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Question About Roy: About His Military Rank, And Related His Frame Of Mind, Etc. In The Movie, (Spoiler alert! ^)
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post Oct 11 2005, 07:28 PM
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Please pardon me if the answer was blatant in some episode, but I truly have trouble figuring this out.

Wasn't Roy promoted to Brigadier General at some point near the end of the series? Why then, after the mess with the King Bradley Homunculus did he end up being a lowly corporal in the beginning of the movie?

Was he demoted? Why? Because he killed the homunculus? Because he didn't start a war or something?

Or was it self-imposed? Truly, I can see why he would want isolation from the warfare and murder and psychological guilt, therefore, retreating up there in the artics, but to give up his position and all or his subordinates? especially since rank and moving up were so important to him throughout the series!

And when his former subordinates went up to go visit him, were they trying to get him to go back to Central and lead them again? therefore suggesting that he voluntarily became a lowly outpost guard?

Any information/thoughts/insight?
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post Oct 23 2005, 03:17 AM
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I agree in everything with Ladymercury, it's what I was trying to say, more or less.

After the incident, he was still referred to as Brigader General Mustang. There was no mentioning of him being demoted for the incidents that happened, so the fact that he took the fall for everyone makes no sense. I mean, they reported the Fuhrer as 'missing'.... They never said he was 'murdered' since there was no body left to claim that Mustang did murder the Fuhrer.

You don't need to look for what happened with his demotion in the series or movie, there was an article where BONES stated that Roy himself demoted himself. That means that no higher ups told him to be a corporal.

Havoc: Plus, I feel as if the person Colonel is waiting for isn't the Lieutenant...

Were they saying that Roy was waiting for Ed? That he was depressed over Ed's departure from their world? Why? Wasn't this issue put to rest in ep 49? Didn't they accept that fact that they might not see each other again? Why would Roy brood over Ed and not Hughes then?

This is something that I, sincerelly, refuse to believe. I thought and i hoped that the reason he was like that was Hughes (which wouldn't make much sense either to fall depressed after that much time), but not because the film leaves this clear, but because he suddenly appears out of the front lines, in front of hughes tomb, and then he makes his reapearition out of nowhere. Which made me think that his depression could have been because of Ed too, because he appears just when some strange things appear and who knows, maybe there were rumors about Ed being in Amestris again. Oh God, I hope it wasn't because of that... It wouldn't make much sense, would he be more depressed about Ed being gone than Hughes' dead??? If his reappearance it's not because of Ed's arrive to the world... why is he at that precise moment in Amestris? Why did he recover from his huge depression of two years long that didn't even let him use alchemy right now?

there's some things i don't you guys are all considering...
roy is supposed to be a human being. he is not a moral compass or an instrument that automatically does the thing where he would be most useful. his stated goal is to help (actually, i don't even believe he ever says that. he says "to change the way this country works") but he there's more going on here than just his duty to accomplishing his goals.

True, but does this mean that everyone should act the same way?

Not everypeople react the same way to the same facts, that's why everyone is unique and have their own personalities. The personality I noticed from Roy through all the series doesn't match with the way he reacts in the movie, besides the fact that it is too sudden for me. It goes from a "I won't give up" to a "I'm giving up on all" (that much as to make Hawkeye say "I don't want to see you in that state").

You can compare it with when Ed gave up on the PS because it used human lives, he did it because it was inside of him to do it, because he didn't want to kill anyone for his goals, but just because his personality and what's inside of him too is to not give up, which is one of the strongest points of his personality that comes out through all the series, he reacts once again like himself and once again takes the path of trying to recover their bodies back to normal, which is his goal, as Roy is to help change the country to the better and keep it good as best as it's possible. That's what makes them special. Another fact is that I think that by doing what he did... was like leaving Hughes die for nothing, and I don't think Roy would let that happen.

Of course he is a human being and because of that he can get all that depressed, but Roy has proved us that he has a very strong will and personallity that won't let him fall down so easily. And when I mean easily, I mean as easily as to give up on everything after he killed the "bad guy" (to put it in short) and was near the higher ups. And even if he would have such a "I give up" attitude, don't you think that Hawkeye and the rest wouldn't let him fall down? They've been there for him all those years, helping him, and supporting him, he's not alone, but still he went to such point that even Hawkeye left him alone (that, or Hawkeye is OOC (which I think she is too, not only because of this)).

Breda: Its just like you, Colonel, to choose such a rual area....
Mustang: I am doing what I can to serve my country...
Havoc: Colonel.

note the "I am doing what I can to serve my country"... Wouldn't he be more usefull in the higher ups? as Brigadier General or even Colonel? Being a corporal without alchemy just makes him a little pawn to kill people and kill himself when he's not of use or can't deffend himself.

To keep a character on character is to keep him reacting by some coherent personality standards that go through an equeally coherent reaction and attitude line (they balance each other and balance the character). Some could say that because he acted some "surprising" way in the movie or that he acted that way through some isolated point of the series etc that went ouf of that "line" he would act that way, but we could say that he was "out of line" too, or "out of character"(no matter how human it was that attitude), because it went out of the coherence the character showed through the series that kept the character balanced and developing in a coherent way. The result of this isolated reactions and attitudes is the unbalanced feeling it gaves us and the kind of questions of: "why is he that way? what happened? wouldn't he act this other way? Why did he say and do that? What's wrong with him? Don't you have a feeling that something's wrong with him?" Which is what many of us are wondering.

That's how I see it and that's why I say that Roy was OOC in the movie.

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