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D.N.Angel (D N Angel; DĚNĚANGEL; D.N. Angel; D.N. Angel)
post Feb 16 2005, 10:12 PM
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Who here likes DNAngel..or even heard of it??
I think it's a really good manga.. (and my sister told me that it's an anime too...that true?)
Oh, and my favorite characters are Daisuke Niwa and Satoshi Hiwatari. happy.gif

(Source: wiki D.N.Angel)
Daisuke Niwa, apparently an average teenager until his fourteenth birthday, tries to declare his love to the girl of his dreams, but fails. Suddenly, whenever he thinks about this girl he turns into the legendary phantom thief known as "Kaitou Dark". Daisuke's mother, very much aware of this, makes him turn into Dark and steal valuable works of art for a purpose unknown to Daisuke. As the story unfolds, he learns why, and about his classmate who seems to have the same ability.

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Slice Of Life, Supernatural
Written & Art by: Yukiru Sugisaki
Published by: Japan Kadokawa Shoten
English publisher: Canada, United Kingdom, United States: Tokyopop
Demographic Shōjo
Magazine Monthly Asuka, Malaysia Arena Komik
Original run November 1997 ľ ongoing
Volumes 13 so far

Summary (Sourece: MangaFox)
Daisuke Niwa is an ordinary, if slightly unlucky, middle school student. On his fourteenth birthday, he comes down with a 'condition' that has plagued the men in his family for three hundred years. When he sees his crush, Risa, he transforms into his alter ego, the phantom thief Dark Mousy. Unfortunately, when Dark Mousy sees his crush, Risa's twin Riku, he transforms back into Daisuke. The only cure for this craziness is if Daisuke can get Risa to fall in love with him ...

Reason for edit: Description and info added by Mod

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post Feb 18 2005, 11:18 AM
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The manga is pretty entertaining, cute and funny. The plot has had me keen right from the start.
Fave character's: Krad, Dark, Hiwatari, Saehara biggrin.gif

I've just read up to vol 7 and am still waiting to find vol 8... *growls*
It's true that Sugisaki seems to really be taking her time with that.. I'm eager for her to finish it.. but I guess she's been drawing quite a lot of manga at the same time..
Apparently there's going to be 13 volumes.. an yeah, 10 are out in about 7 years tongue.gif

the plot
A 14-year-old boy, Daisuke Niwa is turned down by his crush on his birthday and due to his romantic genes transforms into a master thief Dark, who steals artwork (certain artwork actually). It's something that has been in his family for ages and his mother and grandfather seem to be pretty well informed wink.gif They also "help" him in various ways like sending warning notes to the police before hand.
Um... apparently Daisuke is supposed to "get rid of the changing" by getting the girl.. but I guess that won't be as easy as that. Naturally since there's a thief there's the plice, although the most skillful thief catcher would be Daisuke's class mate Satoshi Hiwatari... And of course Dark's awesome nemesis will make his appearance too ..smile.gif

OT: I didn't fancy the anime version that much, because of the pointless eps, but the art is really good. In my opinion even better than in the manga.. just the colour of the hair.. tongue.gif Um.. the music, especially the opening theme is great! And there are actually some interesting episodes... many eps in the anime aren't in the manga... If I had to pick one to recommend it would be the manga.

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