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Waiting for my shining ATAR in armour to save me from the depths of HSC hell. Preferences are limited to a 99.55 ATAR, though others will also be accepted, if only with some wistfulness.

Have you had your dose of sanity today?
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State Alchemist (Lt. Colonel)
23 years old
Gender Not Set
The depths of HSC hell.
Born Feb-8-1993
The universe of Gensokyo where all fifteen year old girls are actually not jailbait. This probably begs the question as to why I continue to haunt this forum instead of something more appropriate such as Maidens of the Kaleidoscope. Well to put it simply, I prefer to continue to have some semblance of a life which MoK does not seem to allow me to do. In other words, this forum isn't as lively. It lets me keep up with it in my old age.
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Gender: Not Telling
Favorite Anime/Manga: Unfortunately, the HSC doesn't allow procrastination aid. I shake my fist at thee, HSC.
Joined: 28-December 06
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I believe this section of my profile is intended to be reserved for "quirky" or "unusual" facts about me which will leave you with the false belief that I am "cool" and therefore worthy of your time and attention.

Perhaps I am to exhibit strange behavioural traits many of which are supposed to be signs of being anti-social, a characteristic associated with being "deep and meaningful" or "unique". I may justify my behaviour with a philosophical standpoint which nobody (read: everyone except me) knows about or with an ideologically flawed religious viewpoint. Or maybe I'll just misdiagnose myself with a superficially socially acceptable disease (well I guess that rules out venereal diseases), but more commonly a disorder. (Cropolalia would be a good choice). I might showcase some of my skills, most or all of which will likely go as far as to break some ice at parties, but ultimately serve no beneficial purpose in society.

Then I go on to talk about my hobbies which will unquestionably contain the activities "anime", "being random", and other activities which should raise the eyebrows of my conservative-minded parents. Following this, I should spontaneously utter a word ("CHEESE!" is a common choice), phrase or animal sound (most commonly a cat) followed by an emoticon denoting extreme happiness such as "^__^". This is supposedly to back up my claims to being random.

Throughout my grammatically flawed self-centered tirade about myself, I should toss in a couple of foreign languages amongst my spelling errors and txt speak in order to show off my shallowly cosmopolitan self. Japanese is an ideal option in this case, given the context.

In actual fact, I'm just a high school kid going through a couple of rough exams. Go figure huh?


Destitute shrine maidens need no donation boxes.

Romantically Apocalyptic
It summons cancer.
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aww! Your personal photo picture is so cuuute! X3
28 Mar 2008 - 21:14
Hello. I shalt stalk thee for I am wallowing in the pit of tedium.
28 Mar 2008 - 20:30
Hey ,
I'm sorry its been about 6 months since I've recieved your comment and not replied , I'm a little too busy with my studies and this is my last year at school and I've to give many exams to get into a good collage and sooo I'm working my [All hail lord Xenu] off these days ....
But about 26th march I'll be free and come back here .... !
13 Feb 2008 - 1:33
going to have to dress warmly. I hope I don't get a cold ><. I'm doing great, I just ate lunch [cereal and waffles...the weirdest combinaton I've ever had =P]. And later I am going to go out and see a movie. My friends can't decide on which one though. How are you?
9 Nov 2007 - 13:03
Nah, thats okay ^^. I don't usually check my personal profile either. Yay! I'm glad you don't have to be as stressed as me. Thats always a plus to hear from my friends XD. Yup, its freezing outside here. My oldest bro and I are trying to stay inside as much as we can. They aren't going to cancel the baseball and basketball games though. So we're [meaning my friends, and I]
9 Nov 2007 - 13:03


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