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FMA Shambara movie Absolute Ciname Guide
post May 10 2012, 10:05 AM
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A sentient plant of some kind
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tansyuduri and Kiniro usagi, if you can, please kindly use this thread to post scans and translations for this guidebook, and mods can organize them in order as the work progresses. biggrin.gif

NOTE: There is a limit on how many images members can include on each post, so if one post hits the image posting limit, or a post gets tons of translation contents, please feel free to open more posts as needed. smile.gif
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post Jun 9 2012, 10:16 AM
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someone I know is translating too...

so her are the first two pages

Edward Elric
“Every place is the same. People live, they cry, they laugh... and they die.”
Real World: Edward Elric

“TV Playback”
Edward Elric, who, at 12 years old, became the youngest state alchemist in history, gets the nickname “Fullmetal Alchemist” from his mechanical right arm and left leg. Traveling with his younger brother Al, who has been transformed into a giant suit of armor, his goal is to recover everything he lost when performing a forbidden human transmutation by finding the Philosopher's Stone. The search for the stone leads Ed to become enveloped in a nationwide conspiracy and end up losing his brother. To bring him back, Ed uses all of his power to perform one last act of human transmutation. He is successful, but the price he must pay is to be sent through the Gate of Truth into the real world, to Munich, Germany, 1921.

Three Years of Homesickness, and the Despair That Followed

“He either doesn't care about other people... Or just hasn't let go of someone yet,” Alphonse said to Noah about Ed. Ed, who came from another world, has a hard time believing the things in the “real” world are actually real. He even wonders if he could simply be dreaming. Even so, Ed wished to find out as much as he could from other people and gain knowledge about this world, with the hope that he may find a way back to his own. He became especially fascinated with research about rockets, but when that turned out to be a dead end, he became resigned, and lived without purpose. His only choice was to turn his thoughts to how he could live in a world like this.

Meeting Noah becomes an opportunity for Ed to be motivated. Could it be that Ed, who has been cold to other people, decides to protect Noah because he sees much of his own circumstances in those of Noah, the Roma who finds herself without a home? Either way, from this meeting, Ed seems to recover some of his former self.


(Above) Ed meets again with Al, who has attached his soul to a Toule soldier's armor. The reunion, unfortunately, lasts no longer than a few seconds. (Below) Even after deciding the real world was his home, Ed decides that, even if he is separated from Al, he must save his former world.

Returning to His Home World and Reuniting with Al

Even after giving up, Ed still wishes to return to his home world and meet Al again. Since he could never make sure if his attempt to bring back Al succeeded, he just wanted to know if he was dead or alive. Perhaps this wish was spurred on by the fact that, even though Ed could have chosen to live alone, he decided to room with Alphonse, who looks a lot like Al, make him his partner, and tell him old stories about Al.

“Because I must be a part of this world, I must save it”

Eckhart's invasion of Amestris was something neither Al nor Ed wanted. However, after Ed realizes that he and Al's actions both helped cause it, he understands that his fate is not separate from that of the Real World. While Eckhart dismisses the people of Amestris as monsters, Ed disagrees, discovering that, in either world, people are people. Ed decides to fight for the good of both worlds, considering them both “his.”


“Alchemy, which has been sealed off from the real world”

The alchemy in Ed's world gets its energy to transform matter from the deaths that occur in the Real World. Because this energy only travels one way, alchemy cannot be used in the Real World. However, when Ed completes the unfinished transmutation circle in Haushofer's cottage, he ends up activating it. It is supposed that this was because the combined conditions of the presence of Envy to summon the gate, the transmutation circle Ed drew, and Ed's own blood that allowed for the energy of the gate to be used even in the world where it shouldn't have worked.

When Ed pulls the lever on his right forearm, the gears in his shoulder roar to life and the crushing power hidden under his sleeve is activated. Since the heat of the engine causes the metal in the arm to expand, it appears as if Ed's right arm has “pumped up.”

Artificial Arms and Legs

When Ed sleeps, he removes his artificial arms and legs. Hohenheim, knowing the short lifespan of the prostheses, had quite a few spares made, perhaps because he was expecting something happen to his own body.

New Artificial Limbs, Using Machine Armor Technology

When Ed appears in the Real World, like before, he is missing his right arm and left leg. However, since there are no engineers who can fix machine armor in the Real World, he wears makeshift artifical limbs that Hohenheim constructed for him. Using electricity from his nerve impulses, Ed, can move the joints at will, something 1920's science has not yet accomplished. He also has the ability to temporarily increase the power in his arm by pulling a wire in his hand. However, the lower quality of the building materials and limited battery life means the prostheses don't last long and innumerable spares must be on hand. Usually, Ed covers the artificial arm in artificial skin to pass as normal.



1) At 18 years old, he has a youthful face, but you can tell how much the last three years have worn on him.
2) He has grown a little taller, but gives off a more adult impression due to always wearing a coat or a suit.
3) A faint reminder of the innocence of his youth remains in his face, however his eyes show his strong determination.
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