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Progressiveness In Amestrian Society, Social discussion. Yay! ^_^
post Oct 19 2005, 07:39 PM
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As a connoiseur of fanfiction, there have been some questions that have arisen (Mostly dealing with yaoi and yuri), and fan views that have made me scratch my head, on the subject of acceptance/tolerance. This of course, leads to further in depth thinking, and the questioning about how a society such as Amestris' deals with *Airquotes* "Alternative Lifestyles", aka, homosexuality, and moreover, gay marriage and gays in the military.

All things considered, minus technology, Amestris' society appears to be roughly on par with that of today's America. Looking back at our own standards in the early nineteen hundreds, they're nothing short of revolutionary; Women are in the military, fighting on the front lines, just about equal in rights and jobs to males, and get away with wearing masculine/revealing clothing without being charged with public indecency. Ishbal's war notwithstanding, they seem to be comfortable with race issues as a whole within their country (Ed and Al's neighbors; the Central State librarian, etc.)

Which makes me wonder; if they already have comfortably equal rights among the sexes and the races, would you suppose homosexuality is an issue in their general society that they've come to confront next?

Instinct would say; 'no; it's still the early 20th century, and things haven't gotten that far yet,'

One issue that seems to be factoral in this case, though, would be religion. While surrounding countries seem devout to their various practices, and it appears that Amestris had christianity at one point in it's history (that still exists in a few places), their culture seems to be far more enthusiastic about honoring science over faith, and thus, the topic of sexual orientation would be handled in a less morally judgemental way.

As far as gays in the military go: our own reasoning for the rule, is that homosexuality is classified as a mental illness, and thus, those suffering should not be allowed to serve. How do you think they, with their advanced sciences would approach the concept differently, if at all?

</way too much thinking>

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