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My OTP Is Awesome Because...
post Jun 9 2011, 01:02 AM
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I know we've already got a thread for discussing favorite pairings, but this is a little different. (Though if any of you mod people would rather merge this with another thread, I understand. Do whatever you think is best!) Anyway, this thread isn't just for saying "my favorite pairing is _____." It's for my fellow FMA fans to share WHY they love the pairing, and what they think it's about. Sort of like a mini-manifesto-free-for-all thingy. wink.gif Even if I don't like a pairing, I still like to hear the reasons behind it and try to understand why others like it, and it helps me learn to respect other fans all the more.

It's simple - share what your One True Pairing is, what it's about, and why you think it's awesome! And if you can, share one song (with YouTube linkage!) that sums up or "represents" your pairing...basically, what you think their "theme song" is. 'Cause I'm a music junkie. biggrin.gif

But here's the catch - there can be absolutely NO negative comments of any kind. Bashing or putting down other pairings to justify yours is absolutely NOT ALLOWED. POSITIVE REMARKS ONLY...and that includes comments on other people's responses. This is NOT a my-pairing-is-better-than-yours contest. I want this to be a chance for every FMA fan to share the pairings they love, without fear of being criticized for it or seeing their OTP hated on.

You can do this however you want - silly, serious, whatever. Even crack pairings are welcome. *Kimblee x Philosopher's Stone FTW* xD Also, feel free to share more than one pairing if you want! Sometimes it's hard to pick just one favorite. smile.gif

I'll start! My OTP is Ed x Winry.

EdWin is about waiting, because love is worth waiting for. It's about pain and promises, tears and joys; knowing the best, the worst and the just-plain-weird about each other and sticking together anyway. It's about friendship, banter, arguments, denials, reluctant realizations, awkward steps, and a few softer, quieter moments of being there for each other.

It's about brokenness being healed, strength filling weakness, conquering the limits of Equivalent Exchange, and discovering that love isn't something you fall into - it's something you grow into.

I think EdWin is awesome because there's so many different sides and layers to it - way more than people realize. There's a little bit of everything in it: humor, angst, sweetness, hormones... (PERIODIC TABLE. 'NUFF SAID.) On the surface, it looks like your typical "bickering-best-friends-fall-in-love" or "hero-gets-the-girl" cliche; but if you take time to really look at it, a far deeper side comes shining through. It's a diamond in the rough.

They never give up on each other. Winry will always be there to fix him when he falls apart (in more ways than one), to give him a reason to come home. And in turn, he will risk his life to protect her and always comes back to her, no matter what. <3

And here's just one of their theme songs: "Pieces" by RED. Beautiful, beautiful song. Enjoy! happy.gif (And now it's your turn!)

<I love the whole thread idea! Nice thread! You have my vote. C: ~Tombow>


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post Jun 9 2011, 07:41 AM
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I really like the idea for this thread!

@Dearheart I absolutely love the way you described Ed and Winry.

They never give up on each other. Winry will always be there to fix him when he falls apart (in more ways than one), to give him a reason to come home. And in turn, he will risk his life to protect her and always comes back to her, no matter what. <3

Perfect! Exactly the way I see it too! smile.gif I think that the couples in FMA are a lot deeper than people make them out to be. And the way you described Ed and Winry is solid proof of that. I actually think the same way about Edwin as you do. So very well said!

As for me, my OTP of anything and everything is Roy and Riza <3

Now, I feel like there's a lot of misunderstanding in Roy and Riza as a couple. In fanfictions I always see Roy sleeping around with women, Riza shooting at him in the office, Roy being a jerk, a lot of sex between them and them denying that they love each other.

I don't feel this way about Roy and Riza at all. One thing I love about Royai is how much respect the two of them have for each other. They're more than just a superior officer and his bodyguard. They're basically two halves of the same whole. Whenever one of them snaps the other has to come to bring them back again. They have this really deep connection and understanding of each other unlike any other pairing I've ever seen.

I feel like Roy and Riza represent always staying by the side of the one you love no matter what. They've gone through thick and thin together. They've seen the good and ugly of each other. They've seen the bad things that other one is capable of doing. And yet, even through everything, they remain by each other's sides. They never abandon each other. That's what makes Royai so incredibly awesome for me.

I feel like Roy and Riza know they love each other throughout the whole course of the manga, and I feel like they've known for a very long time. There's no denial between them about it. I also feel like the two of them know that the other one loves them without even having to say it. They have a form of silent communication. And for me, that's yet another thing that makes Roy and Riza so amazing.

Another thing that I love so much about them is that they put their dreams and the good of the country above their personal desires. They can't be together because of military regulations, and they know that. I imagine Roy and Riza probably have a strong desire to be in a relationship, because I mean, who would't want to be with the one that they loved? But even with all of that, they put the good of others above their wants. Riza could easily quit and they could be in a relationship, but she doesn't. She continues to help Roy better the country and she in return gets to not only helps the country herself, but gets to stay by Roy's side. Roy and Riza aren't selfish characters. I feel like people always make Roy out to be some selfish player, even though I feel, personally, that he isn't. He has a lot more respect for women then to just go sleeping aroud all the time. He's a gentleman, not a sex addict. And Riza could just tke Roy for herself, but she doesn't. So, because they aren't selfish, they put the country first.

Roy and Riza are a lot deeper than people make them out to be. You have to read between the lines to fully undestand them both as characters and a couple. And I have always likd literary analysis biggrin.gif At the end of the manga a lot of people said "Aww! Why didn't they get together?! I'm so mad!!! I thought that at first too. But after taking the time to analyze Royai I realized that they've pretty much been together the whole time. You don't need to be in an open relationship with someone to know that they love you. Roy and Riza know that they love each other just by working together and watching each other's back. There's no dates and weddings needed for them. They're already commited to each other. Yet another thing that makes Roy and Riza so amazing for me smile.gif

As for a song, I actually have two. One from Roy's perspectie and one from Riza's. (I even have some nice AMVs to go along with it smile.gif )

This one makes me think of Riza to Roy. It's called "Collect Call" by Metric: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bdzK4zu5XQ

And this one makesme thnk of Roy to Riza. It's called "Anywhere but Here" by SafteySuit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWU0bh_mwrA...feature=related

...Yeah that was really long lol I analyze them way too deeply. I could say a ton more, but I'll just leave it at that xD


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post Jun 9 2011, 08:32 AM
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I agree with Dark-Winds, couldn't have said it better. I have a few things to add though, a slightly different perspective on their relationship. I think this sort of dynamic makes it more believable and it adds so much depth and room for discussion.

In addition to their selflessness, my personal take on this matter is that another reason why they don't get together (aside from the anti-fraternization and putting ideals ahead) is because they have some degree of self-loathing. They certainly would do anything for each other, and for the sake of their country (in Roy's case, at least) but I think they're too focused on atoning for what happened in Ishval to attend to want they want for themselves. It's not entirely the reason, but I feel like there's guilt there. Some kind of hesitance to enter into a "real" relationship with the person they really care for because they don't "deserve" it. Somehow, feeling selfish for putting themselves first. It possibly stems from same self-sacrifice to achieve their goals. After all, if you put yourself ahead, what's the point of self-sacrifice? I guess they're denying themselves real happiness, for now, as long as they haven't atoned for what they've done / reached their goal. It's not as blatant as I make it sound, I think these are subtle and unconscious feelings.

That's just my interpretation though, since I think their relationship isn't all rainbows and sunshine. I mean, I don't know, if they really had no personal issues like these, they'd just find some way for themselves and I don't think they would be as formal or as professional as they are.

It's the kind of love that's "practical" and motivated for the sake of the other person unless of course, the other is in mortal danger, but their interactions just support each other in a sensible manner and that seems to be enough for them.

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S.F. Thunder
post Jun 9 2011, 11:20 AM
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As much as I am more actively a Royai fan, I must say that both Royai AND EdWin are my OTP.

I don't know, there's just something wonderful about how both relationships are portrayed. I, personally, am not a fan of relationships in books or shows; I always feel that if it isn't the main plot, it's too distracting, and if it is the main plot, it's too cliche or unrealistic. But in FMA, these two are the major (in my opinion) pairings, but everything about them is subtle. It actually feels like these people care for each other, and also that they have other emotions and relationships too, instead of just being concerned about each other and their love. I love how the two pairings are obvious, but at the same time, discreet. FMA does not shove anything romantic in the reader's face, but it does make EVERY relationship feel real, plus the romantic relationships, which are deep, emotional, and based on more than lust and vague feelings that are somehow just suddenly present.

I love how Royai and EdWin develop over time, too. Unlike a lot of romances I've seen, these guys aren't BAM, SUDDENLY IN LOVE. For example, Winry actively realizes that she loves Ed after the manga has progressed a long ways and their relationship was clearly developed and defined. Edward slowly becomes aware of his feelings, too. As for Roy and Riza, the bond is always there, and I feel that it grew stronger and stronger as they had to make it through difficult times.

I also agree with everything mentioned above. These relationships are not in the least bit shallow. They are based on trust, need, friendship, compassion; tons of emotions and factors are involved in Royai and EdWin. I love that. And I love each of the characters as individuals, as well; they aren't defined by their relationships. They're all people with individual thoughts, feelings and personalities. That's another reason I love the pairings.

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