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"I'm hungry..."
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23 years old
Indooroopilly, Australia
Born Oct-19-1992
Of course FMA!
I like yugioh as well!
umn... I like to draw, collect magazines, like shonen jump (but planning on buying a better manga to collect) and yeh!
I like maths and art! I bludge at D.A.T. (designer technology) even though I think it's cool, and I like japanese stuff! I read books ONLY when it's about asia, cuz I am from the Philippines, but I don't read alot of books.
I'm learning Japanese! AND I LOVE IT!!!
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Gender: Female
Favorite Anime/Manga: FMA, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Get Backers, Naruto, Shaman King, Cardcaptor Sakura, umn... Alien 9, Gokusen, Zatch Bell, alot!
Joined: 10-February 06
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MSN ayel_chan@hotmail.com
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Firstly, don't read my interest page... and the other stuff cause it's not true anymore (it's been how may years ago, okai?)

Hey there, I'm FullmetalMagician. I'm obviously a fan of FMA ever since it first aired on Australian television back in 2006.

I'm into anime and manga, but not so much anymore, since I channel all of my energy (and boredom for that matter) on Gaiaonline, deviantArt and video games.

Of course I'm not all "confiding-herself-in-her-room-so-she'll-be-a-loner..." well, that kind of person. I like hanging out with friends. Sneakers and music are my other love. Asian Kung Fu Generation is, and will always be my favourite Japanese band, but weirdly enough, my favourite genre of music revolves around the "Urban" genre; specifically R&B and Soul music. Some of my favourite bands or musicians are John Legend, Alicia Keys, Ciara, Maxwell, Robin Thicke, Usher, Black Eyed Peas, Boys 2 Men and Justin Timberlake. I respect people who knows the who's who of music from decades ago. Oh too much music talk, so maybe I should move along...

My real love is drawing. I can draw every minute if I have to. Unfortunately, I didn't choose art as my main subject in school, so now I'm stuck in school doing two Math subjects, Physics... at least no Chemistry for me. Lol.

I love learning langauges. I'm currently on my third year of learning Japanese, although it's a slow class. I'm thinking of learning German or Spanish in university, as well as mastering Japanese at the same time. I speak Tagalog (the Filipino language) fluently, and not so much the Engrish ranguage desu.

Anyway since this is too TL;DR, I'll just say the physical info about me.

~16, turning 17 soon though
~Short... a bit taller than Ed (5'1")
~Proud to be Filipino
~Proud to be an Australian Citizen

And I think that's about it. If you have any question, please don't hesitate to send me a PM.
Thank you~

~~~Edward Fan 101~~~
~~~As an Ed fangirl, I must love him with all my heart!-My Pledge!!~~~

My deviantArt Page |Link|
AKA DarkAMagician (Gaiaonline), kanazuchi92 (deviantart) and erectroryte (LiveJournal).

-turned into an alchemist: Open Chat, 5: 35 pm Sydney time, March 14 2006, Tuesday
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Meitantei Conan
Yeah, I see you like Yu-gi-oh! too. I do too. me and all my friends play the card game together, and 2 of them are filipinos, they are really cool but funny people. haha, one of them is realllllly tall.. hahahah
4 Oct 2009 - 21:36
Meitantei Conan
I know Allen Iverson is Bomb, my favorite basketball player. from reading in your "About me" youre filipino, my best friend who i grew up with since i was like 9 is a filipino. haha just like to share that with you. and FMA rocks >w<
3 Oct 2009 - 0:39


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