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Fides Fragilis, The stuff of dreams...
post Aug 7 2011, 09:13 PM
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...and nightmares.
((If any of you are offended by Paganism or an idea similar to the Spice and Wolf series, turn away now.))

In the country of Fides, Paganism, once the ruling belief system, has now become nothing more than a mockery, with Christianity on the rise, gaining more and more followers while crushing Pagan deities and materials. While there are few who still hold true to the old ways, they hold their tongues and bow their heads to remain undercover, away from the many eyes of the Church. Christians believe they possess the power of exorcism to remove demonic spirits from humans; Pagans disagree, knowing humans possess no such ability, regardless.
"That's blasphemy. Only the Dream-Eaters can do such a thing. And if they don't cease, we may very well be abandoned by them." ...So it's said by the remaining Pagans, anyway.
In this world, Dream-Eaters, Dream-Walkers...'Baku' (they have many names) are the 'exorcists' that dismiss evil from humans by consuming it within your subconscious. Demons can only attack humans through their dreams, and that is where the Baku come in, to weaken the demon, then to eat it, along with the poisoned dream, before the evil spirit can overpower and possess the human it came to ruin. Once a human is possessed, all that can be done is to wait for the body to die, and for the demon to leave it and jump to another dream, another body, for a Baku to do battle once again. At one time, humans did not require such assistance and were fully capable of taking on such monsters on their own, in their dreams. Lucid dreaming, it was called. However, over the years, the human soul has weakened, and their faith in the Gods and Goddesses of old has waned, along with their trust in the Baku who guard them. It has gone so far, that the Church has started burning Baku at the stake for all to see, claiming that 'they' are the 'true agents of the Devil!'. Despite all this, the Baku continue to do their work and watch over the human subconscious. After all, they existed for humans, right?

Now, the plot!
It would seem that, due to the weakening of human hearts and souls, demons are gaining the upper hand. One demon in particular, possessing eyes and skin as white as newly fallen snow, has made his rounds, possessing humans, causing them to kill each other, then leaving the body just before it dies, to jump to another, causing more mayhem. And, it would seem, this demon is strong enough to kill Baku, having slaughtered five of them within days of each other. The God of Dreams, a fairly weak deity who created and also controls the Baku, has gone into hiding due to this demon, and has assigned a few Baku to take care of it. They've been hesitant, however, considering five of their siblings lost their lives while pursuing such a beast. But orders are orders, right? Even if your life is on the line?

Pardon my French, but I'm very strict with these. If you wish to participate, OBEY THEM or you will be ignored, no matter what you post. You will not be acknowledged, you will just. Be. Ignored. Understood? Good.

1. No god-moding or rule bending. If you're playing a Baku, they are NOT immortal; they just have long lifespans. They CAN die. A demon can only die if it is still inside the dream when it is eaten by the Baku. Do not bend these rules, this is just how it works.

2. Nothing over PG-13, and I really do mean that. Profanity is fine, violence is fine...that's it.

3. Romance is alright, but nothing offensive or, as stated, above the PG-13 mark.

4. PUT SOME THOUGHT INTO YOUR POSTS. I can't stress this enough... I hate one-liners, I hate super-short posts that are only two-three sentences long, and I like knowing what your characters are thinking! Don't just describe your characters' gestures and expressions, actually write what they're thinking, give others something to work with when they reply back! I like to post in paragraphs, sometimes two or three, maybe more, so I'm super strict with this rule. If you disobey this one, I will probably skip ignoring you and just ask you to leave the role-play.

5. Proper grammar. I can understand some mistakes, and I make them all the time. But, please...don't make your reply a pain to read.

6. Don't kill off other users' characters without their permission.

7. Be nice to everyone.

8. Have fun! Mind you, this is a role-play meant to take place mostly within the realm of the subconscious, or in dreams, so it can get pretty crazy/totally insane. Remember, anything can happen in a dream!


Name: Yukito Saitou
Alias: Yukito, but allows only those closest to him to use 'Yuki'.
Meaning: Depending on the characters used, 'Yukito' could mean 'traveler' or 'snow rabbit'; 'Saitou' is a Japanese term for purification, and it could also mean 'alike wisteria'.
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown, appears to be somewhere in his late twenties.
Birth: December 21st

Personality: Rude, brazen, caring, hot-headed.
Strong points: Honest, emotional, strong, protective, determined.
Weak points: Cruel, emotional, combative, aggressive.
Class: Chaotic Neutral
Interests: Nightmare warping and consuming, swordsmanship, reading fantasy novels.
Weapons: Sleek chokutou.

Build: Thin, well-muscled.
Marks: Black, tiger stripes around limbs.
Type: Humanoid Baku
Origin: Japanese
Height: 6'0''
Skin: Lightly tanned.
Hair: White and thick, falls to waist, pulled back into ponytail.
Eyes: Completely black, red irises.
Outfit: Usually a black work shirt with a dark-grey vest and striped slacks of the same colors, along with a black-lined-maroon trench coat, black boots and fingerless black gloves.

Accent: Irritated, mellow, masculine.
Home: Fides
Family: Tuoni (creator), Archie Schatten (blood-brother through Tuoni)
Love: None
Theme song: Something - Escape the Fate
-In comparison to the other Baku, like his brother, he is described by Tuoni as being the most 'human', despite Yukito's dislike for the race.
-Although created to eliminate demons and protect mankind, he, for the most part, twists their nightmares until they go mad while also doing his job.
-He has no memory of his life before Tuoni created him. While he suspects that he was created from 'something', like his brother, he has yet to learn what, though this could be an act of denial.
-He and Archie are usually sent together when investigating a demon attack, as both work well together, Archie possessing the 'brains' while Yukito carries the 'brawn'.
-When battling demons, he uses a physical weapon, a sword, while other Baku use either the dream the demon is already residing in or their own weapons (ex. Archie uses a series of rifles and pistols that use dream energy as bullets).


Name: Archibald Schatten
Alias: Archie
Meaning: Variation of 'Archibald', which comes from Old French and Old German, meaning 'bold' or 'genuine'; 'Schatten' is the German word for 'shadow', which refers to dopplegangers and, well, shadows.
Gender: Male
Age: 250 yrs old or so, appears 25.
Birth: October 31st

Personality: Childish, somber, apathetic, quiet.
Strong points: Warm, intelligent, curious, observant.
Weak points: Shrewd, distant, devious.
Class: Chaotic Neutral
Interests: Reading, nightmare consuming, sleeping, collecting random items from dreams, clock making.
Weapons: An assortment of pistols and rifles.

Build: Slim and compactly muscled.
Type: Humanoid Baku/Artifact Spirit
Origin: English/European?
Height: 5'9''
Skin: Pale, near white.
Hair: Mixture of charcoal and steel-blue; thick and spiky; cut just below the ears with bangs.
Eyes: Completely black, red irises.
Outfit: Tattered, dark-teal overcoat lined black; patched black trousers; thin dark-gray shirt; fingerless gloves; crescent moon glasses perched on nose.

Accent: Coarse and monotone; deep.
Home: Fides
Family: Tuoni (creator), Yukito (blood-brother through Tuoni)
Love: None
Theme song: Secrets - OneRepublic
-He is really a Tsukumogami (artifact spirit), an ancient object that has gained a consciousness as well as a human form. Technically, his current, human form isn't his 'true body'; he was originally a pocketwatch, which he carries on his person at all times.

Alright, I'll start when someone/others join! smile.gif


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The Mad Bomber
post Aug 9 2011, 11:39 PM
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Tyge was slightly taken back by the sudden aggression by the white haired one, who, as he had suspected, was the more brutish of the two. Tyge looked at the baku with disquiet, truth be told he was not certain how many Baku`s there were or how they were created. What had been true for him, might not be even close to what applied to his `bretheren` regarding their origin. On that very same note tough, the blue haired one seemed more akin to a human sized marionette, his face did not even twitch as he spoke. Tyge had to admit he was a bit envious at that moment, to be able to face everything with such calm and without so much as blinking an eye. Yet then again, that would not work too well in his favor as he attempted to upkeep his facade amongst human beings, would it? The irate reply from the white haired baku came as little surprise, at least that one was a bit more observant than he appeared. The strange dialect with, which he was unfamiliar with, did not go unnoticed and a frown formed on his face as he assumed bozu was not a compliment. It was quickly becoming clear to Tyge how this tandem functioned in battle as well as in the world of humans, no wonder they were rather suspicious. One didn`t even bat an eyelash as where the other had some anger management issues, Tyge had not missed the moment when the blue haired man had placed his hand on the white hair`s shoulder.

The sudden appearance of the new duo from the alleyway startled Tyge, he had not thought it possible that he would bump into this many Baku`s in one evening and in such a short span of time. He muttered something incoherent under his breath before chucking another sweet into his mouth, this evening was turning out to be quite the troublesome affair already. Trouble was actually what this meeting on the street dictated, if they chose to stand out in the open, chatting so casually. Tyge had not spent all this time alone without learning the knacks of surviving and avoiding unwarranted attention out on the streets. His face turned into a slight grimace as he realized this, thus prompting him to turn to the blue haired man. "You can call me Tycho" He offered with an urgent undertone in his voice as he glanced around. "We shouldn`t linger out in the open like this even if it is nighttime. It`s starting to look a bit too suspicious to anyone still moving around the streets, I have a place where we can go continue the introductions."

He spared an evaluating look at the new duo, who had come out of the alleyway. He could not make much out of them on the mere basis of their greeting, by physical appearances they were older than him and they had a certain ease about them, which meant they were confident in some regard. Must have been nice having a partner like the nitwit whitey, but he guessed Tuoni had that much more confidence in him for his abilities than the rest of them. The blonde girl appeared far more innocent than she should have been for a Baku, she wore a mild smile on her face as tough she was some kind of happy-go-lucky type, that life had not smacked over the head yet. Her partner tough seemed far more real in that regard, a bit snobbish regarding his greeting, but again if Tyge knew anything about not judging a book by it`s cover then no one did.

A new presence approached them, it slowly crept towards them and Tyge could have sworn he was going insane. He turned to stare at yet another Baku, who was carefully asserting himself towards them, not too keen on making his presence known. Tyge sighed heavily, hoping for the blue haired one to accept his offer so that they wouldn`t garner any more unwanted attention to themselves. This scene hardly reminded of a family reunion, everyone was keeping their distance and speaking with well selected words, not something any friends would do. So how do a bunch of strangers suddenly start chatting in the middle of the street for no apparent reason? That`s not a tough nut to crack, if your some kind of fanatical priest strolling the streets at this hour.


I am love, I am hate, I'm an atheist with faith, Vent my anger with a smile
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