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The Renaissance of RPG! :D
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post Jun 21 2011, 07:15 PM
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So...after what seems an eternity...which was probably only a year and a half, we are to bring our beloved chara's back to life. No past grudges. No past love lives. Nothing. We clicked the reset button Nook told us not too, I'm practically waiting for the Mole guy from Animal Crossing to come scream at us.

So it would seem that some psychopath is running amock our lovely country that has yet to be named and the best of the best are being called into be asked for help. Their our only hope.

~Rules even though I'm pretty sure we all understand them by now~
-PG 13 on most things. Not that it's been a problem before but eh. Gotta put it up.
-Violence is a given, but don't kill anybody unless it's a freebie.
-Please respect others....PLEASE.

Name: Kari Neko (AKA Artemis Alice Axeloake)
Age: ...let's say 21
Looks: http://kari-neko12.deviantart.com/favourit...1915910#/dztxin (I DIDN'T DRAW IT DX I wish I did though XD)
General clothing attire: A short-sleeve black turtle neck, pants that cut off mid-calf, either black combat boots or black knee-high converse high-tops, black and white striped socks, and a hoodie which I want so so much.
Powers: oh dear lord here we go First off; she's probably the best shot with a gun that you'd ever meet. She's a neko-girl, naturally, due to some odd genetic malfunction. no, there's no demon powers this time XD *shot* Thus gives her super human hearing, agility, flexibility, speed, and instinct. Her eyes are normally black but they change to green when she uses her ability to look at a person's soul. The soul is the gate-way to a person's personality and mind, so depending on the person it depends what she can see and it also depends on how much attention she pays. She also has an uncanny knack to be rather...sparky. She has some odd genetic ability to produce electrical currents through her body, like an eel.
Faults: If you look in the dictionary you'll see her picture as a description of ADD, she's smart aleck-y, rude, and a tad arrogant. Some would call 'attachment' a fault. She also has some abandonment issues.
Odd random info: She loves to play the violin, but doesn't play particularly often since she's lost her violin.

I've got another chara to put up but since my fingers are starting to cramp up from this, and I gotta think what I wanna write XD, I'll put Hades up...shortly.

Okay. So I am back from 'vacation' with my family (aka. fun but with no internet what so ever) so sorry that we didn't get this started sooner...BUT WE CAN NOW! XD

Name: Hades Axeloake (or at least that's what he refers himself as)
Gender: Male
Age: Somewhere in his mid-twenties
Appearance: Tall, raven black hair with rather unnatural but natural gold streaks in his hair, gold eyes, wears a traditional butler uniform with a tailed coat.
Powers: Patience. Everybody over looks it and nobody considers it a power but honestly, it should be. He used to be in the circus as a child so he has a rather...intriguing ability to be a contortionist. Not for eyes of people who get sick easily. He used to walk the tightrope as well so he has an unbelievable sense of balance. Due to genetic mutation his skin turns into the rare metal of Orichalum (for us geeky people Orichalum=Adamantium) whenever his body is threatened with injury, not invincible though because there's a time lag of a few seconds but that could be all it takes.
Strengths: Again, PATIENCE. He's a problem solver and doesn't like to give up no matter how boring or troubling things are unlike some people we all know and love. Protective. He can play the piano very well.
Weaknesses: Soft-spoken unless pushed, and then the curses come out. Often pushed around because he'd rather not pick a fight.
History: He doesn't like talking about it.

I'd much rather to be hated for who I am than loved for who I'm not:Andre Gide
I do not own the avvy or siggy!

[My DeviantART]
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The Mad Bomber
post Jul 14 2011, 05:22 AM
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Either she actually recalled him from the past or was merely fishing for information on other people in the meeting, seemed quite irrelevant as they would no doubt have to co-exist one way or another in the immidiate future. Pierce carelessly shrugged as tough his past was of little consequence and amusedly smirked at how little history they actually had.

"I was a younger officer on the force till a year back, so I recall having bumped into you two on a few seperate occasions. Not that I was ever arresting you for anything, but I think we may have exchanged a few words as you were not really quite so forth coming with the information, that I wanted." Pierce awkwardly paused and it seemed as tough he had just accused her of something. "For very good reasons, no doubt yet I`d rather like to think that those were unfortunate misunderstandings in a previous line of work. Since then I split from the force and work as a private investigator these days, a bit more lucrative when you know how."

He hurried to explain with a rather mellow tone of voice, hoping to put some distance between the distinction, that he was a cop.


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