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"And frankly, I'll kick your butt."
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24 years old
Gender Not Set
Under a thick layer of cloth
Born July-24-1992
Writing, Drawing, Singing, Dancing, Anime, Soccer, Swimming, Posting, Reading, Video Games, Role-Playing, Bible Quizzing, Puppetry, and The unknown
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Gender: Not Telling
Favorite Anime/Manga: (Few I've actually read the manga.)Sailormoon, Fullmetal Alchemist, Eureka7, Bleach, Inuyasha, Shinzo, Beyblade, Digimon, Vandread, Battle B-Daman, Mewmew Power/Tokyo Mew Mew, Duel Masters, Bobobo-bobo-bobo, Code Geass, Death Note, Fruits Basket (Manga moreso than anime),MAR, Yami No Matsuei(Manga moreso than anime)...Maybe more later.
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Hello! This is Mercy_Alchemist94, feel free to call me Mercy or MercyMii. (XD)
I come from a family that is (Or should be) clinically insane, drugged, strapped up, and put in a room with soft padded walls.

Somehow we're all running free. >.<

I'm not the smartest person around, I'll never claim to be but I'll sure as heck try to sound smart when I'm typing something out. It's just a force of habit.
I used to be quite the goofball on and off the internet, now I'm a bit more serious online than I am off. (My humor is more so my tone now, you can't really have a tone in words unless you're good with them. I'm not at all.) I like to make people smile and laugh, I usually don't end up doing that however. I'm moody, plain and simple. I can't stay one mood for long and I can be easily annoyed, sometimes I'm more patient, it really depends on the day.I am a born again Christian. You have a problem with that then take it else where, I don't care if you don't believe the same thing I do and I won't budge on my opinion. Thank you.

I'm paranoid about my health. I can't watch medical programs or anything that mentions real illnesses or I'll feel light-headed and I'll think I have the disease! X.X It's not fun.
I've never really been a popular person, no matter where I go I'm always somewhere in the middle. No one hates me, no one likes me either. I do have a small group of friends in real life who have stayed by my side throughout the years and I love them dearly, I appriciate their company and I'm very grateful for them and to them since they do have to put up with my moodswings. I'm happy with them and if they are the only friends I get in my lifetime, then I have no problems with that.

My family loves animals. We've had at least an average of 6 cats in the house since I was born and we currently have 8. (I can't remember how many cats have died during my lifetime, I just know there hasn't been enough) At first I liked cats, now they've turned evil and I can't stand them! D< They ruin our house and disrespect us and claw me for no reason what-so-ever! We also have four dogs (One outside dog: Oreo. Three inside dogs: Snoopy(Medium size dog) Galiath(AKA Guy-Guy: Second smallest dog) and Rambo(I call him Ramboo-san and he is the smallest dog in our house.)) and we have two puppies on the way! Finally I have one hamster named Juro who hates my guts.

I still don't have my liscense, and I really don't want to get it. DRIVING IS SCARY! I almost drove into the bumper of our non-moving van when I was practicing parallel parking when one of my sisters' were getting ready to get HER liscense. 0-0;

I have two sisters: One is in colledge, she is the second eldest, the other is married and is having a baby sometime in September. (Holy crap! I'm going to be an uncle/aunt! D: ) I also have both my parents, though they aren't very healthy.

That's all, b-bye!

We interrupt this signature for an important question:

If it is not approved allowed to post on a thread that has long since died been "resting" for a while, and each member is allowed to open only one his/her own "art collection" thread for posting his/her artwork in fanart forum, then does that mean I can not post my artworks again on my old art thread?
(No, I'm not looking for "Post it in 'The Beauty of Your own Artwork'" as an answer, thank you!)

<Answer: Yes, of course!! Hope to see many more of your artworks!! :) ~ Board Staff>

Off to Michigan! Be back soon!
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