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Japanese Version Vs English Version, Changes in dialogue ?? Omitted/Edited scenes??
post Oct 17 2006, 04:19 AM
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I heard Winry's voice in English and knew why she's hated by some people. The Japanese version gives her a cute voice, the American one she sounds irritating and idiotic. Sorry to those who like it.

And I said it elsewhere, I got so used to Paku doing Ed...his American voice sounds far too strange to me. Goes from sounding like a young man to an adult trying to be a young man. And Als 'tinnny' sounds is just bleh.

I haven't heard anyone else, but frankly, I don't want to.


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post Oct 19 2006, 05:01 PM
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QUOTE(Kukuru @ Jan 30 2006, 09:09 PM) [snapback]345076[/snapback]

Hello all, sorry if this has been posted this topic has been posted before, let me know where and then we can discontinuing using this thread.

Just for interests sake, has anyone noticed any differences between the Jap and English version? I've started to watch it again, but this time in Japanese and I just notice little things that, some for better, so for worse. I also wonder how different the manga is from the anime, but I guess that is a different topic:P

A couple things I picked up:

Ep 25 - Words of Farewell (or at least that's what English dubbed it), I noticed they cut out part of scene - the bit on the train with Al, Ed and Winry, and the boys are explaining they aren't going to see Sensei - they cut out WHY they are going. I have no idea why they'd want to do that, I thought it was amusing:P.

Some of the dialogue changes I think in English were good, like for example back in ep6.
Glacia - *Brings in pot of tea, says something about who wants refills, then collapses on the floor* Honey it's here.
Maes - What the tea?
Glacia - No the baby!
I think English also did this better, because in the Jap Glacia seems to calm about it all tongue.gif

Oh yeah:P Did anyone else notice in Ep 23, when Winry just arrives at Central station that you see Izumi and her husband looking at a sign, probably for times:P I thought that was cool.

Yeah, they did cut out that part, but it's in the DVD. ^^ And yeah, I DID see Izumi! (There's also a girl in modern clothes and a cat backpack right before going to that!! In crowds and fast moving camera things, there's A LOT of extra stuff.)

I don't know why everyone here hates the Dub so much- Frankly, I prefer it to the Japanese version. . . Maybe it's because I just think that because it's in a European-based world, it just sounds better. . . . Also, I find that the sub just isn't that. . . I dunno`. . . It just seems that The VAs for the dub are just better at portraying emotion. . . *Sigh* Oh, well, that's just MY opinion. . . . Please don't kill me. *Hides from sub addicts*

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Amaya Hawkeye
post Dec 18 2006, 12:32 AM
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<Merged the thread " Fansubs Changed?" with the following two posts here. 02/03/07 ~Tombow>

The first time I saw a fansub of episode one when Ed is chasing Al in the desert it goes:
Ed: "Stop!"
Al: "I wont stop!"
Ed: "Slow down!"
Al: "I wont slow down!"
Ed: "Pick one!"
Al: "I cant decide!!!!"

Later, I re-downloaded that episode and instead of "pick one" "I cant decide" Ed says something like "straighten up" and I forget what Al says but he doesnt say "I cant decide" obviously. Anyone know the reason for the change? It happened in many fansubs, so its not just one translator's translation
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post Dec 18 2006, 01:17 AM
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@Amaya Hawkeye - I'm merging this to "Japanese Vs English?" thread.

ETA: Thread merged, and the thread author notified of the merge. smile.gif


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post Mar 20 2007, 02:41 PM
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The dialog has to change a little bit to match the lip movements. And even if they did cut out scenes from the English version on TV, they're all there on the DVDs.

Though, some of the voices of the English version irk me too much. Especially Winry's. But most of them I love, especially Ed, Al and Roy's. smile.gif
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post Mar 20 2007, 06:08 PM
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Winry's English voice is god awful. So high pitched and whiny. She sounds like she is voiced from any girl they picked off the street.

Sorry if that sounds cynical, I just don't find the majority of the English voices to be so bad. Yet when I heard Winry's, one of my favorite characters, I was dissapointed.


Thank you, Ms. Arakawa, for sharing this wonderful, enriching story that has affected so many of us!
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post Apr 3 2007, 03:09 AM
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I personally prefer the Japanese voices a bit more just because they seem to accentuate the defining traits of some characters. Paku's Ed seems a bit more impatient, irritated, and crass than Vic's Ed, and I think that irritation that is part of Ed's character should also be expressed in his voice. I also think that Ed's Japanese voice has a certain graininess that fits him so much better than Vic's smooth-talking, and sometimes over-exaggerated, deliveries.

Also, I hate Al's English voice. Japanese Ed sounds calm and compassionate, while I tend to think that Al's English voice sounds so young that it's almost babyish. Personally, I find that the (vocal) apposition of Ed's irritation vs. Al's calmness (Japanese) makes a better foil than Ed's adult-like voice vs. Al's super-young voice (English). Also, I think they overdid the tinniness a bit on the English.

Can't say much about the others. I do prefer the Japanese Mustang a bit over the English one because it seems that the Japanese voice actor can really lay on the cynical voice that Mustang often employs.

However, I must give a bit of a disclaimer. I don't claim to know any measure of Japanese, but I do consider myself rather proficient in English. Therefore, I'd be far more likely to catch inappropriate or overwrought expressions in English than in Japanese, leading to my increased criticism of the English dub.
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