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ed's numbuh ...
post Oct 29 2005, 02:07 PM
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State Alchemist (Colonel)

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i was'nt sure where this goes sorry if it's in the wrong place ><

well this topic is for FMA quote requests, i've seen a couple of members making topics asking for an episode quotes so just post your question for a quote and i'll see if i can help you smile.gif
EDIT # 685989783495789: i finally have now all the DVD's and the movie so you can ask for movie quotes too~! : D

i hope this helps some of you out there! =)


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Amethyst Sunset
post May 8 2007, 09:44 AM
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State Alchemist (Colonel)

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(Hey, guys! happy.gif In case anyone needs ANY quote from episode 13 [Fullmetal vs. Flame], this is the ENTIRE script - dubbed. I'll follow with episode 37 if you want.)

[Elrics are standing before Eastern HQ on a rather rainy day]

Ed: Well, we're here.

Al: Yup.

Ed: [sighs]

Al: What's the matter?

Ed: What do you think is the matter? Once again I'll have to listen to Colonel Sarcasm tell me how I screwed up. [imitating Roy] Struck out on the Philosopher's Stone again, huh? How am I supposed to keep funding this goose chase? Money doesn't grow on trees there, chief. Ed? Where'd you run off to? Oh, wait, there you are! I couldn't see you there beyond my paperwork, seeing as how you're so short and all. Ha ha ha ha ha! *sigh* I know. We're already here, so I might as well get the verbal abuse over with. Let's go, Al. Hey...Al? AL?!

Al: [coming from an alley...apparently ran off while Ed was ranting] Heh...coming, brother.

Ed: What're you up to?

Al: Eh...

*The Elrics are interrupted by a scream from East HQ*

Al: Huh?

Ed: What was that?

(Opening sequence)

[Zooming into East HQ...focusing on Breda, who is howling and cowering on top of a cabinet, before focusing on Havoc, Riza and Falman]

Havoc: What's the problem, Breda?

Breda: Havoc, be careful! It's - it's on the loose! There's - there's - there's - nothing protecting us! Over there! Over there! [Points to a puppy]

Riza: Care to explain this one, Falman?

Falman: It is a dog, Lieutenant. Carnivorous canine mammal, I believe the scientific name is -

Riza: That's not what I'm asking, Falman. You need to loosen up.

Falman: Yes, sir, Lieutenant Hawkeye, I will continue to work on that. [cut to the puppy, who is picked up by Fuery]

Fuery: Sorry, sirs, I found him this morning. He was all on his own.

Falman: MSG, Fuery.

Havoc: So, you're gonna keep him?

Fuery: I wish I could, Lieutenant Havoc, but as I'm sure you're aware, there's no pets allowed in the NCO living quarters.

Riza: Well, that certainly doesn't mean you can keep him in the office, Kain.

Fuery: I know it, I just - he was shivering out in the rain and I felt sorry for him. You're higher-ups, you could keep him.

Falman: Not me, I'm in the dorms too.

Breda: [still on top of cabinet] No way, I hate those beasts.

Havoc: Don't worry, I'll take him off your hands. I like dogs.

Fuery: Thank you, Lieutenant, he's really sweet -

Havoc: Sure, I hear they're good when stir-fried. A few spices...yessir, here in the East, they raise them as a delicacy, especially these plump ones.

Riza: [snatches puppy and gives him back to Fuery] Let's try to find him a better owner, okay?

Fuery: Good plan.

Havoc: Please, it was a joke!

[But apparently Falman, Riza and Fuery aren't buying it. Puppy barks, door opens and Elric brothers enter. Fuery hides puppy]

Ed: So...uh, should I come back later?

Riza: Hey, Edward, Alphonse, I guess this means you're back. [Before either brother could answer, there is a loud meow from inside Al's armor] Strange.

Ed: Excuse me, Al and I need to talk! [Pulls Al and runs out]

Riza: Edward, I believe you have a report to make.

Ed: [Sticks head in momentarily] Thanks for the reminder, sir, I'll speak to the Colonel now.

[Cut to corridor and Elrics]

Ed: Al, be rational. We don't have the means to care for it. [Pets kitten in Al's armor] You can't just go picking up any stray you see.

Al: It's not any stray, he called to me. He's wet and hungry. Can't we keep him?

Ed: No, Al! Now go put it back where you found it!

[Al starts to break down and cry, and hits Ed, who goes flying, before running away still clutching his chest plate]

Al: I hate you, brother, you're not even human!

Ed: C'mon, Al, don't run! Think of the kitten [who is bouncing about in Al's armor]!

Al: I know! I am! I'm the only one who is!

[Scene changes into a flashback. Little Al is eavesdropping on an also-younger Ed, who just came from the rain clutching a kitten. Trisha shakes her head, but Ed pleads with her]

[Scene returns to Ed, deep in thought, until he is interrupted by Roy]

Roy: Wow, Ed, you really have made some bang for our buck.

Ed: Don't start with me, okay? You're the one who told me to go to Lior, for a stone that turned out to be a fake.

Roy: That's true, but I didn't ask you to unseat their favored prophet.

[Flashback to scene from episode 1, where Cornello is nearly impaled by the huge stone fist of the statue of Leto]

Ed: Yeah, and a town ripe for uprising is under the rule of the military again. Wait a minute, is that what you were planning all along?

Roy: You know, I've heard an odd rumor about Xenotime and its land baron, Mugear. Apparently, he's missing and his mansion collapsed.

Ed: [Pretends to be deep in thought] Yeah, Xenotime, now where is that again? That's a city, right?

Roy: Maybe I should have you file a report on the red water, too.

Ed: [Stops pretending and makes a grunt of annoyance]

[Flashback to scene from episode 12, where Mugear tries to protect the spring of red water and is crushed by a rock in the process]

Roy: I almost forgot. We had a little inquiry from a detective in Aquroya.

[Flashback to scenes from episode 10 - one of Psiren uncovering the transmutation circle on her chest, and another of her being captured]

Roy: So tell me, is it true Psiren's a real ten under the mask?

[Ed stares at him and blushes]

Ed: [Sarcastic] So you know everything I do, is that what you're trying to tell me? Great, I'm glad we had this talk.

[Roy stands up from his table]

Roy: Settle down, Edward. [Walks over to window] You could at least look like you're following orders.

Ed: Why, so I can turn into another one of your toadies? We've got other objectives, you know.

Roy: [Staring out through window] Like the Philosopher's Stone. It's been three years and you haven't gotten any closer.

Ed: [Stands up] I'm going to find it, no matter what. [Stands up, bows to the Colonel, and prepares to walk out, but pauses] Colonel, tell me if the name Marcoh rings any bells for you. He's a doctor and alchemist who showed up in Xenotime with no background five years ago. [Flashback to scene from episode 12, where a man who is most probably Dr. Marcoh uses two stones to cure little Alisa] Apparently he cured the poisoning caused by the red water which no one else could do using some kind of alchemy. [Cuts back to Ed and Roy] You always seem to know a little about everything, and the military's bound to have a file on someone that skilled.

Roy: The name isn't familiar, no, but I'll check on it.

[They are interrupted by Riza, who enters the office]

Riza: Company, sir.

[A brigade of soldiers enter, accompanying Brigadier General Grand, including Hughes and Armstrong, much to Roy's annoyance]

Roy: [Salutes] What brings me this pleasant surprise, Brigadier General?

Grand: As of today, we'll be taking over this East HQ as our temporary Central command.

Roy: May I ask what's wrong with the one in Central, sir?

[Someone laughs. The men part to make way for Fuhrer Bradley and secretary Juliet Douglas]

Bradley: I know, Mustang, I asked the same thing. Sorry for the hassle, everybody at ease now.

Roy: Fuhrer Bradley, welcome, sir.

[Ed is more focused on Juliet Douglas, who doesn't say anything]

Grand: Your job is not to ask questions, Colonel. The Fuhrer and his staff will run this place both to operate as Central command and to observe the region. I trust you'll make us comfortable.

[Cut to another scene. A whole lot of military personnel are gathered in what's probably the mess hall, and Havoc and Breda are taking a peek]

Havoc: Look at all those chains.

Breda: Those are for the silver pocket watches they only give out to State Alchemists, aren't they?

Havoc: Yeah. Means every one of these guys is a full-fledged alchemist.

[Scene changes to a...photo of Elysia, then to Hughes showing the picture to Ed]

Hughes: Look, can you believe how big Elysia's gotten? She can even ride a tricycle now! She follows me everywhere on that thing like my own escort of cuteness! [Kisses photo]

Ed: Yup, you're the same as ever, Major. Nice and insane.

Hughes: I've got more pictures, wanna see?

Ed: Maybe later, okay? Anyway, if you knew this transfer was gonna happen, you could've warned Mustang.

Hughes: Not a chance! I had to see the look on Roy's face! Oh, by the way, I'm a lieutenant colonel now! Got me in charge of court martial investigations!

Ed: Sounds fun-filled beyond belief. Shouldn't you be in Central then?

Hughes: Why? So I can work in a bunch of empty offices? All the major bigwigs are fleeing Central as fast as they -

Ed: Huh?

Hughes: Never mind, uh, how's the search going for the, umm...[whispers in Ed's ear]...the you-know-what stone?

Ed: Well...we're closer, or I'd like to think we are. Right now I'm looking for a guy named Marcoh who might have answers for me, but I can't get Mustang to tell me what he's got on him.

Hughes: Well, have you considered that he might not have anything?

Ed: No, Roy Mustang's hiding stuff from me, I can definitely tell.

[A shadow is cast over the two. Grand is standing over them]

Grand: Did I hear you say the name Marcoh, Fullmetal?

Hughes: Brigadier General Grand.

Ed: The Iron Blood Alchemist. What do you want?

Grand: What do you want with Marcoh? He's a filthy deserter. [Everyone in the hall has his attention] Six years ago, a brigade of State Alchemists were called on to neutralize the Eastern rebellion and Marcoh was in their ranks. [Cut to brief flashback of injured soldiers] But he went AWOL before the battle was done. The coward's been missing ever since.

[Cut to scene with Roy's subordinates, and Roy himself]

Roy: A deserter. Don't know him, sorry.

[Cut to library, where Ed is poring over a lot of books]

Ed: Dr. Marcoh, no...Dr. Marcoh, not here...damn it! Wouldn't you know it, he's been erased from all the record books! Clearly Mustang knows, but he's not talking! [Hughes enters] I'll have to beat it out of him!

Al: A fight? You can't get away with that! [Kitten inside his armor meows] Ehehe...

Ed: Stomach purring?

Al: Yes - I mean no - I mean, you know it's still raining outside!

Hughes: Ed, I forgot to mention something earlier, what with the pictures -

Ed: [Rather tetchy as he turns to Hughes] Get to the point!

Hughes: [Shrinks back] Fine, I will. [Clears throat] As I was saying, due to conditions, your assessments will be held here, Ed.

Ed: Assessments?

Al: You mean to renew his state alchemy certification?

Ed: Hmm...

Hughes: I'll tell you later about all your options -

Ed: [Stands up] I've got it, Major!

Hughes: [Corrects Ed] Lieutenant Colonel!

Ed: Seriously, I know the perfect way to show off my skills! [Turns to Al] Right?

Al: Oh no...

[Ed has his signature smirk]

[Scene changes, zooms in through window of Eastern HQ. Still raining]

Fuery: Battle assessment? Sounds weird. [Takes care of the dog as he speaks, cuts to table where everyone else is seated]

Breda: Does the army really do that?

Havoc: Yeah, sometimes the alchemists go up against each other in a mock battle and they're graded on how they use their skills. I just think it's weird Ed actually requested it.

Breda: Yeah, and picking the Colonel. That's a heck of an opponent to take by choice. [Cuts to scene in Ed and Al's quarters, where Al is tending to his kitten and Ed is tending to his automail] Seriously though, who do you think would win, if they were both really given their own?

Falman: Are you kidding? It's gotta be the Flame!

Havoc: I don't know, you can't count out Fullmetal either. The kid's a hero in this region. Then again, when you think of the stories about Mustang during the rebellion...

Fuery: But why would Ed propose this to begin with? It's so risky.

Riza: I heard it was for a cat. The conditions are, that if Ed wins, Mustang has to take care of it.

Fuery: A cat? I guess that's bad news for this guy. I was hoping the Colonel would take him.

[As if on cue, Roy enters the office, but Fuery has no time to hide the puppy, which Roy instantly sees. He walks up to Fuery and takes the puppy, raising him into the air]

Roy: Dog, huh? [Brief pause] I LOVE dogs!

Fuery: Really? You mean it?

Roy: Of course! Dogs embody loyalty! They follow their masters' commands above all else! Be a jerk to them and they don't complain and never once beg for a paycheck! Trust me, Fuery, they're the great servants of man! Loyal canine, how we salute thee! [Laughs]

Havoc: Well, you're awfully manic today, sir. I figured that challenge would worry you so.

Roy: Come on, the Fuhrer knows it wouldn't be fair with me against the kid. I'd love to show off my valor, but there's no way he's gonna allow it.

[Cut to next scene, focusing on Bradley]

Bradley: That sounds like a very interesting fight. I'm going to allow the battle assessment.

Roy: Uh, but Fuhrer...!

Hughes: Fuhrer's spoken, Colonel. You can use the parade grounds! That way, you wouldn't have to worry about the collateral damage!

Grand: What's wrong, Mustang? You're sure of your own skills, aren't you?

Bradley: [Sips from a cup] Go on. Fight Fullmetal. I think it's going to be a lot of fun.

[Cut to corridors of HQ. Roy, Riza and Havoc are passing through]

Roy: You can't say I didn't try to protect the kid, but I'll dutifully obey my orders, at least until I become Fuhrer and every one of them is obeying me.

Riza: Be more discreet about those declarations, sir. Some would call them treason.

Havoc: She's right, chief. It's a presumptuous thing to say. You got a death wish or something?

[Roy stops walking, Riza and Havoc stop behind him]

Roy: That's a stupid question, Havoc. I say it because it's true. And when I'm Fuhrer, there will be changes. [Cue dramatic music and gestures] That day...all female officers will be required to wear...TINY MINISKIRTS!

[Riza stares and sighs, while Havoc gets a nosebleed and hugs Roy's leg while he is posing]

Havoc: You're a miracle, Mustang! I'll follow you for the rest of my life!

Roy: Yes!

[Havoc continues clinging to Roy's leg as Riza walks past as though she were alone. The sound of microphone feedback precedes the change in scenery - a boot splashing through a puddle, and then Hughes and his microphone in front of a covered billboard]

Hughes: Ladies and gentlemen! [Cut to a view from the top, all the soldiers gathered at the parade grounds, Bradley, Grand and Douglas, before going back to Hughes] Welcome to the Eastern Command Center Festival, a guaranteed break from that sultry grind! Incidentally, take a look! [Hughes unveils billboard of Elysia, much to the astonishment of the military] My daughter, who just turned three this year! Isn't she adorable? [Crowd starts chucking all sorts of things at Hughes. The billboard starts to fall] No, no, don't fall on Daddy! Elysia!

[Impact. Hughes recovers though]

Hughes: And now, without further distraction, we move directly to the day's main event! In the red corner, the Flame Alchemist and hero of the Eastern rebellion, Colonel Roy Mustang! Give it up!

[Cut to Roy, who is looking a little ticked, standing with Riza and Falman]

Audience: [Boos Roy] You just want a promotion! Give me back my girlfriend!

Hughes: In the blue corner, the Fullmetal Alchemist and living legend of the people...let's hear it for Edward Elric!

[Cut to Ed, standing beside Al and his kitty]

Audience: What? Where? I can't see him! Working grade schooler is more like it! Good luck, bean sprout!

Ed: [Gets REALLY pissed at all the people implying that he's short and is restrained by Al] Don't call me small! I'm gonna break down your feet and stick 'em on your head!

Al: Calm down.

Ed: Okay, Al, you're right. Today's a great day. The day I beat Mustang's pompous mug in front of the whole army and get some damn respect.

Al: But we're indebted to him, brother.

Ed: He's asked for it, saying he knows all we do, acting like he'd let our secret out, then not telling me what I need to know!

Al: So what's your strategy?

Ed: I told you, a fist in his face!

[Cut to Ed and Roy facing each other on the grounds, along with Hughes. A bit of wind blows past.]

Ed: This assessment means nothing to me. If I win, you tell me all you know about Marcoh, and let's not forget you'll have a new cat.

Hughes: Alchemists get set...[Clears throat and runs] READY AND FIGHT!

Ed: [Looks back at Hughes] What?

Roy: [Gloved right hand is already extended] Too slow. [Snaps, creating an explosion that wows the crowd and knocks Ed off his feet]

Ed: Damn it, that was a cheap shot! [Runs off as Roy sets off another bomb]

Roy: A soldier favors haste over cleverness. Means there are no cheap shots, Edward. Strike quickly and you'll end it quickly too.

[More explosions can be heard. Focus on the audience]

Fuery: Those flames are coming out of nowhere; how does he do that?

Havoc: Oh, this is the first time you've seen the Colonel fight? [As Havoc narrates, Roy shows off] His right glove is made out of special material called ignition cloth. When he snaps, it makes a spark. Then he uses alchemy to change the oxygen density in the air, and boom, bombs on command.

[Cut back to Ed running as things get more than just a little hot]

Ed: [Screams and dodges Roy's explosions] When I stop running...! [Ducks into crowd] Sorry!

Roy: [Looks out at the audience] Well, I guess I can't torch you all...hmm...

[Cut to Ed running through the audience]

Roy: [Loudly] This is hard, he's such a small target!

[Ed freezes and gives away his location]

Ed: Who are you calling small?!

Roy: [Takes aim, much to the fright of Ed and the audience] If your opponent is of choleric temper, seek to irritate and never fall for an enemy's taunts. [Snaps, people and debris go flying]

Ed: You gotta be kidding!

Roy: Okay, maybe I overdid it. [Spies silhouette of Ed through smoke] Need more? [Upon closer look, it is actually an Ed doll wearing his cloak, and the real Ed rushes towards Roy from behind with his automail blade, cutting through Roy's glove]

Ed: Cheap shot!

Roy: Damn!

Ed: Without that glove, you can't make flames anymore, can you? [Claps, creates a huge cannon from the parade grounds] That's advantage: Elric! Hah! [The audience is astounded at the size of the cannon, which is pointing straight at Roy, who smirks as he draws his also-gloved left hand from his pocket, which takes Ed by surprise] Aaaaahhhh!

[With a matching smug look, Roy snaps, sets the cannon on fire and makes it explode, sending Ed flying through the air screaming, till he lands in a pile of debris]

Roy: All war is deception. Think your enemy has a weakness and it becomes his strength. Remember that.

Ed: Just end it.

Roy: You don't have to ask. [Gets ready to snap, but has sudden flashback of a fatality in the Ishbal massacre. When it clears, Ed is pointing automail blade at Roy's throat, and Bradley, Douglas and Grand approach the two]

Bradley: All right, that's far enough. An excellent battle by two skilled alchemists.

Roy: [Salutes] We are honored by your compliment, Fuhrer!

Ed: Don't stop us now, we're not done yet!

Bradley: Hmm, that may be true, but if I let you go on, it would be much harder for just the two of you to clean up.

[Scene changes. It is late in the afternoon. Al is holding Ed's cloak, while Riza is holding Roy's]

Riza: They don't have a choice but to spend time together now. The Fuhrer ordered them both to fix the mess.

[The sound of Ed's clapping and alchemy can be heard. Meanwhile, someone's shovel digs through the debris]

Roy: [Yawns and leans on the shovel as he sits down] This is the reason I tried to avoid the fight, Ed.

Ed: What happened? Why did you hesitate at the end?

Roy: Eh?

Ed: I don't need anyone to cover for me. If you had time to beat me, you should have done it.


Roy: This goes back more years than I care to admit, but there was something called the Ishbal rebellion.

Ed: Part of the Eastern rebellion, right? When the people of Ishbal clashed with the military.

Roy: I saw my share...of really terrible things.

[Flashback of the same person Roy had killed in the rebellion. It seems that he was holding a gun with trembling hands, while Roy's hand, ready to snap, is also quivering. The man screams, flames erupt, and everything returns to reality]

Roy: Dr. Marcoh, the deserter, he was the smartest one among us. I still think so even now.

Ed: Is that why you kept quiet about him? Out of respect?

Roy: But maybe I was wrong not to tell you. You should pay him a visit, so you'll know for yourself.

Ed: You mean he's alive? [Roy replies with a curt nod. Ed smiles] Colonel, you still haven't told me yet. Why you hesitated, and didn't finish me when you could. Never mind, you don't have to say.

[Cut back to HQ, where Roy's subordinates, except Riza, are recovering from injuries sustained during the assessment, and the puppy]

Riza: Well, if you've got no other candidates...I guess I can handle him, Kain.

Fuery: Really? That's awesome! [Puppy jumps out of his arms, runs towards the wall, and...does his business] Sorry, guess he's just relieved to have an owner.

[The click of a gun can be heard. Riza fires six shots around the puppy, not meaning to shoot him. GOOF: Six shots, but seven holes in the wall. The puppy stands on its hind legs, forelegs up]

Riza: Now you won't be doing that again, will you, huh? See, you've got a strict mommy now. The bathroom's out here, got it, Black Hayate?

Fuery: What's wrong with all you people?!

[Cut to Hughes and Roy having some drinks]

Hughes: About Lior, that desert town in Ed's report, are you aware that General Hakuro's detachment has been dispatched over there? [Cut to scene in Lior with lots of soldiers and lots of carnage, and then to "Cornello", who is being flanked by Lust and Gluttony in the background] I hear it's turning into a pretty ugly civil war. Ed said their prophet Cornello had been removed as a sham, and the people would open their eyes. But a priest is still there and going strong, and now he's calling his followers to this uprising. I can't say for sure if it's the same guy that Ed fought though. You think you should send Ed in to investigate?

Roy: Ed believes he saved that town. It's one of the first successes he's had. I'll let him keep thinking that for a while. He'll learn the truth soon enough. We always do.

[Cut to a night sky over Central, and the Elrics before a house]

Ed: After all the info the Colonel gave us on Marcoh, we can't ask him to keep this little guy too. Equivalent exchange, we'd end up owing too much.

Al: Yeah, I know.

[Kitten is in a box by the door, looks up at the brothers and meows. Ed transmutes the box into something better]

Ed: I'm sorry, Al, it's just the best we can do.

[The Elrics leave the kitten beside its potential new home and walk away]

Roy: So, isn't it about time you told me? I know you didn't all come here to observe us.

Hughes: The bigwigs. They kept wearing the Fuhrer down, till he agreed to move us. It's the alchemist killer, Roy. There have been five officers slain since Central. [Roy's eyes widen]

[Cut to Central]

Soldier: You won't win! They'll find you! You're a barbarian, nothing more! Y - [Soldier's brains turn into hamburger meat, and he is dropped onto the ground]

Scar: [Takes off glasses] Time to head East.


(Phew. This took a while.)

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- - the hawkeyed alchemist   what was the quote that mustang said i dont rememb...   Oct 17 2006, 09:09 PM
- - ed's numbuh 1 fan   QUOTE(xavlet @ Oct 13 2006, 02:40 PM) 459...   Oct 18 2006, 03:06 PM
- - the hawkeyed alchemist   i wished i knew what episode it is i saw it on a ...   Oct 19 2006, 12:55 PM
- - ed's numbuh 1 fan   QUOTE(the hawkeyed alchemist @ Oct 19 2006, 0...   Oct 19 2006, 03:53 PM
- - Kryssie   What does Ed say in episode 29 when he's in fr...   Oct 21 2006, 12:47 AM
- - Mudkipblader   Hey I have a huge request. In ep 28 (All is one an...   Nov 26 2006, 09:30 AM
- - sweety_pie   @Kryssie - I think he said,"Show it to me one...   Nov 26 2006, 10:04 AM
- - GREEDisGOOD   I have a question: In episode 34, just before Gree...   Jan 13 2007, 08:22 PM
- - Lysander   QUOTEi wished i knew what episode it is i saw it o...   Jan 13 2007, 08:35 PM
- - Kisara   QUOTE(Mudkipblader @ Nov 26 2006, 06:30 P...   Feb 19 2007, 10:35 AM
- - Mudkipblader   Yep, that's what I sought. Thanks.   Feb 19 2007, 01:35 PM
- - Kisara   Hey, does anyone know what's said in episode 5...   Feb 26 2007, 08:50 AM
- - Super Casual   What was that quote from Reunion of the Fallen whe...   Mar 29 2007, 09:21 AM
- - ed's numbuh 1 fan   Ah here is it. Took me awhile but I got it. here ...   Apr 4 2007, 07:45 PM
- - Tombow   @ed's numbuh 1 fan - Wow, that must have been ...   Apr 5 2007, 02:48 AM
- - Astria   I'm looking for which episode a particular sce...   May 5 2007, 04:43 AM
- - Hakaro   konnichi wa, I'm new here, I'm *kinda* los...   May 5 2007, 01:34 PM
|- - Tombow   @Amethyst Sunset - Thank you!!! That...   May 9 2007, 03:17 PM
- - Reta McClain   QUOTE(Astria @ May 5 2007, 12:43 PM) 5393...   May 8 2007, 02:36 AM
- - Astria   QUOTE(Reta McClain @ May 8 2007, 10:36 AM...   May 8 2007, 11:03 AM
- - Kisara   Hey, which episode is it where Roy puts Fuery...   May 8 2007, 11:08 AM
|- - Amethyst Sunset   QUOTE(Kisara @ May 9 2007, 02:08 AM) 5404...   May 8 2007, 07:22 PM
- - Amethyst Sunset   You're welcome, Tombow. And without further a...   May 10 2007, 04:56 AM
- - Tombow   @Amethyst Sunset - You rockz!! ^^ Thank y...   May 10 2007, 05:10 AM
- - Plasmajosh   Ed: You morally bankrupt colonel with a god comple...   Aug 1 2007, 12:56 AM
|- - Amethyst Sunset   QUOTE(Plasmajosh @ Aug 1 2007, 03:56 PM) ...   Aug 1 2007, 01:13 AM
- - Plasmajosh   QUOTE(Amethyst Sunset @ Aug 1 2007, 08:13...   Aug 1 2007, 01:56 AM
- - megmaid   This isn't so much of a quote request.. but ju...   Aug 10 2007, 11:28 PM
- - mooglemog4   SOM1 PLZ HELP ME! ok so you know how to make s...   Dec 17 2007, 08:43 PM
|- - coyote_sprit   QUOTE(mooglemog4 @ Dec 17 2007, 09:43 PM)...   Dec 17 2007, 08:49 PM
- - Tombow   @mooglemog4 - Welcome to the board! I'm no...   Dec 18 2007, 01:38 PM
- - Jay   So I'm RP'ing Ed on one of my RP forums.. ...   Dec 27 2007, 01:16 PM
- - Little Washu   Are either of these what you're looking for? ...   Feb 3 2008, 11:17 PM
- - jey413   Request No.1-In anime episode 3. After operation a...   Feb 15 2008, 09:57 PM
- - Tombow   Can I assume this question was answered? Anyway,...   Mar 5 2008, 10:17 AM
- - matthewthetheif   Hey guys, new here... I was just wondering if any...   Jun 22 2008, 09:12 PM
- - centifolia   Yes, it's in the first episode. "water 3...   Oct 17 2008, 03:40 AM
- - flameshaft   sorry, there has been a quote or so i have been wa...   Nov 11 2008, 01:01 PM
- - Avalinara   If it's possible, could someone please tell me...   Apr 26 2009, 02:46 PM
- - Hiivan   Hi everyone. Im new here and i hope im not late f...   Jul 9 2010, 02:31 PM

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