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Ep. 51: Was Ed Selfish?
post Mar 28 2005, 11:37 PM
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Hope it's ok for a newbie to start a new topic; I've looked through the forums and this issue doesn't seem to have been addressed.

I devoured the entire series last week and I think it's some of the best writing/character development I've ever seen in an anime, but the more I think about the ending, the more I believe that Ed betrayed all of the growing up and learning that he did throughout the series when he made his final transmutation. Let me explain...

In episode 48 Ed tells Izumi that he plans on destroying the philosopher's stone. This action would be the culmination of Ed's learning to be an adult and clean up his own mistakes (in the same vein as destroying the homunculus). It can be argued that one of these mistakes was binding Al's soul to the armor in the first place, the selfish act of a child too afraid to face life alone. Al pretty much comes to the conclusion that he should have died as he makes the choice to resurrect his brother. Al's sacrifice was beautiful, but more importantly, it put Ed in the position to be a true hero, to act with maturity and responsibility, making sure that no one ever searched for the philosopher's stone again. We're even led to believe this is what Ed will do when he tells Rose he plans on destroying the underground city. However, instead of facing the lonliness of surviving, ensuring the downfall of research on the philosopher's stone, and gracefully releasing his brother's spirit, Ed takes what I consider to be the selfish act of using alchemy again, leaving Al to take the hard and lonely road of survival without his brother. Worse, Al is perfectly positioned to continue the search for the stone, the very quest Ed wisely realized was nothing but trouble!

So, sorry for the long post, but I'm dying for someone to discuss this with. Any thoughts are much appreciated!

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post Apr 1 2005, 08:46 PM
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I must say- very interesting...

--- I was sort of annoyed, but using alchemy (in FM) uses human lives too (just ones on the other side of the gate). The fact that Ed. continued to use alchemy even though he knew this, showed that he could use the philosopher's stone too. When his brother gives himself for ed., ed realizes that his brother never grew up, or have the experiences he (ed) did. That is why he sacrifices himself for his brother's benifit.

--- & one thing that really annoyed me (being in AP Physics) was that there was NO equivilent exchange in the movie. You need energy to create a reaction where you go from a state of high energy to low energy. (Ex. is it easier to break glass, or fuse it back to the state it was before it was broken.) At the end, or near end, we find out there is a price for everything, but it is never what one assumes. Ed however, does not learn this lesson. He THINKS he will sacrifice himself, but only sends himself to the other side of the gate, and does not think he paid a price until his father told him he lost the years he (ed) and his brother (al) spent togeather. I believe this means Ed is still a child, and this continues on all ideas left off after ep. 51

ed & al grow up, fight baddies, nothing is as they assume, ed->al, al wants ed, etc.

... &
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