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"Add Reply" For Beginners And Veterans Alike, Absolute garbage ~ The New York Times
post Jul 10 2006, 06:56 PM
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This is a screen cap of the Add reply page on this very site. Pretty isn't it? Click it to see it full sized.

Note the lovely Red numbers. Also pretty right? Here's what they are and what they do. I will explain using simple examples and be giving you the code you can type in manualy to use hte features because it's amaizingly easy:

Now with all BBCode (the code of almost all forums) you must have it in square brackets like these [].

1)The FONT menu: This allows you to change the font you text appears as.
The code is:
[font=Comic Sans Ms]<Text>[/font]

It will look like so;

2)The Size menu: This lets you change the size of your text. PLease don't constantly type in the biggest text ppossible or bad stuff will happen! You have a choice between One and Seven.

It will like this:

3)Indent: This allows you to have text appear slightly more to the left than normal. Very usefull when putting in Side notes or such;

It looks like this:

Impressive isn't it?

4)Emotes: Our fun little friends that let us convey EMOTION (Hence Emote)
Here is the code (Note they are in the order they appear in the "Show all" menu)
:mellow:  :huh:  ^_^  :o;)  :P  :D  :lol:  B)  :rolleyes:  -_-  -_-  <_<  :)  :wub:
:angry:  :(  :unsure:  :wacko:  :blink:  :ph34r:

Due to Board magic I can't post them all but you can see them if you click "Show all"

Don't use to many per post becasue it looks muddled and dumb.

Now we move on to three of the most commonly used pices of Code which are also the easiest to learn.
5)Bold: makes text appear thicker to stand out more. Kinda like Goths.


6)Italics: As the little "I" shows it makes you text lean to the right. I think the name is a reffence the the Leaning tower...


7)Underline: You've seen what this does already. it puts a happy little line under your text.


Now we have some other Code that isn't used much.
8)Strike through: Sounds evil doesn't it? This fun litle pice of code will slam a line thought the middle of your text.


9)COLOR!: Sadly due to more Board magic this does not work but fear not for I know the Code so we can use this wonderous feature. It allows us to change to color of our text. FUN!

Also available in Blue, Green Yellow, Black, White and Pink. Maybe more! Just replace "Red" with the color of your choice.

10)Inset link: A link lets you go from one site to another. It's great for showing eachother what you find on the big wide web. No porn!
Now ther are two ways to do links.
The first is simple;

It appears like so; www.google.com

The second way is much more fun if a bit harder;

You can preform other BBCode on the text aswell like so:


You can even replace the text with an image!

11)Insert Email: Put in an Email adress. USE THIS RESPONSIBLY. Don't give info and all that jazz to strangers.

12)Insert image! This lets you post images. Don't put up ones that will strech the screen ok.
For this we will use the Google Logo. Now first you need to host you pic on Imageshack which will give you a buch of codes.
there are 2 good ones. The fist is "Thumbnail for forum 1" which is what I used to put the screen cap up. Just copy and paste that into your post and your set.

The other choice is "Direct link to image"
for this example I will sue the Url (web adress) for the google logo but aslong is it is an adress for an image it should work(Eg: ends in .jpg .png. .jpeg .gif)

Click Browse to choose a pic from your comp and click "Upload"

13)Quoting. This shows you have text written by someone else. It's also the most common code I see messed up.
If you want to quote a whole post simply click reply at the bottom of that post. Simple. You will be taken to the "Add reply" page with the persons quote already there in quote code. Nothing further has to be done. just type up your relpy and hit "Add reply"

Now if you just want a small part highlight it, copy it and paste it in the Text box.
If you send it in like that with out anything it will appear as normal text.
The code to make it a quote is;


you can add a name by doing so

QUOTE (Popogeejo)

It gets more complex if you have quotes within quotes but if you space things well it'll be fine.(Maybe)

14)Code. Anything put inside this box will apear exactly how you type it. BBCode won't change the text.

Remove the *

15)Alignment lets you choose how the text is layed out. For the sake of competion I'll show you but don't bother with it. Seriously. Also NEVER USE ALIGN LEFT! Just trust me on this ok?



16)lists I'll just show you...

  1. <text>
  • <Text>
Moving on...

17)Guided mode and Check post length: Never used Guided mode so I'll skip that.
Check post lenght. Click it and it'll tell you how many more charcters yu can type. Lets see how I'm doing;
6433 characters uesed out of 102400!

18)Enable Emotes, Sig and notify on reply;
Enable emotes: A ticked box means emots will show up in your post
Enable Sig: Adds sig to the bottom of your post.(See Forum Decorm for further info)
notifacation on reply: You get an Email when someone replys. Good if you're intrested in the thread.

19)Add attachment: lets you put pics saved on your comp into a post. Pretty simple. Use imageshack instead.

20)Add an Emote to the top off your post: If you feel like it you can put an emote at the top off your post. Why? Who knows?

21)Add reply: Clicking this beasty will subit everything you've typed into the thread but before you do that you should use...

22)Preview post A wonderfull little button that lets you how your post will look once you hit Add reply. Unbelivably usefull if your using alot of Code like I am.

Finaly you may have noticed the red * in the top right hand corner of the screen cap.
This little button should close any open code you have missed. Very usefull.
With that we are done. I hope this as been helpfull to you and teaches you atleast one thing.

This was started at 1:30am and finished at 2:48am mostly due to my compy attempting to kill itself. Please excuse poor humor and spelling.

Spoiler tags are only available through Manualy typing the Code. These hide your text in a special box. Great if your going to post plot spoilers.



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alchemist x
post Aug 21 2006, 04:34 PM
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State Alchemist (Lt. Colonel)

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those are awefully purdy red numbers popo wub.gif lol o.o ill shut up


^^^^^^^^^^ look what i made ^^^^^^^^^^
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