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ed's numbuh ...
post Oct 29 2005, 02:07 PM
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State Alchemist (Colonel)

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i was'nt sure where this goes sorry if it's in the wrong place ><

well this topic is for FMA quote requests, i've seen a couple of members making topics asking for an episode quotes so just post your question for a quote and i'll see if i can help you smile.gif
EDIT # 685989783495789: i finally have now all the DVD's and the movie so you can ask for movie quotes too~! : D

i hope this helps some of you out there! =)


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Amethyst Sunset
post May 10 2007, 04:56 AM
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State Alchemist (Colonel)

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You're welcome, Tombow. biggrin.gif And without further ado...THE MYSTERY OF WAREHOUSE 13! *Cue happy fun music and such*

[Scene opens to an opened envelope on someone's desk. Roy reads a letter, puts into an ashtray, and then sets it on fire with a snap of his gloved right hand]

Roy: Well, it looks like Major Armstrong is turning out to be exactly the man I thought. Lieutenant Hawkeye, let's track this tiger.

Riza: [Stands up from where she was seated] Right.

[Focus on Havoc, who is in sort of a coma, still in shock after being dumped by Catherine (NOTE: He is like this during the rest of the episode), then cut to dark streets and warehouses, where Fuery and Falman are walking at night]

Fuery: Oh, man, I'm starving. I haven't been able to afford a decent meal since I lost my money in that bet.

Falman: And I've been stuffing my face silly ever since.

Fuery: [Clings to Falman and cries] Take pity and feed me!

Falman: [Shoves Fuery away] Then the bet wouldn't mean anything now, would it? [Cut to dark street lamps] Huh, they still haven't fixed these lights?

Fuery: I know. It's pretty creepy around here at night. 'Course, I don't buy the haunted warehouse rumors.

[Falman and Fuery are interrupted by some strange noises]

Fuery: What is that?

Falman: I don't know.

[They turn around and see a huge, seemingly bloody 13 behind them]

Falman and Fuery: [Scared out of their wits] IT'S HERE!

[Morning. Cut to a house, or possibly an apartment]

Riza: Hmm...no, oh...oh, stop that. Oh, you're so bad...[Giggles] That tickles. Hmmm...[Wakes up, looks underneath her blankets, sees Black Hayate in her bed, licking her bare foot and sighs]

[Cut to Black Hayate sitting on the floor obediently. Riza gives him his food and he starts to approach]

Riza: Wait. Now sit, shake, other paw, down, good. [Black Hayate follows all commands before actually eating. Riza smiles as she watches him eat, zoom out to a top view of the room before cutting to Central HQ and Riza walking through its corridors with her dog]

Soldiers: Good morning, Lieutenant.

Riza: As you were.

[She enters the office]

Breda: Are you serious?

Falman: As a heart attack.

Fuery: Those rumors aren't rumors! They're true!

Breda: Stop! Why are you telling me this? I'm not gonna be able to walk home tonight!

Riza: Something happened to you, boys?

Roy: They claim to have seen the fabled Warehouse 13. Idiots.

Breda: There's nothing idiotic about being aware, Colonel!

Fuery: Especially when there's a bunch of ghosts out there!

Riza: A warehouse 13, huh? I'm pretty sure that according to the records, the military has only 12 warehouses here.

Breda: There may be only 12 now, but sometimes a 13th appears!

Falman: They say this warehouse shows up on the old execution grounds, where thousands have been killed!

Breda: When the sun goes down and darkness falls, the haunted building mysteriously rises from the blood-soaked soil!

Fuery: And you can hear the ghosts of the executed plowing away to the surface...slash, flash! And they climb over the corpses of fellow victims seeking vengeance against soldiers! [While he is narrating, he, Breda and Falman are freaking out in front of a calm, cool and collected Riza]

Roy: Did you ever stop to think that it's because you live in this state of fear that you imagine seeing things? Your minds are playing tricks on you.

Fuery: Doesn't anything scare you, sir?

Roy: Of course not. I'm a trained alchemist, after all. We look at things in a rational manner and there is nothing rational about ghost stories.

Fuery: But we saw it with our own eyes, and we're not the only ones. I've heard stories all over Headquarters!

Roy: [Stands up and scratches his head] Ugh, what is this, a children's slumber party? You superstitious nitwits need someone to give you a reality check and it might as well be me.

Breda: Wow, really, boss? Did you hear that, guys? The Colonel's volunteered to help us with our midnight stakeout!

Falman: He's a noble leader, always looking out for his men!

Fuery: What a relief! If the Colonel's with us, there's no way we'll be impaled.

Roy: Now wait a minute! What stakeout?

Breda: Our mission is to prove whether or not Warehouse 13 is real.

Falman: And you said you would give us a reality check.

Roy: Well...yeah, that's what I said...

Fuery: [Sidles up to Roy with a Puss-in-Boots-style stare, if you know what I mean] I have to go by there every night on my way home and it's eating away at my insides and soon there'll be nothing left! Please, Colonel, help me! [Roy is getting rather ticked, and the scene cuts for a moment to Havoc, who is still in that same stupor]

[Cut to a car driving through the streets]

Roy: Damn it! I still don't see why I have to tag along on their stupid little midnight ghost hunt!

Riza: [Driving the car] Because they admire you more than you realize.

Roy: What good is admiration from other men? They're soldiers. How are they going to deal with living, breathing people when they're afraid of the dead? [Riza stops the car in front of the Hughes residence] I didn't tell you to stop here, Lieutenant.

Riza: You looked like you wanted me to, sir.

[Cut to Roy hesitating before actually knocking on the door. Riza waits in the car]

Gracia: [Answers the door] Oh, Colonel Mustang, what a surprise.

Roy: I'm sorry for dropping by unannounced. I was just in the neighborhood, so...

Gracia: Nonsense, I appreciate you taking the time. Elysia, you remember Roy Mustang, say hello. [Apparently Elysia is just beside her mother]

Roy: Hiya, kiddo. You've grown.

[Elysia blushes and hides behind Gracia]

Gracia: I'm sorry, she's just a little shy, but please, come in.

[Before Roy could enter the Hughes residence, he looks up at the second-story window. He sees Winry, who sees him as well and storms away from the window]

Roy: No, I better not. I have tons of paperwork. I'll be seeing you. [Salutes Gracia]

[Cut back to car]

Roy: Like I was saying, it's always a lot scarier dealing with the living. Give me a ghost to talk to any day.

[Cut to Archer's office]

Archer: So this is absolutely everything. You left nothing out, no miscellaneous documents that Hughes had lying around.

Sciezka: No, that's it.

Archer: Hmm...very well. Have all of these files incinerated. Scatter the ashes.

Sciezka: Uh...what? But these are official records! They're one of a kind!

Archer: I don't care.

[Cut to Fuhrer's office]

Bradley: Laboratory 5 has been closed for years. I'd hardly expect there to be much documentation these days.

Archer: There is more to it, sir. Don't you find it odd that there are absolutely no records at all from the years when the lab was operational?

Bradley: What's odd about someone neglecting their work?

Archer: But that someone was Basque Grand.

Bradley: What exactly are you implying?

Archer: People don't bury nickels, sir. They bury gold. I'd suggest Grand discovered something valuable enough to cover up. Of course, I can't imagine that you would have had any preexisting knowledge of this breach, Fuhrer. But think of it - a humanoid chimera, a Philosopher's Stone that amplifies alchemy - I don't have to tell you that these could be powerful weapons in our arsenal.

Bradley: And I don't have to tell you those are forbidden practices, Lieutenant Colonel.

Archer: Scientific progress is trial and error. Neglecting to learn from past experiments, or forbidding research because it's immoral, is not only myopic but reckless. I have Kimblee and Shou Tucker under my control, ready to be unleashed at any time. I'm just waiting for your command, sir.

Bradley: Apparently, another civil war has broken out in Lior. We also have reports that Scar may be hiding there. Sound like a problem that you and your friends could solve?

Archer: Yes.

[Cut to a night through the military warehouses]

Roy: This is ridiculous! Five grown men trying to sneak a peek at a ghost on their night off!

Fuery: By ridiculous, you mean scary.

Breda: Well, it means a lot to us, you coming out, Colonel.

Roy: Let's just hurry so I could sleep.

[Everything seems just a little darker]

Fuery: Oh yeah, did we forget to tell you that the lights are out from this point on?

Roy: What the hell has the maintenance staff been doing?

[Breda lights a lantern]

Breda: And Breda said, let there be light.

Fuery: [Looks behind him at a hulking shadow] Aaaaahhh!!

Roy: It's just a shadow, moron! [Hits Fuery]

Falman: Yeah, calm down. These shadows can be your friends, Fuery. [Makes a dog with his hands] Look, I'm a cute little puppy dog. Woof!

Fuery: [Laughs nervously]

[The flame in the lantern shifts, distorting Falman's shadow dog. Breda, Falman and Fuery freak out]

Roy: Stop freaking out!

Falman: Easy for you to say!

Breda: We'll stop jumping when things stop being scary!

Fuery: I wanna go home!

Roy: How did I get such a pathetic staff?! Come on, I'll prove to you there's no such thing as ghosts!

Fuery: Don't leave us alone, Colonel!

[Roy leads the way, Fuery and Falman follow, with Breda dragging Havoc along. They stop at the 12th warehouse]

Roy: This, ladies, is the twelfth and final warehouse, and over there is nothing but open space. So where is your phantom 13th warehouse?

Fuery: Maybe it's a werehouse, like a werewolf, and it needs a full moon.

Roy: Give it up, Fuery. [Hits him again]

Breda: Hold on, I think I know what you guys saw the other night. Take a look over there. [He points. They look at a row of warehouses labeled A, B, etc.] That letter B...doesn't that look an awful lot like...

Falman: The number 13!

Breda: I guess I see how you can make that mistake.

Roy: So you misread it, thanks to the darkness, and your own fears.

Falman: I guess that's better than the alternative.

Roy: I told you it was a figment of your own imagination.

Fuery: But then what about the ghosts?

Roy: They don't exist either, Fuery!

Fuery: Oh, good. Whew, starting tomorrow night, I can take my normal route home.

Roy: And we're all happy for you. Can we go now?

Fuery: You know, now that my nausea's settling down, I'm getting kinda hungry.

Falman: Yeah, I could go for some grub.

Breda: Dinner's on you guys.

Fuery: What? But I'm broke!

Breda: Consider it payment for causing this trouble.

Roy: Hold up.

Fuery: What's wrong?

Roy: [Shines lantern over the "open space"] You see that?

Fuery: See what?

Breda: The dirt...it looks like it's been dug through!

Fuery: That doesn't sound good.

Roy: Falman.

Falman: Yes, sir. [Proceeds to dig with his hands, and uncovers something] I found something. [Hands it to Roy]

Roy: [Examines it] Yeah, it's a bone.

[His subordinates freak out anew, save for oblivious Havoc]

Breda: The dead really are digging themselves up!

Fuery: You know, this is supposed to be the haunted execution ground!

Roy: Pull it together! Even if this was where they executed people, they wouldn't have buried them here! This is more likely the work of a murderer! [Everyone stops freaking out] I think this bone is our only evidence of a crime that someone would rather have forgotten. But what killer in their right mind would sneak on military soil to bury a body?

Breda: Unless this could be the result of an incident within the military...

Roy: I'd say there's a strong chance of that. We may be looking at the bone of a slain soldier.

[Cut to a swinging pet door and Riza coming out of the shower to see no sign of Black Hayate in her bedroom, and then to Roy and his subordinates on the execution ground the next day]

Roy: Our mission is to identify who our victim was, where they came from, and if we can, how they died! Don't miss personal effects! And it may not all be buried in one spot, so spread out!

Breda, Falman and Fuery: [Digging, of course, without still-stunned Havoc] You got it!

[While they are digging, Black Hayate comes out of nowhere with a bone, walks to a hole Falman was digging, and buries bone before leaving, much to Roy's chagrin]

Roy: Well, I can't exactly say I was expecting that. [Pause. Tumbleweed blows past] WHO THE HELL IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS FIASCO?!

[Focus on Havoc, and once again, no response or reaction whatsoever from him. Cut to Central HQ. Riza walks into the office to see everyone seated at the table doing nothing]

Riza: So how was your night?

Roy, Breda, Falman and Fuery: I've had better.

[Black Hayate barks. The four aforementioned officers all give him evil eyes. Before Riza could find out what's going on, the phone rings]

Riza: [Answers phone. In the foreground is a very ticked-off Roy] Hello? [Turns to Roy] Colonel, the tiger's on the prowl.

[Cut to Fuhrer's office]

Bradley: I fully expect you to deliver us to victory. [Referring to Archer and Armstrong]

Roy: Excuse me.

Bradley: Hmm? What is it?

Roy: Fuhrer, I'm requesting permission to join this eastern campaign.

Archer: I'm afraid you've come too late, Colonel. Major Armstrong's already been assigned to help me with command.

Roy: With respect, the Major hasn't served on the front line since he was hurt in the Ishbal war. Now is hardly the time to redeploy him into combat especially in a region where he has no recent experience. I also feel partly responsible for this latest uprising, seeing how I was formerly stationed at the Eastern Headquarters. Please, let me tag along.

Bradley: Hmm...

Armstrong: I have no objections to his request.

Bradley: Very well, Colonel Mustang, you are hereby ordered to accompany the expeditionary forces to suppress the insurrection.

Roy: I accept it with honor, sir. [He and Armstrong salute before leaving. Archer watches their retreating backs]


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