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Your Opinions And Emotions After Watching The Cos Movie?, Let's talk about the FMA movie here! (Spoiler Warning!)
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FullMetal Shrimp
post Feb 4 2006, 08:03 PM
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Also state your reasons here.

I felt happy and sad, mostly because it had to end and also I felt like there was just something missing. I also hope they make another movie or more to the series but it's not likely to happen, and that is a whole new topic itself.

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Nicoli Flamel
post Sep 25 2006, 07:06 AM
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The Regal Tigress, while I agree with what you said about the story being good. That, yes the world is imperfect and that yes I did love the way things worked out for the brothers. The writer in me wasn't all that thrilled at what happened. Like you in the past few days I was digesting the story as a fan first then as a writer (My BA in Fiction writing et all). The thing for me wasn't the fact that the movie ended the way it did, while I was (as a fan) disatified by it, I was glad that the Elric's were back together. It was the fact of what Ed implied at the end and, what I feel are gaping plot holes as well as several weak story arcs, and a villian that left much to be desired, as well as missed opertunities that leave a taste in my mouth.

Yes, over all I think the animation was very good. The color varitations between our world and the Hagane/Shamballa world were perfect in illistrating the differences between our world (muted browns of various shades. You'll even note that Ed's and Al's hair color until the very end were darker blonde and brown respectively.) and their world (Bright vibrant colors, not very many muted tones save for the shadows and such). Along with the way the cities were drawn, (at least they did their reseach this time rather then in the show. I still don't get why they used so many zeplins, when it was only one wooden plane that was shot down.), and how they potrayed the Romas in the stoy, that I felt pleased with.

What I ulitmately disliked as a writer though was what I felt was a cop out ending. Now I'm sure other people will tell me that I'm basically wrong here, that it wasn't, and that there was little that could be done to end it another way. But from what I saw there were several other ways to end it that still packed an emotional punch. Best example, rather then just having Ed and Al leave via plane, have them leave the plane behind and go though the gate another way. This way you can show that maybe Their world will be catching up technologically to ours. I can easily compare the ending of Escaflowne to FMA, as both hero's have to leave a world that they've become used to. Hitome went back to her world possibly forever, Ed and Al leave their world for good -or so it seems. The difference is that with Esca there's a sense of hope. Maybe she won't go back but it's clear that there's still something connecting her to that world in some way. End and Al are given this "And they ride off to find the bomb" ending that just seemed...wrong. It's almost feels for me that they're sherking off responsiblity in their world. Also the gate gets to me too, but I'll get to that when I talk about the plot holes

This brings me to the line that Ed says at the end. Why this is irritating me as a writer comes from the fact that he feels he's got responibilty here. Alright, I can understand wanting to clear things up with Noa, the other Al, and Hughs, but outside of that and the bomb, it's not his responsiblity. The implications also are that the people here used the bomb, or someone saw it and created the Atomic bomb. That in itself makes me kind of ill. It's as if to say that we can't take responsiblity for our own mistakes. Again, comparing it to the ending of Escaflowne, Hitomi never once indicated that the world of Gaea was her responsiblity since she was taken there. In fact the light took her back. Yes I understand Ed's choice, but just what he said at the end leaves a bad taste in my mouth. All the sacrofices that other's made to help him and Al wind up being chucked aside. Yes Al get's his memories back, but there were various other ways that this could have been done.

Ending aside, the plot holes drove me some what batty. To begin with how did Ed meet the other Al? Not even a flash back to touch on that. While I liked Alphonse H, I wasn't as moved as I should have been when he died. Huge missed oppertunity -and I blame the series for this in making Envy a dragon at the end -in exploring Hoho's relationships with his creation. Here you have a good area, now that Ed knows Envy was a) his father's doing and cool.gif technically his brother, one would think he would care what happens to him. We have no idea if Envy was given a fair send off ala Wrath. Also as I remember, it was said several times that the stones had to be used up for them to die. Homunculi are not human, or so we are constantly reminded, so how can they be sacraficed to open the gate? For that matter, did either, Wrath, Gluttony, or Envy use up their stones? And then there's the gate itself. Never mind the fact someone said more then once it's a permente gate, but if the characters were being sent back and forth via a different way, then why did they need the huge gate in the first place? Then their's Roy's sudden depression which is very OOC for him as in the end he seemed happier. And I won't touch on Armstrong and Rose. I agree with The Regal Tigeress the whole trip back in time was a "What were they thinking" moment.

As I said above with Envy and Ed, you had room for a excellent villian here with him. Exploration as to the fact that in that world (our world) Envy would have been pretty much as human and on the same level as Ed. Their relationship could have been explored more, and it would have had a deeper feeling if any exploration or character growth -outside of Ed -could have been shown. But we really didn't get that and FMA to me always seemed to pride itself on growth of characters. By cutting out a lot of the unneeded stuff (a lot of those scenes with the Thule society bored me) and making Envy human or close to it, it could have easily explored the idea of "What really makes us human" as the villian was spewing the fact that she was scared of Ed becuase he was different. Wasn't that what was being said of the Homuculi before?

As for the Villian...she annoyed me. NO personality at all, it took me a while to realize she was the main antagonist. Her actions were just...meh. And her motivations seemed like they were tacked on at the end. It would have been far more interesting if they had used a real person, or at least given her something more then just "I wanted to take over your world." It seemed way out of left feild to me from where the story was going. Why would Hitler even want to go useing Shamballa? It seemed out of place.

For me it left me...sad, yet happy. Mostly I enjoyed the movie. But there are just factors in it that I think could have been made a lot clearer or better and the storywould have become far more interesting. But those are just my two cents.
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