our dear Edward because he's so smart and funny and strong and cool and...

Well...I am going to go with Roy Mustang as my favorite character (Though Lust came in closely behind)

First of all...the FIRE. Roy's pyro abilities are very very cool and powerful! I love his character design too.

The miniskirt vision is what first made me like Roy, because thats around the time you got to see his not-so-serious side. He can be so utterly devoted and solumn sometimes but also, he can be perverted and funny too. He has me nearly falling off my chair sometimes because I am laughing so hard. Roy also notices EVERYTHING. Especially when Ed is stirring up trouble in one town or another.

I love how he messes with Ed's head too..."Where did Edward go? Oh sorry Edward, I didnt see you over that stack of papers!" X_X

Roy is also very human. He wants power, he wants to be recognized, he doesnt like being left in the dark/not knowing things, and he has considered suicide in times of war. (I hope that wasnt a spoiler...) Something about me and suicidal guys...*sweatdrop* anyways. Roy looks good in the early morning as well! (episode 25, i believe, during the flashbacks in the beginning and near the end) Man...the white shirt...the slightly more messy hair...the tiredness...the evidence that he hasnt shaved in a while...*_* I wish I looked that good in the morning. Guess it's just harder for females..*Sigh*

Well...there is all that...and the plain and simple fact that i just love 'im!
Edward Elric

Good Reasons....
I bet there are many more reasons behind it all laugh.gif
(the truth behind the truths) laugh.gif
Edward is just the perfect main character. wink.gif Maybe that's why one is looking for other favorite characters^^

Ed doesn't believe in God. What is his aim? Does he only want to revive his Mom or is he aiming for the total satisfaction of man-kind so that it can create everything what it wishes to create around him(to preserve its emotions, thoughts, etc)?

yes, Al is really cute^^ but... - maybe my emotions trick me - but isn't he a little bit plumper than Ed?? smile.gif

and yea, Roy Mustang is also great^^
Edward Elric
Ed doesn't believe in god because he believes in equivilivent (wong spelling) laugh.gif trading..
Aw....everyone is in my heart....just love them all
If can I wish i voted for all of them tongue.gif
yea, me too, i could vote for all...
this forum opened my eyes. laugh.gif
you, Ed, Omega, RoyxRiza, Hagane, Sakura, Renzoku Hikari and all the others!!

i recognized that every character has its preferences^^ and there's sooo much more behind FMA than one has thought.. wink.gif
Edward Elric
I fell touched... smile.gif
I think the others feel the same way....
RoyxRiza BigFan
actually i do find the big luggers like barry the chopper and al very cool, al reminds me of those early super robos from the early 70 cartoons tongue.gif , mazinger Z!!! cool.gif

<imagines al deploying flying rocket punches and a canon from his back biggrin.gif >
Ed Is my fav FMA character because....: He's funny, cute, strong, and he has a braid! ^^
I also (loved) Hughes... He was hilarious and he was a good daddy smile.gif ...
As a matter of fact im kinda pissed off that he's dead! He shouldnt have died...
Who else thinks it sucks that he died.. ? His poor little girl ;_;
yea, there aren't many maincharas with braids, like Ed(or the one in Gundam Wing) laugh.gif

yea, it's really sad that Hughes died so quickly. I have also imagined how his daughter and wife must have felt.
Highes was such a kind person, but he always did his job in the military sad.gif .
Edward Elric
Let's Call in SCAR to destroy Envy !! mad.gif
CAN he ?
Yeah, it sucks that Hughes died !!!
Why did he died ?
why why .........
RoyxRiza BigFan
bwhahah i would like ed, scar, roy triple tag against envy in a no holds barrel match! tongue.gif
"Papa has a lot of work to do..............................."

<- That were his last words to his daughter! sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif

Hughes investigated in the search of the philiosopher's stone and found out that a child with name Douglas actually died in the Ishbal war, and he suspects that it is the Ms. Douglas who is the right hand(secretary) of the Fuhrer. And that would be impossible.
But he was right after talking with Douglas(who is actually Sloth-> one of the 7 sins)....................

Hughes knows something what nobody else knows ->that there is a "traitor" in the miltary who wants to create the philosopher's stone.

And so, he was killed from Envy(who changed into his wife while killing him-> that really wasn't necessary sad.gif )
Edward Elric
How sad and cruel of him...
I can even cry now listening to your summary.. sad.gif
Why did Envy had to change into the form of his wife...?
And to think that they want to be human ..
IF I , I make them into sheeps laugh.gif
Envy changed into his wife because (s)he knew that hughes wouldn't be able to hurt his wife, unlike when (s)he looked like leutenant ross and he took her down in a second
Edward Elric
Oh.......but c'mon ......wife ?
It's not a game anymore when it comes to realtionships...
I feel sorry for Gracia because she lost her husband like that... sad.gif
RoyxRiza BigFan
envy is a psychotic genius in mind games despite being a numero gay coward tongue.gif
Edward Elric
I hope Ed gets the Philophiser Stone and change Envy into a sheep and eat him mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif
HAHA laugh.gif laugh.gif kind of cruel ?
Or maybe feed him to the sharks laugh.gif
hehe, maybe that's the advantage of being gay. *looking around* rolleyes.gif
>.< aaawww, i sometimes love it to be cowardish^^^^

You really know the way men are thinking and ^how they are feeling, not only in their thoughts, but in case of sex, how their bodiy feel, too ^^^^ tongue.gif tongue.gif tongue.gif

sheeps huh? you're a very innocent guy, Edward-kun, huh? kiwiiiiiiii laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
i'm for that possibility too of killing Envy^^

hm, i think like RoyxRiza, that Envy knows the most vulnerable point of persons and likes to see how people get hurt if one hurts them at this point.....

just like Zoisite(me^^;;) in Sailormoon.......-> aaaaaah!!>.< shame on me in this case!!>.<
and yea Psychodelic, Hughes seemed to be a little uncertain when he saw his wife, and Envy gave him no time to counteract! mad.gif

-> That's the art of being mean in animes. You can't find this "art" and seriousness in any other cartoon(Disney, etc)............
Edward Elric
you got many points there laugh.gif
QUOTE (Prinz_Zoisit @ Jun 1 2004, 10:45 AM)
yea, me too, i could vote for all...
this forum opened my eyes. laugh.gif
you, Ed, Omega, RoyxRiza, Hagane, Sakura, Renzoku Hikari and all the others!!

i recognized that every character has its preferences^^ and there's sooo much more behind FMA than one has thought.. wink.gif

I could definitely vote for them all too..........thx, Zoisit...I enjoy your posts as well as everyone else's. This is my favorite forum! biggrin.gif

On the matter of Hughes: It was hard enough with Nina. sad.gif I had read the manga so I thought I was emotionally ready for the anime with Hughes getting killed. I did okay until the funeral when his daughter was pleading to her mother. sad.gif It was too much for me oh man it really got to me. After the episode my family was silent....I didn't tell anyone what was going to happen...they were totally stunned.....
oi.. no kidding ... when they were burying him .. and his little girl started saying "You cant bury daddy he has lots of work to do! He cant work if he's covered in dirt!"
That part made me cry. Awr.. I'm so mad he died .. This makes me want to create a site/shrine for hughes.. Someone deffinately needs too >(
RoyxRiza BigFan
would the philosopher stone help in reviving him? sad.gif
Edward Elric
IT was sad with Nina dying and Ed shouting sorry......
It was also sad that Hughes died and his daughter kept on shouting no..daddy has a lot of work to do...
And the image that Ed saw at the train station was it Hughes soul saying Good bye ?
Who knows...
Maybe the stone could revive everyone at the end ^^
That would be a great ending
hm...... FMA is a good anime to me also, cause for me, taboos were broken....

i never saw an anime, where a little cute girl(Nina) was killed cause of the selfish aims of human and suprsisingly someone was killed who was loved by every viewer(Hughes).
And it's so realistic that it's shown what terrible things could happen if humanity plays with nature(Tucker/Chimera).
Edward Elric
It's really a bery touching anime sad.gif
Bad things happend here and there...
All the other anime has no other sad episodes. sad.gif
Yea I'd have to agree Prinz Eddy ... FMA is a very emotional series .. so many tragic things happen that make you want to cry! But thats why its so good.. ^^

And I hope they can revive him .. But I'm not so sure if they can .. because remember how Ed was saying that they needed to sacrifice something equivelent to a human life to revive their mother ? So they decided it was impossible...

Hmm .. but maybe they meant there was nothing equivelent to the life of their mother because she was so wonderful??? So maybe they CAN revive hughes?? I'm not sure ... what do you think?
RoyxRiza BigFan
the person who made this show has done his homework well, very VERY WELL cool.gif
im crazy about ed and roy and hawkeye tongue.gif they are just really cool
Edward Elric
You saw the intro when they're going to start the opening song...
Well, they said they believe sacrificing something something to gain a new one when they was YOUNG ..
IT means actually that maybe in the future ..they don't believe it anymore and it is actually Izumi said in episode 31or 32 that her son lost his life and gain nothing in return ..
So maybe they can revive him after they learn how to ^^
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