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2011 FMA Fan Fun Festival "FMA Fanfics & other FMA literature art" Flood, Please post your 2011 FMA Fan Fun Fest fics & other lit. arts here
post Jun 14 2011, 03:17 AM
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ETA: FMA Fan Fun Festival is now closed. Thank you, everyone for participating! biggrin.gif

2011 FMA Fan Fun Festival on FM-A.com board "FMA Fanfics & Other FMA Literature Arts" Flood

Any length and form, from drabble to epic story, or poem, Haiku, or whatever the form that strikes your FMA fancy.
You can use any FMA character(s) or scenes/settings from any FMA series.

# Theme (Optional): If you'd like, pick one from the following themes and write accordingly:
[Family, Together, Trust, Friendship, Promise, Secret, Sacrifice, Immortal, Truth behind the truth, "All is one, one is all"]

# Keywords (Optional): If you are feeling challenging, then in your fic, you can
1). include one or more of these keywords from Group A, and include one or more of these keywords from Group B. ...or,
2). just include one or more keywords from Group A or B. ...or,
3). you can make your drawing without including any of these keywords, if you prefer.
Group A: [Military Dog, Soul, Vengeance, Family Portrait, Devotion, Circle, Milk, Greed, Lust, Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Sloth, Wrath, Chess]
Group B: [Umbrella, Paper clip, Eraser, Fish-head, Glue, Spatula, Flying Squirrel, Kitchen sink, Light bulb, Garlic, Mosquito coil, Fertilizer]

Note: If your literature contains series final/post-series-final content, please post yours on designated 2011 FMA Fan Fun Festival Literature Art - Spoiler Zone thread.)

* You can write in any language, but if other than English, please be kind and accompany English translations.
* If you'd like to contribute a piece previously written by you, that is fine as well (but please don't enter the piece written by others XDD)
* All entries will be included in our 2011 FMA Fan Fun Festival Album.
* We are PG-13 board, so please make your piece suitable for viewing by minors. The board may "decline" pieces that are deemed not fit for viewing by minors.

If you have any questions for this activity, please post your question on FMA Fan Fun Festival thread (check the first post of FMA Fan Fun Festival thread for the activity # of this activity, and on your post please include the activity # as the reference) or PM Tombow with your question (please include the activity # of this activity also.) smile.gif



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post Jun 29 2011, 11:42 PM
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Edward smiled as he leafed through the photo book that had arrived as a brown parcel in his mailbox that morning. It was from Winry and Aunt Pinako – a bittersweet reminder of his home back in Risembool. Being a dog of the military had turned out much lonelier than Edward had expected. Apart from Al, or that conceited buttface Mustang, there weren't very many people that he felt he could talk to. His evenings were mostly spent leafing through alchemy books, and sloppily writing down notes on slips of parchment. He smiled as he came across a picture of the three of them – Winry, Al, and himself, next to the river and all covered in mud. Winry appeared to be in the act of rubbing more mud into Ed's already filthy hair, the both of them laughing hardily.
Winry was so different than the other girls in Risembool. He found himself thinking as he gazed at the photo. Full of piss and vinegar, that's for sure. As he thought this, he absentmindedly let his fingers brush across the scar on his left shoulder, from when they were eight and she had thrown an easy bake oven at him. He felt the nostalgia coming but didn't try to stop it; instead letting it wash over him like a warm bath. Images and memories darted through his mind: How excited she had been when Ed and his family had first moved into their little house on the hill, crayon drawings under the apple tree that years later got struck down by lightning, making paper boats and sending them down the river, Ed's first schoolyard scuffle which resulted in Winry patiently handing him cotton balls to stem the steady flow of blood coming from his nose, after her parents had died and he could do nothing but hold her while she shook, the first time he asked for automail, and she had given him an apologetic glance with every painful turn of the wrench. It was here that he drifted back to the dimly lit room and worn photos that was reality. He allowed himself to gaze at the picture in front of him for a few more moments before closing the book and gently pushing it towards the back of his desk. He turned off the flickering lap and made his way to bed in darkness, his mind still swelling with memories.
His head hit the pillow, and he gazed thoughtfully at the dark ceiling up above. Stuff happens, and time stops for nobody. He thought to himself. We just have each other. At this he rolled over and closed his eyes, welcoming sleep.
And that's all we really need.


So this turned out a tad sappier than I meant it to, but eh, c'est la vie. xD It's what you get when I try to write fanfiction when I really should be asleep.
Anyway, I quite enjoyed writing this. C: I hope you like it too?
edit: oh, and I started writing this thinking the theme was going to be friendship? biggrin.gif? I'm not really sure if it sticks throughout, but anyway yeah. I'm going to bed. \o/

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post Jul 21 2011, 07:19 PM
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@Rainshine - Thank you for the nice piece! I enjoyed reading it very much! biggrin.gif


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A Pierrot's Aria
post Jul 27 2011, 02:27 PM
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That's so awesome, Rainshine. I really enjoyed reading it!

I think you write fantastically. I just love descriptive pieces/pieces that are filled with thoughts. I must admit, I actually laughed when I read "that conceited buttface Mustang". laugh.gif

You also ended it superbly!

I love it, thank you for sharing it with us! hug.gif

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post Aug 9 2011, 04:32 AM
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State Alchemist (Lt. Colonel)

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No Matches Necessary

“Putting your alchemy to good use, eh?” Breda teased as he held out his plate for Mustang.

“I would be careful what you say, he’s still got his gloves on,” Havoc commented.

“What’s the point in using a match to light the barbeque, if I can do it myself?” he asked, putting a blackened hot dog on Breda’s plate.

“Sir, I know you’re not happy that you got stuck cooking, but that doesn’t mean you have to burn everything,” Hawkeye commented as she walked past him with a bowl of chopped fruit.

“But I like my food well-done,” Fuery added.

Simple Wishes

Riza would never admit it, but she’d been duped.

She was never babysitting for Gracia again. “Can I go play on the slide?” Elysia asked, looking between the two adults.

“Sure,” they said in unison, and Elysia released both their hands to run for the playground.

“Elysia, wait for us,” Roy called, about to give chase when the girl stopped.

“Look, a dandelion!” she exclaimed, plucking the weed from the grass.

“Are you going to make a wish?” Roy asked, squatting down beside Elysia. Riza watched the two with a wistful smile.

“Mhm,” she murmured, closing her eyes in concentration.


Maria watched a red balloon as if floated up into clear sky.

A shrill cry drew her attention to a little blonde girl holding nearly a dozen balloons in her free hand. Her other hand was clasped firmly by her guardian. She looked form the girl to her keeper and couldn’t believe her eyes. Not once had Brosch mentioned children.

“Denny?” she called.

“Lieutenant Ross? Uhm, this is my sister, Christy,” he introduced, surprised to see her.

“We’re off duty, you can call me Maria.”

Christy smiled up at her. “Brother thinks Maria is a pretty name.”

Denny turned crimson.

Dr. Frankenstein

Alex pretended not to watch his sister smile euphorically at her prize. He already knew that he was the little brother, and he would never live anything down, so he might as well let her win this once. After all, he did still have his alchemy and the heirloom gauntlets.

She laughed, almost maniacally, as she sheathed the sword and strode over to where he lay on the floor, faking defeat. “Alchemy is no match for Olivier Mira Armstrong,” she announced, her hair flying behind her with the sudden gust wind.

Years later, he would realize he’d created a monster.

Too Late

Grumman stared down at the transfer request on his desk. “Second Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye,” he murmured to himself, as if he couldn’t believe the words he was reading were real.

He stared at her picture in the file. Except for those eyes, she looked just like her mother. Obviously, she had either rebelled against her father’s view on the military, or he was dead.

His eyes widened when he read that she’d been in Ishval.

He hated himself for not being there to keep her out of that mess.

Vowing to keep an eye on her, he approved her transfer.

Tea Time

“He’s a sweet boy, really,” his mother pleaded. The neighbor lady eyed him skeptically.

“He can’t be the same age as my princess,” Neighbor Lady insisted.

He explored the hallway, stopping at an open door.

A girl looked at him from her seat at a small table.

She smiled. He ventured into the pink room.

“You’re here just in time for tea, Good Sir,” she declared as shoved a doll out of a chair and beckoned him over.


“Moooom, h--he-he broke my chair!” the girl wailed.

“Oh, Sig,” his mother sighed.

Neighbor Lady glared.

“I didn’t mean to,” he sniffled.

New Possibilities

He dressed in the dark, pulling on the new clothes his teacher had given him the night before..

He cursed under his breath as he ran into a crate of alchemy instruments, but nothing seemed to be broken, nor did the noise wake his teacher.

“Homunculus, wake up,” he whispered.

“Von Hohenheim?” it breathed.

“We’re going to watch the sunrise together,” he said as he plucked the flask from the table and carried it up the stairs to the roof. “To celebrate my first day as an apprentice.”

“Is it really that great?”

“Every sunrise brings new possibilities” he answered.

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