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Anime Comparison Thread, Be as vague with your connections as you like
post Aug 15 2011, 07:57 PM
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This thread is designed to broaden the anime-horizons of the forum goers and to draw strange, valid or silly connections between various anime one has seen. Hopefully, the way the anime are described will prompt some curiosity in someone who hasn't seen the anime before. Feel free to ask how others might see connections or provide feedback on the anime you present.

To start us off:

Full Metal Alchemist vs Death Note

Both of these anime are pleasing, intellectually in their own respects and have a plot complex enough to sustain curiosity from their viewers.

I have a few questions in consideration to both of them and how they compare to your minds, however:

1. How would you rate the characters depicted in each of these Anime intelligences (ingelligences for the variations each of the characters possess)?

2. Which Anime has characters that you would consider more 'realistic' in terms of personality? There's no right or wrong answer, here, it merely reflects your potential experiences in your own personal life.

3. Which Anime did you prefer and why?

My own answers to these questions are as follows:

a. Light Yagami: Calculated and cold, highly rational with repressed emotions. He's demonstrated the ability to juggle multiple schemes at once to remain at least one step ahead of his opponents and his reasoning ability seems to be that of deduction when it comes to these plans or schemes. I can most relate him with Mustang, I think, in that they're both reserved and calculated. Mustang is more in tune with his emotions, of course, however.

b. L: Intense and focused, he demonstrates profound reactive and logical prowess in keeping Light on his feet. It's an intellectual game to him, it seems, and I believe his own emotions or sense of morality comes second to his obsession in solving his riddles. I'm not sure I can relate him with any of the cast from FMA.

c. Edward Elirc: The real 'lead through action' deal. Logical and more reserved with softer emotions, he has pretty tough standards that he applies to himself and his acquaintances, enemies or friends. If anything at all, he best demonstrates his affections through physical force in fighting for an ideal or those he loves. Highly adept in improvisation and having the ability to follow Mustang's games and understand the schemes of the Homunculi, I think he would have the *ability* to be highly calculative in that same way should he choose to. It seems to be his preference to reject this path in favor of true independence of action, however.

2. In my experience, the characters from Death Note seem a bit more realistic than those of Full Metal Alchemist. The high rationality with repressed emotional or moral elements are something I find to be a common trade off or vice versa. If this trade off does not occur, another variation of human seems to be the impulsive, emotional sort seen in Misa. That being said, I have discovered there are many other people similar to Alphonse - the sage-like pacifists and Mustang - healthy emotional, social and logical balance (at least, in comparison to L or Light).

3. I like the focus of Death Note and the in depth portrayals of their schemes, demonstrating just how complex mind games could be but I loved the variation to the schemes and the actions the characters took.

I think I enjoyed watching FMA Brotherhood more than watching Death Note, but Death Note has a different sort of special place in my heart.

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