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Fanart Forum Rules And Guidelines, PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE POSTING
post Jun 5 2005, 02:42 PM
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For the Members of the FM-A.com Public Discussion Boards:

The Fanworks Section has long been in need of some rules set in stone, so the moderators have assembled some general rules that all posters and viewers in the Fanart section must adhere to:

- Please post all of your own fanart in ONE thread. Your drawing of Ed and your Homonculus fanart do not merit two separate topics; please create one general fanart topic for yourself and post all your pictures in there. General rule in this forum is, "one artist, one thread." However, there are some exceptions to this rule, though; A few are listed below.

..........What's Okay:
  • If you currently have a fanart thread and want to have a separate thread for an ongoing comic strip or doujinshi you want to draw and post.
  • If you want to open up a new thread for something that other members can post and contribute their own artwork to.
..........What's Not:
  • A thread for every new picture you draw.
  • A new thread for, say, a few of your pictures of the FMA cast in modern-day outfits or something. Please post those in your general fanart thread.
  • Separate threads for pictures drawn in different media.
  • A new thread dedicated to fanart for an episode, fanfic, or song.
  • Separate threads for your FMA fanart and fanart for other series.
  • A new fanart thread because you or somehow feel the need to start a new one and are sick of your old one.
  • A new fanart thread because you can't find your old one. If you go to your profile, there's a link that should take you to a page with all the topics you've ever created listed there.

- Do not make a thread solely to advertise your DeviantART/other personal gallery page. Instead, please post your such links on this thread: Post the links to your Deviantart and Other Online Galleries here!

- Please do not double/triple/multiple-post when updating your thread with new fanart. Please just edit your previous post. Understandably, no one wants to update their thread with new art if it's buried on page 5 and leave it buried, but currently we only allow double-posting for authors with new chapters in the Fanfiction section. A way to avoid breaking this rule and bump up your thread is to comment on someone else's fanart, and then ask in your post if they'd like to check out your own thread and comment. It's a little tedious, but we've had problems in the past with people trying to keep their thread bumped up and having multiple updates a day, one after another, of just a single picture each time. There are also people out there overly concerned with raising their post count and doing the same. So, until we come up with something more efficient, this rule is in effect.

* NOTE: However... if you are updating or adding some new fanart to your Album Collection thread after a long period, you may be allowed (with the understanding as stated below) to post that as a new post, and hence making a double post, with the understanding that in a few days, after people had a chance to view your new fanart and chance to respond, the content of your new post would be merged to the preceding post.

- Do not deliberately try to bump up your thread with posts of just "bump," "up up up!!!," and etc. The same goes for posts of just "haha," "yay!" or other content-lacking posts. They're annoying and being spam. There's also no real need to post a two-word post of "thank you!" every single time someone comments on your thread. It's nice to be thankful towards those who take the time to comment, but please attempt to give your posts some actual content worth reading.

- Do not post any artwork depicting graphic scenes or nudity, or suggesting sexual activities. Of course, that also means nothing hentai. We have kids as young as 8 years old surfing our site and forums, and that kind of stuff can be rated R or NC-17. Most of the posters here aren't even 17. Our forums are also bound by PhoenixNetwork's policies, which we cannot violate, or we risk losing our forums and possibly undergoing legal action. So if you have any problems with this rule, too bad.

- Do not post someone else's artwork. It doesn't matter whether or not you claim ownership of it. If you do claim it to be your own work and we discover otherwise, we will try to find and notify the original artist and then ban you from the site. Art thievery is not tolerated.

- Do not flame/bash another artist's work. If the artist specifically states that he/she would like to receive critical reviews, you can POLITELY offer your critical opinion that might be beneficial to the further development of the artist's skills, but something like "your art sux!! is unacceptable. (On the other hand, if the artist specifically requests no posting of critical reviews of his/her artworks, then you shouldn't, PERIOD.) Further, even when you are politely offering your critical review, please remember that this is NOT a professional art forum. This forum is for the CELEBRATION of the JOY of making fanarts and JOY of sharing them among our members, by members with ALL LEVELS of artistic skills. If you are (what you consider to be) an accomplished artist, and you're a kind of person who turns into a brutal critic when you see some art that you consider "inferior", and/or you have a personality trait that whenever you see some artworks you must automatically turn into a set of critical eyes and must find some fault to make you feel "superior" etc., please STAY AWAY from this forum and go elsewhere to feed your ego.

- Try your best to state/credit your references, when you use such. This especially goes for those who directly copy (as in re-draw) official art or someone else's fanart. It's almost like false advertising if you copy a picture but don't state that anywhere in your post, as it's a re-drawing of someone else's work and not your own completely original piece. It's not a rule that will be adamantly enforced; but it'd just be nice if people properly credited references.

- You are allowed to have non-FMA fanart in your fanart thread. Try to have at least a few FMA pictures in there, though, as this is a forum for FMA.

- Try to include your username in your general fanart thread name. It makes it easier for people browsing to find your topic, rather than having to wade through and pick out one of 20 "My Fanart"-titled threads.

- The fanart section is for fanart only. Wallpapers, sigs, photomanipulations, and AMV, etc. belong in the more general Fanworks section. If you make a wallpaper or sig out of your own fanart, though, feel free to also post it in your general fanart thread.

So that's what we've come up with at the moment. These rules are subject to change, and we also welcome suggestions for rule modifications or new rules. Similarly, if you have any discrepancies with the rules or want to double-check if a topic you want to create is okay, feel free to contact a moderator about it or post it here. And of course, the general forum rules still apply to this section of the forum. Thanks for taking the time to read this. smile.gif

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