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Fma-1 Conqueror Of Shamballa Movie Summary, FMA-1 and FMA CoS SPOILERS inside!!
post Jun 3 2007, 06:03 AM
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QUOTE(Chiyo @ May 5 2007, 07:41 AM) [snapback]539352[/snapback]
She was drunk on Sake, on alcohol, like most people get drunk on alcohol rather than milk.

...if by "most", you mean "all". >_>
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post Jan 1 2009, 02:09 PM
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ok, i am way too lazy to read the entire topic with all the replies, so forgive me if anyone already made these corrections.

Liol is suddenly invaded and attacked by the armored warriors. Most civilians are helpless but along comes Al, who transfers a part of his soul into the armors and makes them fight for him. He then alchemizes a tornado to sweep up the remaining armors.

Back in the Thule Society's lair, the armors return due to the 'magic circle' being incomplete. They're all dead, and Ed turns up to interrupt the party. He's shot at, so dives into the heap o armors, suddenly hearing one of them speak in Al's voice. It is an armor that is the exact model he forced his brother's spirit into years go, speaking to him. They fight their way out and talk by a river. Because Al has transferred part of his spirit into the armors, he can communicate with Ed now, but eventually he fades away, leaving Ed alone.

al doesn't alchemize the tornado, if i remember right, but it just happens, and he tries to follow by hanging on to an armor's leg. winry (i think) doesn't let him go, however.

ed doesn't interrupt the party. he sneaks in and finds the 'magic circle' incomplete, and can't help himself, finishes it. he realizes that it is a transmutation circle (says something like: "wait a second, this is not some stupid magic circle, it is alchemy!"), and he wipes his face, unconsciously taking blood from his cut, and presses his hands on the circle. that is what activates the circle and brings back the armors.

Our world. Ed is back at the Thule Society's lair. He inspects the 'magic circle' and dismisses it as child's play at first until realizing it's an alchemy one. Being the alchemist he is, he completes it. Then wondering what he's doing, touches it with his hands & gloves stained with his blood (he cut himself on some glass while creeping into the place), and the whole thing lights up. He stops in horror, then the Thule Society people come out and persuade him to carry on. He looks up at one point at Envy, and sees Hohenheim in the serpent's jaws, STILL alive. Apparently that was the only way the Thule could get the serpent to calm down. Hohenheim wants his son to return to his world, and closes the serpents jaws upon himself, going in a huge fountain of blood (I never knew a human had that much in him) with Ed screaming. The Thule are happy they're getting what they want. Noah is there to do their bidding; she remembers Alchemy circles from Ed's memory and is helping them because she wants to go to Ed's world (what they all call 'Shambala') because she faces so much persecution in this one. Having no more use for Ed, Dietlinde shoots him (THE b*tch!)(*&$()!^). Fortunately she only hit his mechanical arm and he only passed out to be strapped into the seat of an aircraft Alphonse has made while working for the Thule. Alphonse wants Ed to be happy, to go back to where he came from, so in the midst of the Thule sending off crafts and crafts of their armored warriors into the opened portal leading to 'Shamabala', he sends Ed (who's not all that willing to leave Alphonse behind) on his way. Sadly after Ed leaves, a Thule member who witnessed the deed, shoots Alphonse (sleep.gifwink.gif. Noah is going, "TAKE ME WITH YOU!" as she sees Ed head into the portal, but he leaves without her.

the first part of this paragraph is corrected in the correction of the one above. the scene opens with noah next to eckhart, and they are talking about what noah found out about alchemy from ed's memory, and we see people painting a transmutation circle (looks the same as the ones used in the anime, i think for human transmutation). noah talks of something about running the energy or something, and she holds out her hands. suddenly the circle lights up, and eckhart says someone is trying to open it from the other side (al) ed jumps in from the window, and i think eckhart says something about they can't seem to do anything without ed jumping in. he tries to stop noah and eckhart, but eckhart shoots him, hitting his mechanical arm, etc. i think the part with hohenheim killing himself is around this part of the movie, but i am not sure. i only watched the movie once, so my memory might not be that good.

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post Feb 7 2010, 11:28 AM
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