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26 years old
Gender Not Set
The Enchanted Garden in Dracula's Castle.
Born Nov-22-1989
PM me and I might tell you my website.

YES!!! I AM A GIRL!!! AND NO I'M NOT A BLONDE! And I will be 16 in November.
~Sorrow is the route to all success~~me
horseback, archery, fencing, kickboxing, acting/theatre, anime, writing, art, manga, and I like to read Witchcraft books...

Favorite games- Breath of Fire (2,3,and 4), SO:TtEoT, Primal, the Zelda series, Castlevania (SotN, LoI, AoS, DoS), Koudelka, Baiten Kaitos, Resident Evil (all most every game) Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy (VII, X, X-2), Metroid(the whole series yet again), Jak and Daxter, and ICO
~Favorite mangas- King of Hell, Petshop of Horrors, Tarot Cafe, Under the Glass Moon, and Ragnarok.
~All time Favorite Animes- Gunsmith Cats, Gundam Wing, Hellsing, FMA, Wolf's Rain, Blue Seed, Ghost in the Shell, Vandread, DN Angel, Cowboy BeBop, and Inuyasha
**Is Currently looking forward to- The legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Castlevania: curse of darkness, shadow of the collouses, the FMA movie, Howl's moving castle on DVD, Final Fantasy VII:Advent Children, Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus (starring Vincent Valentine), and the rerelease of BoFIII on PSP!
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Gender: Female
Favorite Anime/Manga: hellsing, FMA, ghost in the shell, cowboy bebop, shadow skill, vandread, gunsmith cats, blue seed, macross plus, princess mononoke, howl's moving castle, inuyasha, tarot cafe, saint seiya, petshop of horrors, vampire hunter D, Spirited Away, Gundam Wing, Trigun, Wolf's Rain, Ragnarok, FLCL, X, One Piece, S-cry-ed, paranoia agent, .Hack//Sign
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AIM WeretigerRei920
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Avatar is from http://www.northernlite.net/avatars.php?category=88
my forum family Pm me if you want in
I support the squirrel army!
If you get bored check out my fanfic "Strawberry's first fanfic"--Incomplete as of now.
REST IN PEACE AUSTIN!!! (1985-December 21,2005) In life you shined...and now, you shine for forever more!
My friend J: I wanna be one of Santa's elves with you that way when all the little kiddies come up to me and say "Hey, aren't elves suppose to be short" I can say in a deep truck-driver-type voice. "No little boy, I ate a lot of spinach growing up, now sit on Santa's Lap." That or I want to start a male dancing service called "J's special Dances." J (is a guy) and I are gonna run for Miss (insert state here) together, to see who is the better woman. :)
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