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Fma 1, Fma 2, Fma 3, Which One Is Sadest/ Best/your Fav?
post Dec 22 2005, 03:20 PM
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Fma 1: Broken Angel,
Fma 2: Curse Of The Crimson Elixir,
Fma 3 "kami Wo Tsugu Shyoujo"

Which One is Sadder/ better IMO/your fav?

I thought that both of the first two games were pretty sad, but over all I think the 1st was sadder. probably beacuase some people saw armony as a possible match for edawrd. with elma's case, shse slready had someone. Elma also died first, so that made things a little less depressing in the second game.

which one do you think was the saddest in your opinion? Which one is your fav?


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post Dec 26 2005, 05:19 PM
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Bah, u people are just softies.

And if ur a true fan of FMA, then there's no way u'll like those Mary Sue stories of SquareEnix. Trust a Gemini when she says this. Us Geminis have a thing for unique or boring stuff, and we know which is which.
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Herumastaa Kanar...
post Dec 27 2005, 07:42 PM
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QUOTE(Tyna @ Dec 26 2005, 07:04 PM) [snapback]334015[/snapback]

Bah, u people are just softies.

And if ur a true fan of FMA, then there's no way u'll like those Mary Sue stories of SquareEnix. Trust a Gemini when she says this. Us Geminis have a thing for unique or boring stuff, and we know which is which.

Don't you mean YOUR and YOU'LL/YOU WILL Sorry I looked up ur and u'll and neither were in the dictionary. I'd also like to point out that Mary sues apply to FANFICTIONS not actual characters that are created for shows,games,book,etc. Armony Eiselstein is not a Mary Sue it's a known fact,and Hiromu Arakawa helped contribute to the game. Just because you feel one way about something doesn't mean the rest of the world does. Do you know Broken Angel was a big success in Japan? Only a "true" fan would not like females from SquareEnix games your saying? You do realize that not everyone is the same and that liking Broken Angel does NOT disqualify them from being a "true" fan. I myself love Full Metal Alchemist, I also enjoyed Broken Angel so that doesn't make me a "true" fan? You realize what your saying makes no sense. Why dodn't you get facts straight first dear alright? I'd also like to point out that theres many a Anime,and games that have girls with some sort of amazing gift,etc. I know Anime that posesses a character who is considered a fallen/broken angel as well and it was lovely dark,angsty,depressing one. I mean come on seriously, do you think they are all MARY SUES as well? Just remember thats your OWN opinion.One thing thats boring to you and i'm sure not ALL Geminis is YOUR opinion not the WORLDS,not ALL Geminis it's your own. <3

As for which game is sadder, they both had equally sad aspects to them I mean Full Metal Alchemist is known to have tragedy spread through out it. Personally I feel Broken Angel was the sadder of the two,Crimson Elixir was more or so comedic then the first one alot more and it was intended to generally be so to over all in general but ,they fitted more comedy into it. Personally, I enjoyed Broken Angel more storyline wise however it was very short and not very extended like most rpgs are intended to be. None the less it was a enjoyable game. What actually made me really like the game over all was Armony's fate I love tragic endings. Both games were enjoyable and Crimson Elixir had it's sad moments to I admit I enjoyed Elma's death scene as well.(Not as in HA ,your dying way of course .) But over all in a way Crimson Elixir had a happier ending the Broken Angel did.

[font=Arial Narrow]

"I just want to forget..forget..it..all.."Platina(Valkyrie Profile.) Valkyrie Profile 2 is smexy go buy it.

Armony Pwns.:F

And Armony is not a Mary Sue. Want to argue it with me?Go ahead and try.=X

Broken Angel fans unite.<3

Part of the Ed x Armony & Armony fanclub.<33

Other Armony x Ed/ Armony fans {Emily_BrokenAngel}{FMA_Lover_Nissan}
{Kinako Ishiyama} {he_icy_alchemist} {Herumatsaa Kanaru}{Ling_chan}{Karlykitten}, {AnnaMustang}{sakori *WindyGirl* }{Coffee Can}

PM me or Emily_BrokenAngel or ling_chan to join.=)
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