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City Of Devils, Where no good deed goes unpunished...
post Aug 1 2011, 05:33 PM
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In an alternative universe, on what would be considered England, the Victorian/steampunk age has thrived for at least a century. Everything is in order, there's lots of rules and lots of rather cruel punishments for breaking these rules. And everybody's happy about it and it's all flowers and sunshine. Not really. Most people are happy with the rules and obey them like zombies, granted it's unwilling but their too caught up in the social order in the world to see the truth, but there are a select few who rebel. Those people, would be us. We are the 'freaks' and the 'outsiders', the ones with powers and abilities they can't quite explain. These people, are called in by one of their own. And due to a ruler-in-the-making who has gotten a little too power hungry for everybody's own good, most people turn a blind eye because of the rules, they are the ones who must save us all from world domination.

Our mission, is to stop the hunt on our people. People from the streets, lonely hobo's and people you wouldn't think twice about, have become targets and have disappeared during the night. Who's next? We're not gonna wonder long enough to see. We'll find the person hiding in the shadows and over-seeing their evil plans, and take them down.

-PG 13 violence, language, ect. we know the drill.
-Don't kill anybody but freebie random people without permission
-The time set is Victorian setting with steampunky-ness, so magical science of course
-There will be almighty 'special' people, but if you want just a normal human being than that's good too. We need all the help we can get.

I'll be posting my chara's shortly, so...just put yours up?


Name: Kari
Age: 19
Looks: This (the one on the right with black hair XD)
Height: 4 feet 9 inches (144.78 cm)
Gender: Female
Race (as in human, demon,daemon ect.): Unknown to Kari herself
Skills: She's gifted with a hand-pistol, she often has to modify them to be smaller so she can hold it, and has a surprising amount of force behind her martial arts for such a petite person. She has a knack for figuring things out, sometimes longer than others, when she puts her mind to it.
Bio: Currently unknown
Random Fact: She always has a ring on a chain (excluding the tag thing) that she often fiddles with when she's nervous. It's, according to her, a family heirloom.

Name: Hades
Age: ???? He looks about 23
Looks:Human form and wolf/daemon form
Eye color: Silver
Height: 5 feet 11 inches (180.34 cm)
Race: Daemon
Skills:He has the flexibility, love of heights, and strength of a circus gymnast. He has the balance of a tight-rope walker, and his politeness makes up for Kari's rudeness. He can control dark magic, during the day it's weaker but still useable, and gets stronger as the moon waxes and weaker as the moon wanes. He's pretty helpless on the New Moon, and extremely powerful on the New Moon. Both nights he has to shift into wolf/daemon form.
Bio:Currently unknown

I'd much rather to be hated for who I am than loved for who I'm not:Andre Gide
I do not own the avvy or siggy!

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The Mad Bomber
post Aug 2 2011, 06:05 AM
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Name: Finn O`Sullivan
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Job: Sharpshooter, Royal Rifles Third Regiment.

Abilities/Powers: Sharpshooting as indicated by his job, ability to predict the trajectory of bullets, mediocre close combat skills and knowledge of first aid.
Weapons: His prized rifle, which he has customized to fit his needs, and a kukri, that he claimed as a trophy from a battlefield.

Personality: Those who do not know Finn mistake him for a silent, cold blooded killer capable of callous actions on the battlefield. At times he shows little to no emotion. However those that get to know him, find out that he just wants to get the job done and go home when he is ready. He isn`t greedy neither charitable in any regard, he prefers to get by without being noticed. He despises people of higher status for reasons unknown. He likes to fashion himself as a regular middle class guy with no higher aspirations in life, but has a critical view of the world and everyone else. He has a bit of a record for being an insubordinator as he chooses to wear his old clothes from the colonial days, which allowed him better to blend in with the terrain, rather than what he considers `fancy parade clothes`.
Strengths: Perceptive, calm and forward-thinking.
Weaknesses: Unimaginative, used to the comfort of being able to surprise his enemies, unsympathetic.

History: Finn`s father was a colonial soldier and his mother a maid at the local governor`s mansion. Finn spent a relatively normal childhood away from his homeland, albeit he was born there and arrived to the colonies as an infant. Finn`s father passed his creed and mentality onto Finn, who was quick to enlist into the local regiment once given the chance at the age of 18. Throughout his two years of service, the area remained relatively quiet save for a few bandit hunts and riots. On Finn`s twentieth birthday his father was severely wounded by native rebels as they ambushed an ordinary patrol through the city. As a result Finn`s father was left a cripple and forced to end his service in the army, which in turn caused Finn to grow a deep seeded hatred for the local rebels. During the next two years extensive rebellions broke out in the colonies and Finn participated in various battle`s throughout his service.

He spent most of his time hiding in high places and ambushing the rebels until his squad could strike. Yet as much Finn had grown to despise his enemy, he realized that some of his own comrades were no better, if not worse. What was an eventful last year in the colonies for Finn, his unit distinguished itself in putting down two rebel armies. After the rebellion was over Finn returned home only to learn, that he was to be assigned to the Royal Rifles back in his home country, a place he had not true tie or belonging to. As soon as he had arrived back home Finn left. Upon landing in the city Finn reported to his unit and settled down for a somewhat uneventful months, moreover he was more trouble than worth as he began to gamble and picking fights at local gambling halls.

Now Finn finds himself called in by his superior for `a special mission`.


I am love, I am hate, I'm an atheist with faith, Vent my anger with a smile
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