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The Invisible Hand
The Mad Bomber
post Sep 12 2011, 11:47 AM
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Another one of my creations, hopefully this one won`t end up as a bad. It`s steampunk with airships and what not, the world is a fictional one with one huge land mass flanked by two other continents. You can make up places yourselves, if you want your characters to come from a certain type of places. Magic can also exist, if you want it to, it really makes no huge impact on the overall setting. I will be using some names etc influenced by european history, culture in describing the Imperium. Your characters can come from all walks of life as long as they have talents making them useful to the efforts of the group, they are apart of. The empire is inspired by the German/Russian empires.


On the continent of Eurepa, the main continent, The Rechsal Empire is the most dominant nation to have emerged after almost a hundred years of bloodshed. It`s armies, technology far superior to those of it`s enemies and the empire holds the rest of the remaining nations in a noose on the continent. Most notable of these Venek, Frank and Polsik Kingdoms, who share a third of the continent amongst themselves. Yet even now the empire is engaged in a bloody war with the Franks, which has ground to a halt with no clear winner. Political tensions are rising as The Prime Chancellor of the empire calls for a truce, but the emperor refuses these suggestions. Foreign nations look on worried at the situation yet also find it an opportunity because of the sudden falt of the imperial advance, even the nations on the other continents, Aesika, Kolombia and even the relatively small island nation of Britannica have theirs set on the events at the main continent. With the war going poorly the executive commanders of the armed forces have opted to engage their enemies in a different kind of war, one of agents and assasinations.

By secret imperial degree Colonel Anton Scheller was appointed in charge of these operations, forming the imperium`s first assasination squad known as `Invisible Hand`. Scheller scoured across the imperium to assemble the most talented agents available, tough some are considered utterly ruthless, of questionable loyalties and beyond redemption by the courts. Scheller, taking command of the Regina Caelorum(Queen Of Heaven) a warship disguised as a large merchant vessel gather his band of miscreants to engage the enemies of the empire in what would be an underhanded war.


1. NO ONE-LINERS (no one liners!!! NEVER!!!)
2. Blood, death, violence and swearing allowed, but let`s keep it within reasonable limits as always.
3. Romance is fine, just nothing too sexual.
4. Be serious, people; tough a comedic relief once in a while is appriciated...
5. No god-moding.
6. No controlling other RPers characters.
7. No killing another character without permission from that character's respectful RPer.
8. To improve the depth of the characters, make sure to think of a backstory that fits the setting, how the chaos and death has shook your characters life etc. Would be great if someone even made suggestions to me about my character having met your character in the past or somehow having been involved in their life.
9. Have fun!

Regina Caelorum


1. The main idea is that our characters are a part of the Invisible Hand, a team of gifted people (a very relative term) fighting an underhanded war, but if you want to have a character outside the team etc then contact me and we`ll discuss it.
2. Your character can be anything well within the realm of steampunk... Or well... as long as they prove useful to the team in some manner, they don`t even have to be a combat expert nor have any knowledge in that area.
3. Everyone has a past, you can either reveal some of it straight off the bat or bring it along as the rp progresses, but some basic facts are always nice.


Name: Abel Cromwell
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Former Profession: Smuggler

Abilities/Powers:Moderately skilled swordsman, extensive knowledge of the criminal underworld and contacts scattered across the land.
Weapons: Pistol sword(flintlock) as his primary armament, a stiletto as his sidearm and a small collection of smoke bombs and other tools, that help him in distracting or slowing his opponents.

Personality: Blunt, selfish, exploitative and dishonest to boot.
Strengths: Is able to take on problems on as they come(tough he tends to get frustrated or even scared), logical-thinker and suprisingly care-free.
Weaknesses: Cowardly, impatient, untrustworthy.


Abel Cromwell surfaced to the awareness of the imperial authorities, in the northern city of Holm, for having commited a theft and was eventually sentenced for a few months as there was very little proof to support, that he had actually stolen anything. Having served his months Cromwell disappeared from Holm only to appear three monts later aboard a merchant vessel at the other corner of the empire, serving as a crewmember of The Daring, whose reputation was stained as Cromwell`s. From that day forth Cromwell sat under the learning tree of his fellow smugglers aboard The Daring as they made runs all over the empire, even few across the ocean to the other continents. Managing to avoid imperial authorities for a number of years, The Daring was finally caught up by the imperial navy whilst carrying contraband from across the sea.

The smugglers made a run for it, but were mercilessly pounded by the imperial navy and sent crashing into the countryside. The survivors were rounded up and sent to be executed at the nearest town, Cromwell however was separated from the others just before the appointed hour and brought before Anton Scheller. It appeared, that Cromwell`s luck had not run out after all as Scheller was in fact looking someone with knowledge of covertly making runs in unfriendly territory without being targeted. Cromwell was immidiately puzzled by the fact as to why he was chosen, but chose to accept the deal without another word, choosing not to end up at the end of a noose.


I am love, I am hate, I'm an atheist with faith, Vent my anger with a smile
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The Mad Bomber
post Sep 23 2011, 11:44 PM
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"Well getting a sense of humour would be first on your priority lists."

Abel unhelpfully input a snarky comment, which he felt wasn`t really needed to calm their unease. Abel sighed heavily, as neither of them seemed to have a clue how Scheller operated, before slowly consuming more of his coffee. From what Abel could tell, the man had made a habit of letting people wait and letting doubts soak in before his own arrival. Like a master manipulator, Scheller would need only show one of his hands to achieve his goals, while staying the other behind his back. Truth be told Abel was not a very patient man lest he found something to toy around with, which was the trigger for initiating their conversation.

"Didn`t the colo... Scheller say anything to you about this? We are to stay put until further instructions, but IŽll agree, that waiting around for something to happen is somewhat of an annoyance."

Not a moment too soon, the door to the hall swung open and lo behold, Anton Scheller strolls in as tough he had just arrived. Irritable snob had been lying in wait as soon as he had heard the voices from the hall and probably even enjoyed the whole facade. Abel`s hostile thoughts vanished as soon as he turned to Scheller and inclined his head in order to greet the man, thankfully the good colonel was not in the habbit of asking them to salute him every time he stepped on deck, something that some of the crew members failed to comply to. They couldn`t have their crew members snapping their heels together and making the imperial salute every time the colonel passed by, in enemy territory someone was bound to notice those kinds of things. At least Scheller was no longer wearing a military uniform, which would have been a dead sure giveaway. The colonel had donned a typical suit, fitting a merchant, which he was supposedly masqurading as.

Scheller did not seem at all distracted by the three pair of eyes boring into him as he entered the room, after all this was a man, who had been stared at by the emperor himself, now there was a stare. The colonel placed a bundle of files, which he had been carrying around in his armpit, on the table before taking a seat at the end of it. He glanced at the two others, who remained apart from the table, but did not command them to come closer. Scheller made no indication of an apology for making them wait.

"I see your getting finally acquainted, tough I must apologize for Abel`s crass comments, having spent all that time running mind-numbing errands, I think his comedic talents have degraded drastically, if they existed at all. Yet all kidding aside, since you seem so eager I am here to provide you an opportunity to vent, that enthusiasm so I`ll get straight to the point."

Abel remained unphased by the colonel`s comments as his fingers began to drum the table in a slow rhythm. Scheller obliged and flung out a photo across the table, which ended under Abel`s palm. Abel glanced at the photo depicting three men, who seemed awfully good friends by the looks of it and obscenely rich for that matter. Judging by the fashion of their clothes they were franks, which came as little surprise, they seemed to be from 30 to 40 years of age.

"Frankish noblemen, so what or who are we looking for here?" Abel inquired raised an eyebrow whilst passing around the photo of what appeared to be their target to be.

"The linchpin." Scheller said with a steady voice, his eyes filled with an obsessive glare.

"Excuse me?" Abel inquired in return as he failed to follow Scheller`s point.

"Duke Giraud, the man with the mustache in the picture." Scheller aided and drew a piece of paper cut from a newspaper. The piece covered possible peace negotiations to the current war and those in charge of the possible peace talks. It featured a picture of the same man, Duke Giraud. Giraud was a tall, well-built man with short cut, dark hair and a thin mustache. Apparently he was an experienced commander forced to retire due to an injury, respected by enemy and friend alike for his fair judgment. Giraud had found a new calling as a diplomat and was currently involved in some work regarding peasants, who were on the verge of revolting due to heavy war taxes and levies. It didn`t take a genius to connect the dots, Giraud wanted peace and the emperor did not, wasn`t too hard to figure where they were heading next. It wasn`t just, that this particular region in question was an abundant supplier of supplies to the frankish war effort, making the negotiations currently under way important to the war effort, hindering them would work in the empire`s favor.

"So a man of honor is looking to spoil the emperor`s fun, well we wouldn`t want that now would we?" Abel expressed his opinion sarcasticly, in truth he didn`t like this one bit. Not the setting, not what they were assigned to do nor the familiarity of it all. Too many common factors, too many bad memories, just bad overall. Worst of all Scheller probably knew, the damned hyena knew, that why he disliked this affair from the get go. Nothing of the joviality remained on Abel`s face as he read through the newspaper article with a frown on his face.

"I want him removed, use whatever methods you see fit, but under no circumstances must you implicate imperial or any outside involvement in this matter. We do not want anyone to have any reason to suspect a third party may have had a hand in this. You must infiltrate either side and make them seem as the aggressor, otherwise you have free reign as a collective and as long as the end game remains the same. We are travelling to the Monet region of the Frankish Kingdom, where Duke Giraud is negotiating with a rebel faction to achieve internal peace in the kingdom, sabotaging those negotiations is also your objective. Remove Giraud and escalate the inner conflict in the region. The rest of the team is already aboard getting situated, you might meet them soon enough, depending on the circumstances."

"Any thoughts?" Abel asked generally as he leaned back in his chair and glanced at the others for their input as he was reluctant to give his.


I am love, I am hate, I'm an atheist with faith, Vent my anger with a smile
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