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SPOILER For those who watched the movie, post your review here!, Please do not come in if you mind getting spoiled!
post Jan 22 2012, 12:27 AM
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An independent cinema here in Downtown Miami has been showing the "Milos" movie this weekend, and I went out to catch it earlier today.

My basic reaction to the movie : MEH.

The story and plot were a bit convoluted for one movie, and there were just TOO MANY NEW characters for ONE MOVIE!!! I barely cared what happened to them by the end. I also felt like the original FMA characters were underutilized and served more as cameo set pieces. I mean, honestly, Roy didn't really do ANYTHING! and how can you put Armstrong onscreen and NOT HAVE HIM TAKE HIS SHIRT OFF??? WHAT A TEASE!

The action was choppy and anti-climactic. I blame this on two things: lack of music and animation quality. Most epic FMA battles implement some seriously operatic music (aka Michiru Oshima), and this movie lacked it, BIG TIME.

Even the dialogue was ridiculous!

Loose Example:
Character A: "It will destroy everyone in the valley!"
Character B: "You mean it will kill the people in the valley!?"

REALLY?! Are we 5 years old?!

People complain about "CoS", but in comparison, "CoS" is a MASTERPIECE, at least it had a cohesive story-line weaved in with the FMA series, great dialogue, more original characters (actually doing stuff), great music, and far better animation. AND I still felt EMOTION by the end of it.

I ultimately felt like "FMA: Milos" was just one BIG CASH GRAB for the studios, and they just rushed through it for the $$$$. It's sad, and many may disagree, but this movie was not up to par with the awesomeness that is FMA.


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post May 28 2012, 04:46 AM
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So I finally saw the movie...

Overall: 4/10
I was not a huge fan of Shamballa, but Shamballa was much better than this. The premise was all right, but there are so many things they could have done with this movie that they didn't do.

What is the point of having Mustang, Hawkeye, and Winry come along if they weren't really going to do anything? Winry fixes Ed's arm, big deal. Mustang lights a tiny fire near the end. Ooooo.

Some parts of the movie I just found laughable. When Ed told Julia to throw the stone into the magma I couldn't help but think of Frodo in Lord of the Rings. And how the blood from two people could possibly fill that entire network of tubes around the city with gallons upon gallons of blood is beyond me. Yoki version 2.0 failed to impress. And the villain couldn't have been more typical..."I will destroy and create a new world..."

The hint at Al x Julia at the end was a stretch too. I don't think their earlier interactions particularly justified it.

I would have been more interested in the country of Creta, the history or politics of the current relationship between the two countries, but this was not explored either.

The movie lacked a certain element of melancholy that is characteristic of FMA. Most of the movie contained a sense of urgency, but that is different from emotion.

As for the pros... some of the action scenes were not bad, like the train scene. The three-dimensional transmutation circle was pretty cool, although it wasn't explained why the 3D circle was in any way different or better than the 2D ones that were used to make philosophers stones.

Overall, for me this was a pretty big letdown. I do recognize that the decision to do a spin-off rather than a prequel or sequel does limit what they could do with it in terms of character development or plot, but maybe that's why they should have decided differently. It would be too bad if this really was the end of the FMA franchise, ending on such an anti-climactic note.
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post Mar 29 2013, 11:12 AM
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I know I'm late but it wasn't until last night I finally watched Milos.

I will be honest that throughout the film, I was extremely bored. I think Milos's beginning was interesting then it just went continuously downhill. Julia is boring, the villains are boring. Some of the things they did there made me raise my eyebrows. Specifically, eating the Philosopher's Stone.

How...in the world Julia stayed sane? Why isn't she throwing up blood and stuff like Bradley was in the original? Shouldn't there be a fight towards who controls the soul. Not everyone who was sacrificed were Julia's Supporters.

Another one that made me go what is the sudden force romance of her and AL had. What is the point of Mustang and Riza going to Milos? They did nothing! Winry and the rest felt tacked on.

another one is when she tried to heal her brother with the Philosopher's Stone, she saw the Gate of Truth and lost her leg. Nothing about that scene made sense to me. He has the Philosopher's Stone and SHE has some. It shouldn't have done that. He wasn't dead!

It's just, well, overall, Shamballa was way better than this and had more emotion. Milos was just outright boring.

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post Mar 31 2013, 07:57 AM
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I saw this movie ages ago but I don't know if I commented on it.
It was just really long and boring. I watched it in a con in dubs and I swear I would have fallen asleep.
Also, Alphonse the captain state the obvious? Really? We are not that stupid that we can't see a train leaving the valley Alphonse.

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