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Envy's Abilities (thread Contains Possible Spoilers)
post Jul 8 2006, 05:34 AM
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To be merged with "How do they do that" thread. ~Tombow.

I've been thinking about Envy's shape shifting abilities for a while. We all know he can change his appearance to whatever he wants, big or small. Considering he can change from his normal self to... [spoiler]a gigantic snake (episode 51)[/spoiler] ...means he can ignore the rule of equivalent trade, probably thanks to the red stone he has in his body.

Now, because of this, Envy could also just create things from scratch, right? In episode 50, he... [spoiler] changes into Hughes and throws knifes at Ed. Those knifes came with the uniform and appearance of Hughes.[/spoiler]

Considering he is able to do that, what would happen if he changed into someone with a big coat, and he took the coat off and changes to his normal self? Would the coat still be there, or just disappear? If it is still there, he can just make himself a coat of money, take it off, return to his normal self, and take the money off of the coat he made, and he is rich. He could just "create" many things this way; money, guns, food, anything you can think of. He could even change to a guy with a table on his back, then take the table off and return to his normal self, and he has a new table to eat on.

Considering he can change into anything, he could also just create things without actually changing into something. He could just create a gun into his hands if he wants... [spoiler]just like he did with the knifes of Hughes I just spoke of. Also, he killed Hughes (episode 25) with a gun. Where did he get the gun?[/spoiler]

What do you think of this? Is this a correct theory or is there more to it? I'd like to know how exactly Envy's shape shifting abilities affect this extra "power".

Thanks for any replies. smile.gif

EDIT: I just noticed I used the word "considering" a crapload of times. XD
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post Jul 8 2006, 09:37 PM
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Actually, I've a few things to point out. Firstly, Envy has philosopher's stones inside itself. Not true stones in the Anime, but enough to bypass the laws of equivolent exchange, thus the whole point of procuring Philosopher's Stones for normal people. That said, I wouldn't be surprised if Envy could change shape large or small, abilities resting in some minor part off the Philosopher's Stone(s) inside. I'm sure they grant homunculi more than just regenerative properties.

Furthermore, as is pointed out in the Manga, you can shift bulk and size around, but the weight of the mass is always the same, just packed more tightly. As Envy is walking through the Forrest in the Manga, for example, it leaves huge footprints, revealing that the weight, though disguised by re-arranging and tightening in, still serves as some idea of Envy's true size. In other words, Envy's regular form is huge, but it contracts down to a more convenient size, but weight remains heavy regardless of mass re-organization.

As far as making a coat of money, I don't think it works quite like that. I think Envy takes a shape and then the clothes, if closely inspected, are part of Envy's body. I mean, take when Pride detonates later in the series. His body regenerates, and clothed I might add. Maybe that's just a self-censoring thing built into the Homunculi for practicality, but I'd wager that when Envy impersonates, say, a soldier, that uniform is actually part of Envy's body. Envy couldn't remove it, at least not entirely. As far as items like guns and such, I think Envy just needs to procure those on site.

Hope this all makes sense.

Attention Manga Lust fans:
Lust is dead. Finished. Kaput. Joined the Choir Invisible. Roy Mustang incinerated her repeatedly until her Philosopher's Stone dried up and dissolved into nothingness ("Mu" for you Japanese cultural enthusiasts). And she will remain killed off, written out of the plot. Greed was reincarnated because Father saved his Philosopher's Stone and had a guinea pig on hand. Lust is gone. Stop trying to play God with the plot line and bring her back at every possibly junction.
In the event that Hiromu Arakawa can skillfully maneuver around this narrative plot hole, I will eat my words with a pinch of salt.
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