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ed's numbuh ...
post Oct 29 2005, 02:07 PM
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State Alchemist (Colonel)

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i was'nt sure where this goes sorry if it's in the wrong place ><

well this topic is for FMA quote requests, i've seen a couple of members making topics asking for an episode quotes so just post your question for a quote and i'll see if i can help you smile.gif
EDIT # 685989783495789: i finally have now all the DVD's and the movie so you can ask for movie quotes too~! : D

i hope this helps some of you out there! =)


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post May 8 2007, 11:08 AM
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Hey, which episode is it where Roy puts Fuery's glasses on Riza? Just curious ^^


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Amethyst Sunset
post May 8 2007, 07:22 PM
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State Alchemist (Colonel)

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QUOTE(Kisara @ May 9 2007, 02:08 AM) [snapback]540432[/snapback]
Hey, which episode is it where Roy puts Fuery's glasses on Riza? Just curious ^^

Episode 46, Human Transmutation. happy.gif

EDIT: (And here it is - transcript of episode 37! ^^ Dubbed. This is actually fun, but it takes up a lot of time. XD Remember - since this is the entire script, spoilers abound.)

[Logo for "Flame Alchemist" appears. The scene opens to Black Hayate sniffing a bug, and then zooms into Central HQ, where a very bored Roy is looking out the window. He yawns and stretches, before the scene changes to Havoc, Falman, Breda and Fuery in what looks like a locker room]

Breda: Roy Mustang surveillance log? What's this about?

Havoc: You got me. I've been ordered by Internal Affairs to keep an eye on the Colonel. [Takes out a letter and hands it to Falman]

Falman: [Reads letter out loud] To assist with our ongoing investigation of Colonel Mustang, we order you to confidentially report back to us with surveillance of his every move.

Fuery: You mean...you've been spying on Mustang?

Havoc: [exhales a lot of smoke] Yeah, but this surveillance gig's too big for one man. So, if any of you want in on the action...

[Breda, Falman and Fuery trade looks. Scene cuts to Roy's office]

Falman: Saturday, 0946 hours. With papers waiting for his approval and due by noon, the Colonel decided to take a nap instead.

[Cut to outside HQ]

Breda: 1026 hours. The Colonel attempted to feed Lieutenant Hawkeye's dog. The dog was not biting.

[Cut back to office]

Fuery: At 1103 hours, he started obsessively cleaning the windows, still no progress on those papers, with the deadline fast approaching.

Havoc: Then at 1147 hours, the Colonel began to furiously sign the papers, all the while cursing that he didn't have time for this.

[Cut to Central's bustling streets]

Falman: In the afternoon, Mustang left to research a "hot tip". During that time, he received an envelope from the young woman at the flower shop.

[Cut back to office]

Fuery: The letter appeared to be instructions for a rendezvous, as it contained two tickets for a play (NOTE: The play is entitled, "There's Something about Yuko)

Breda: That night, Colonel Mustang claimed to be going on an overnight exploratory mission and left, but judging by the look on his face, I'd say he's got a date.

[Cut to theater. Roy and the girl are on a date]

Havoc: Wait, the girl from the flower shop? [Closer look at the girl, who is clinging to Roy's arm, and Roy, and then closer look at the girl herself] You mean Grace? Not my Grace, I thought she was just playing hard-to-get with me!

Falman: If she's seeing two guys at once, she's can't be that hard to get.

Breda: In head to head with Mustang over a girl, you're screwed.

Fuery: I'm sorry, but there's no way she'd pick you over -

Havoc: SHUT UP, YOU JERKS! [Cut back to office. Riza passes by as Havoc tearfully scribbles in his surveillance log] They don't understand my feelings, I really thought this was love...

Breda: Damn, Havoc, is that a surveillance log or a diary?

Havoc: You take that back, loser!

Breda: Look who's talking!

Havoc: What?! [He and Breda keep on fighting]

Falman: Yes, I love a good fight!

Fuery: Come on, you guys, lay down your pencils and make up.

Havoc: That's it, I'm through! [Tears up surveillance log] I can't take this stupid investigation! [Goes absolutely nuts]

(The intro, instead of Al narrating and a sequence of portraits depicting the Elric family through the years, has Riza narrating and some papers, one with a drawing of Black Hayate, and a photograph of Roy, Riza, Breda, Falman, Fuery, Havoc, Hughes, and Armstrong, and the drawing]

Riza: Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. Here at Central Headquarters, there was a band of brave soldiers all willing to make that sacrifice in the name of peace. This is a tale of love and courage, a tale of the Flame Alchemist Colonel Mustang, and his loyal team.

[Opening song]

[Cut to close-up of Havoc's cigarette, then to Havoc himself, sitting under a tree, watching Black Hayate chase a butterfly]

Havoc: [Sighs] Know what, Black Hayate? You don't know how good you've got it. No worries, no friends to betray you...[Butterfly lands on Havoc's head, Black Hayate barks, Havoc sighs again]

Riza: [Looking out the window in the office. Falman, Breda and Fuery are seated around a big table, Roy in his table reading a newspaper] Does anyone know what's eating Lieutenant Havoc?

Roy: He probably got dumped again.

Breda: [Quietly] He's psychic!

Riza: It's hard balancing this job and a relationship. You have no time, and good luck meeting someone worthwhile here.

Roy: Please. A man should be able to handle both his job and his women. I do.

Breda: Yeah, that's his problem.

Roy: Hey, wait. Grief affects his performance, which affects me. Hey, why don't you guys find a girl for Havoc?

Fuery: But I'm a highly trained officer!

Falman: I can't find a girl for me!

Breda: Just toss him one of yours, Colonel.

Roy: What's that?

Falman, Breda and Fuery: [Shake heads] Uh...nothing, nothing.

Roy: I don't guess any of you know what he's looking for in a woman, do you?

Falman: Well, when we were drinking, he mentioned wanting a cute, smart, funny girl with a good personality who wasn't likely to cheat on him.

Roy: Right. Falman, scour the city for a cute, smart, funny girl with a good personality and introduce her to Havoc.

Falman: You want me to WHAT?

Roy: You heard me, that's your new mission.

[Cut to Archer's office]

Sciezka: A mission? For me?

Archer: I need all the records pertaining to Brigadier General Grand, Dr. Marcoh and Shou Tucker, and include any documents regarding Laboratory 5 or the second execution ground.

Sciezka: Yes, sir, but...what about the ones that were destroyed in the library fire?

Archer: Of course, I want them too. That's why I've come to you, Sciezka.

Sciezka: [Thinking to herself] If I can use this assignment to gain access to the military court, maybe I can find out what Hughes was investigating when he died.

Archer: So what do you say?

Sciezka: Yes, sir, I accept the mission.

[Cut to HQ corridors]

Falman: Some mission. They didn't cover picking up women in basic training. Where am I supposed to find a girl?

[Sciezka leaves Archer's office, bumps into Falman and drops all her documents as both of them fall]

Sciezka: That hurt. I'm so sorry, are you okay?

Falman: Sciezka?

Sciezka: Oh...Falman!

Falman: Nice running into you. Have you been well? [Helps Sciezka pick up her stuff]

Sciezka: Umm...yeah, something like that.

Falman: [Stares at Sciezka before standing up] Hold on...you're a girl...I'm looking for a cute, smart, funny girl with a good personality. Know where I can find someone like that?

Sciezka: Hold on a minute - are you somehow suggesting you think I am NOT a cute, smart, funny girl with a good personality, officer?

Falman: Oh, no, I didn't mean it like that! It's all quite silly...Colonel Mustang ordered me to find a girlfriend for Lt. Havoc.

Sciezka: Oh, it's for Havoc?

Falman: Yeah, so you have any ideas?

Armstrong: [Suddenly appears behind Falman and Sciezka] Look no further! I know the perfect woman!

[Cut back to office]

Roy: Armstrong's sister? You're kidding, right?

Falman: No. He says she's single because she's shy, not because she's not good-looking.

Roy: Hmmm...

[Cut to Armstrong estate...and a very astonished, date-ready Havoc]

Havoc: It's so...big. All right, I'm going home. [Decides to go back into the car, but is pushed out by two pairs of arms]

Breda: Are you out of your freaking mind? You've hit the mother lode with this one, Havoc! You just have to convince her to marry you and you're set for life!

Fuery: You'll fly up the ranks in no time!

Havoc: Marry her? I don't even know her yet.

Falman: Well, according to Major Armstrong, she's every bit as beautiful as the Major himself.

Havoc: You mean she looks just like the Major? [Imagines Armstrong's sister to be like Armstrong with a wig and a dress and gets even more nervous, and tries to get back into the car again, only to be shoved out again] Get your damn hands off me, guys, I'm going home!

Armstrong: [Comes bursting out of his home] Ah, here at last! Welcome to our home, Lieutenant Havoc! [Grabs Havoc in a bone-crushing hug] We've been expecting you! [Laughs and stuffs a letter into Havoc's jacket]

Breda: Bye! Don't blow it! [He, Falman and Fuery drive away]

[Cut to inside the Armstrong estate]

Mr. Armstrong: For the past one hundred and eighty-some odd years, the house of Armstrong has played a vital role in the nation's financial, political and military circles. Generation after generation we've remained pillars of strength and beacons of integrity. We've supplied the country with countless generals, why, I myself was a general back in the day when that meant something...we didn't have...

Armstrong: Oh, Father's stories always touch me in a profound way. [He is standing beside Havoc, who is seated and sighs]

Mrs. Armstrong: [Enters] Oh, my, I hope he's not boring our poor guest with old war stories.

Armstrong: Oh, hello, Mother.

Havoc: [To himself] Mother? That's a relief. The mother looks pretty normal. [Mrs. Armstrong walks closer] She's a freaking GIANT! That's not normal! That's not normal at all! [Hyperventilates, thinks] Think about it rationally, Havoc. If the father is large - uh - horizontally, and the mother is large vertically, then it only makes sense, mathematically speaking, that when you combine them, the son would end up looking like this [Referring to Armstrong, of course]. Which - uh - which means the daughter must look like...uh...

[Havoc's imagination starts to run wild, filled with images of Armstrong in a wig and a dress frolicking through flowers]

Armstrong's "sister" in Havoc's head: Ohhh, won't you come frolic with me through the flowers, Lieutenant Havoc? [Giggles...maniacally, for lack of a better term]

Havoc: [Still thinking to himself...in twisted logic] No, that's not how it works. Some traits are more dominant, so there is the possibility if you cross A with B, it could resemble A more.

Armstrong: Here she comes, Lieutenant, my baby sister!

Mrs. Armstrong: Come now, Catherine, don't be bashful. You know it's not an attractive quality.

[Catherine steps into the room...rather shyly]

Havoc: [To himself again] Moment of truth - does she look like her dad, or her mom? Either way, she's a monster - but if she's gotta be a potato or a tomato, please let her be a tomato!

Catherine: Um...hi. It's nice to meet you, Lieutenant. I'm Catherine Elle Armstrong.

Havoc: JACKPOT!! [Laughs...crazily]

Armstrong: I told Falman she was beautiful, and doesn't she look like me?

Havoc: How so?

Armstrong: The Armstrong eyelashes!

Havoc: Oh...yes, of course.

Armstrong: Where are your manners, Catherine? Let's not be shy.

Catherine: Um...hi, again.

Havoc: So...uh...what do you...what do you do for fun?

Catherine: Well...um, I'm pretty good on the piano.

Havoc: [To himself] Awww...she's so cute! She can't possibly be related to the Major...

Catherine: Or, should I say, I'm pretty good...under the piano. [Lifts piano over her head, Havoc is astonished]

Armstrong: Hmm...is something wrong, Lieutenant?

Havoc: [To himself] Forget what I said! She is 100% the Major's sister! But wait...if I look past her freakish strength and focus on what matters - her looks, her sense of fashion, her estate, her lineage - it all adds up! I suppose I...[Havoc imagines himself frolicking through a garden in a tank top and shorts, tossing flowers] I really have hit the mother lode! [Back to reality] Miss Catherine?

Catherine: Yes?

Havoc: You'd make me a happy man...if you would allow me the privilege of taking you on a date.

Catherine: Huh? [Blushes, obviously flattered] Umm...Lieutenant Havoc?

Havoc: Yes?

Catherine: In my dreams, I've always imagined meeting a man just like you. Except with a more muscular physique like my brother's. [Armstrong poses, shirtless, in the background, while poor Havoc's devastation is shown through a metaphor of a sword rammed through his head] I'm sorry, it's just that I only like good-looking men. Maybe we should forget this ever happened.

Armstrong: Guess it wasn't meant to be. Hmm...should I inform the cook? [Havoc "crumbles to pieces"]

[Cut back to the rest of the military]

Breda: Ten thousand says he blows the date.

Falman: I say they don't even have one.

Fuery: My money's on him chickening out before he even sees her.

Riza: You realize you're all bidding against him.

Breda, Falman and Fuery: Safest bet!

Havoc: [Lying on the Armstrongs' floor in a metaphoric pool of blood] That's it, I'll just die alone.


I'll post the rest soon, guys. ^^ If you're nice enough. XDDDDD

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