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Brotherhood Episode Synopses (15-26 so far), WARNING: POTENTIAL SPOILERS! :)
A Pierrot's Aria
post May 25 2011, 01:09 PM
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(Mods, if you notice any glaring spoilers that I missed out and haven't covered, please feel free to do so!)

I decided to type up some synopses for the Brotherhood anime episodes. I know it's a bit weird to start from episode 15, but I enjoy watching Brotherhood more from episodes 15 onwards. laugh.gif If anyone wants to type up synopses for episodes before or after 15-26, let me know so I won't go and type them up. ohmy.gif

I did have to watch through these episodes again to write these, but I apologise if I've missed anything important out: I'll most likely revise them later and add and take away wherever necessary. I tried to make them detailed, but not just "he did that, then she did this"...happy.gif

(Set out in the same format as the FMA-1 episodes on the main site...)

BE WARNED!!! There WILL be spoilers!

15. "Envoy From the East" (東方の使者)

[Episode Preview]
Scar and the "Silver Alchemist" have a quick showdown --another state alchemist ultimately falls victim to Scar's hands. Afterwards, when Scar returns to his hideout, he comes face to face with a young girl from the Eastern Country, Xing...

[Episode Description (WARNING: This will contain spoilers for episode 15, and possibly episodes before it!)]
She introduces herself and May Chang and also, introduces her small companion --a Panda named Shao May. She also demonstrates 'alkahestry', a type of Eastern Alchemy, to heal Scar's wounds. She explains that she and Shao May had traversed the Great Eastern Desert, eventually reaching Amestris, for the sole purpose of discerovering the secret to immortality: The Philosopher's Stone.

Meanwhile, Riza Hawkeye senses she is being closely followed by someone. Who then confronts her is none other than Barry the Chopper, but unperturbed, she remains strong in his presence and Barry is then easily detained by herself, Mustang and Falman. The trio learn about the researchers who bound Barry's soul to the suit of armour, and that he was not the one who murdered Hughes.

Back with the two Elrics, they arrive in Rush valley to meet with Winry for automail maintenence. When Winry tells Ed that she will need to collect the parts, Edward and Alphonse are left to roam Rush Valley in the mean time.

Upon their travels, Alphonse stumbles upon a young man passed out on the ground. And after picking him up and feeding him, they three discuss alchemy and alkahestry; revealing the latter is used prominently for medical purposes. Soon, the young man introduces himself as Ling Yao --from Xing. Ling, suspecting that Edward and Alphonse know more than they let on about the Philosopher's Stone and promptly sets his two body guards on them in order to find out what he wants to know.

This leads to a fight in the middle of Rush Valley --during which, Alphonse demonstrates his first try using alchemy without a circle. Edward and Alphonse eventually manage to trap the two bodyguards, only for them to escape shortly after and leave the brothers to deal with the aftermath of the battle. This is when it is revealed to Edward that Alphonse can also use alchemy without a circle.

After the clean up, they return to Winry at Garfeil's shop, where Ling already is. He explains that he is the 12th son of the emperor and is after immortality in order for the Yao clan to curry favour with the emperor, and also introduces his bodyguards as Lan Fan and Fuu. Later, the brothers plan to head back to Central; Winry and Ling wanting to tag along.

Meanwhile, Yoki and Scar travel to Central with May Chang.


16. "Footsteps of a Comrade-in-Arms" (戦友の足跡)

[Episode Preview]
Edward, Alphonse and Winry arrive in Central, where Lan Fan and Fuu despair after the sudden disappearance of Ling. Nonplussed, however, Edward, Alphonse and Winry head out...

[Episode Description (WARNING: This will contain spoilers for episode 16, and possibly episodes before it!)]
Havoc also goes to visit Falman, whose appartment is currently acting as a safehouse where Barry the Chopper is residing. And meanwhile, Ling is found passed out on the ground and arrested for being an illegal immigrant.

Edward and Alphonse plan to go to Central Headquarters while Winry heads off to go to the Hughes' house to spend time with Gracia and Elysia.

Ad interim, at Central Headquarters, Sheska is warding off people from Room 3, where Mustang has been doing research on the Hughes case. After Mustang leaves the room for a meeting, Scheska accidentally reveals what Mustang has been up to by a man who she believed to be her superior, Focker. However this is just Envy in disguise.

When Ed and Al arrive at Central Headquarters, they bump into Hawkeye and Mustang. When asked about Hughes, Mustang lies and simply claims that he had moved to the country to run the family business. But the brothers soon learn the truth after bumping into Ross shortly after.

Winry also finds out the truth during her visit to Gracia --Ed and Al soon arrive to apologise for dragging Hughes into their situation. But Gracia urges them to move forward. For the rest of the night, Ed, Al and Winry grieve for Hughes.

Meanwhile, Envy conconcts a plan to stop Roy from delving any deeper into the mystery of Hughes' death. The next day, Ross is arrested in suspicion of his murder.


17. "Cold Flame" (冷徹な焔)

[Episode Preview]
Ross is interegated by Henry Douglas after her arrest --and it seems that they will not let anyone testify for her, and she does not seem to have a sufficient alibi.

[Episode Description (WARNING: This will contain spoilers for episode 17, and possibly episodes before it!)]
Meanwhile, Ed, Al and Winry discuss what the brothers' next move should be. And at Falman's, Falman and Barry the Chopper reads about Ross' arrest in the newspaper, as do Ed and Al back at their hotel room.

Barry leaves Falman's house in order to raid the jail. During this raid, he meets and frees Ling before reaching Ross' cell and giving her a proposition: escape with him or face the firing squad.

During the escape the order is made to shoot to kill her. Soon, Barry, Ross and Ling run into Ed and Al, who Barry holds off in order for Ross to get away. However, soon after a meeting between Ross and Mustang, an explosion emerges from the back alleys and Ed and Al go to investigate.

To Edward's shock, he finds Mustang looking over a charred corpse --Ross' corpse. Ed is horrified at the sight but Mustang is quick to remind him that they are soldiers --they need to follow orders no matter what.

Later that evening, the body is taken to a coronor, Dr. Knox, and is confirmed to be Maria Ross. And Hawkeye goes on leave as it appears that his men seem to begin to distrust Mustang.

That night, Armstrong appears at Ed and Al's hotel room and insists that Ed needs to go to resembool to get his automail repaired. Despite Ed's cofusion, he is dragged away by Armstrong.


18. "The Arrogant Palm of a Small Human" (小さな人間の傲慢な掌)

[Episode Preview]
Upon their arrival in Resembool, Ed and Armstrong meet up with Breda who escorts them, with Fuu, to the ruins of Xerxes in the middle of the Great Eastern Desert. Meanwhile, Ling ensures Winry and Al that Ed is safe...

[Episode Description (WARNING: This will contain spoilers for episode 18, and possibly episodes before it!)]
When they arrive at the ruins, Ed and Fuu discuss the stories of the Sages of the East and West. Soon, to their pleasant surprise, they find out that Ross is still alive and in hiding. The whole situation is revealed to be an elaborate plan devised by Mustang. He faked her death in order to lure out the "puppeteers" behind the surfacing conspiracy within the military.

The group sit and discuss the situation and what they will do next --Ross reveals that she will hide out in Xing and pledges to return to Amtestris when the need arises.

After Ross sets out for Xing with Fuu, Ed explores the ruins of Xerxes --including a transmutaion circle carved into a ruined wall -- where he is ambushed by an Ishvalan. But Ed easily subdued his attacker, after which a group of Ishvalan refugees appear and surround them. Two Ishvalans in particular, one of them introduced as Madam Shan, soon tell Ed who the real culprit behind the Rockbell's death was: an Inshvalan with a tattoo on his arm.

Meanwhile, Barry's real body, which is now inhabited by the soul of a wild animal, attacks Falman and faces off with Barry. Havoc arrives on the scene to assist, backed up by Hawkeye who watches over the scene from a nearby tower. However, she encounters problems of her own when Gluttony pays her a visit...


19. "Death of the Undying" (死なざる者の死)

[Episode Preview]
Hawkeye tries to fend off an angry Gluttony, realising that she is fighting a creature who does not appear to be affected by her bullets....

[Episode Description (WARNING: This will contain spoilers for episode 19, and possibly episodes before it!)]
Meanwhile, Ling explains to Al and Winry the Colonel's plan to lure out involved military personnel from the fifth labratory. Al decided to go there in order to try and find out who killed Hughes.

Hawkeye is soon rescued by Fuery and then Mustang, who heard the commotion over the phone she was speaking to them on previously. After Mustang temporarily incapacitates Gluttony by blasting him off of the tower, he, Hawkeye and Havoc are in pursuit of Barry's body, where they bump into Al, who tags along.

Al explains to Mustang and Hawkeye that Gluttony is indeed an homunculus. Barry's body leads them to the Third Labratory and Barry follows him inside. Mustang sees this as an oppertunity to freely explore the lab.

They split into two teams: Mustang with Havoc and Hawkeye with Al and Barry. Mustang and Havoc are approached by Lust. Who reveals that the Philosopher's Stone is her core and that she intends to kill them both. Soon, Mustang and Havoc are left seriously wounded. After which, Lust leaves to confront Al, Hawkeye and Barry. After slicing Barry to pieces, Hawkeye is lead to believe that Mustang is dead -- in her grief, she unleashes an onslaught of bullets upon Lust, who remains completely unaffected.

Hawkeye appears to have given up entirely, Al attempts to protect her from Lust's attacks. Suddenly, Mustang arrives on the scene and reveals that he sealed his wound shut with fire.

He then unleashes his fury upon Lust by repeatedly setting fire to her, eventually killing her by wearing out the power of her Philosopher's stone. After this, Mustang pleads with them to get help to Havoc.

Meanwhile, Barry's soul survives despite his armoured body being ripped to pieces. However, his real body scratches the seal off of the scrap of metal, resulting in the death of them both.

Soon, upon returning to Resembool, Ed notices his father, Hohenheim, standing by his mother's grave.

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A Pierrot's Aria
post May 25 2011, 01:38 PM
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20. "Father Before the Grave" (墓前の父)

[Episode Preview]
Ed is not very thrilled about meeting his father and the two have words in front of Trisha's grave. That night Edward, unable to sleep, overhears Hohenheim and Pinako discussing the product of the Elric brothers' failed transmutation....

[Episode Description (WARNING: This will contain spoilers for episode 20, and possibly episodes before it!)]
Ed is horrified to find out that what they brought back may not have been their mother.

The next day, Edward wakes up from a nightmare as Hohenheim takes his leave, warning Pinako to leave the country as something bad is going to happen.

Meanwhile, Al is still at the hotel and has explained to Ling the circumstances surrounding his armoured body. Winry, however, is disgusted at Ling's notion that having such a body would be very convenient. And is also troubled by Al's revelation that his body is practically a "ticking time bomb". His body could reject his soul at any moment.

Back at Resembool, Ed is determined to find out whether or not what he and Al brought back was really their mother. After some tiresome digging, Ed exhumes the body of the failed transmutation and comes to the realisation, with the help of Pinako, that it was definitely not their mother. But this serves to give him new hope. It is possible to bring back Al's body.

After re-uniting with Al and fixing the damage from his fight with Lust, he tells him about what he did in Resembool, and tells him the news that what they transmutated wans't their mother.

After receiving information from Izumi about her failed transmutation, Ed comes to the conclusion that death is in fact permenant; reinforcing his hope to regain Al's body.

The Elric brothers strengthen their determination and resolve to continue with their journey. And as Winry looks on, she notices a certain change in Ed...


21. "Advance of the Fool" (愚者の前進)

[Episode Preview]
Mustang and Havoc have since been admitted to hospital due to their injuries, and Mustang is concerned over the homunculi's next moves. Back at the hotel, Ed and Al are sitting with Winry, discussing possible theories concerning Al's body...

[Episode Description (WARNING: This will contain spoilers for episode 21, and possibly episodes before it!)]
They explore the possibility that Ed could be providing the nutrients for Al's body.

Later, the brothers visit Mustang and his men at the hospital, and after dicussing the recent goings on, they begin to suspect that Fuhrer Bradley is working with the homunculi. But Havoc reveals the startling news that he is paralysed from the waist down and will be unable to assist with their plans.

Breda receives a tip off from Ed about Dr. Marcoh, who is in posession of a Philosopher's stone. Upon informing Mustang, Breda is ordered to go to Marcoh's.

Seargent Brosh reveals to Armstrong that there is an announcement warning State Alchemists of Scar's return. Meanwhile, Ed uses his position of State Alchemist to explore the third labratory and finds traces of alchemy that suggests that the entrance to the basement has been hastily hidden. Brosh catches up with the brothers shortly after and informs them of Scar's return.

Ed then cooks up a plan to lure out the homunculi -- by luring out Scar and battling him. Al is not happy with the plan, however, Ling and Lan Fan agree to help out as it may aid them in their search for immortality.

The next morning, Breda arrives at Dr. Marcoh's house, but he finds his house has been ransacked and that Marcoh was nowhere to be seen.

And back at the hospital, Mustang is troubled to find out that Havoc is retiring from the military, but ever-determined, Mustang refuses to leave him behind; telling Havoc he will see him at the top. Mustang soon leaves the hospital besides not being fully healed.

Meanwhile, Ed realises his plan to lure out Scar by helping people around Central, and soon Mustang appears and tells him about Marcoh's disappearance. But soon, Scar takes the bait and arrives at the scene; Mustang agrees to help them with their plan on the promise that they will share what they find.

During the battle with Scar, Ed and Al notice the tattoo inked onto Scar's arm, and a battle also ensues between the Fuhrer and Ling, Bradley dealing the first blow by attacking Lan Fan.


22. "Backs in the Distance" (遠くの背中)

[Episode Preview]
A battle wages between Bradley, Gluttony and Ling while he carries along with him an injured Lan Fan. Ling tries to escape with her. Winry, meanwhile, recalls the day her parents left. Soon, Winry overhears crowds in the city talking about the fight Ed and Al are in with Scar. She instantly goes in search of them...

[Episode Description (WARNING: This will contain spoilers for episode 22, and possibly episodes before it!)]
However, as she approaches the scene, she overhears Ed questioning Scar over the death of her parents. Winry is clearly distraught by this revelation and breaks down --thoughts of revenge filling her mind. She falls to the floor, picks up a nearby gun and readies herself to shoot Scar.

Scar then begins to recall his past --the attack by the Amestrian Army on Ishval and his brother who had studied the heretical alchemy in order to fend off the invading army.

Many atrocities were commited in Ishval but some managed to escape; Scar and his brother, mother and father being among these. However, this did not last for long. They are soon confronted by Kimbley who unhesitantly strikes them down with his explosive alchemy, with the aid of a Philosopher's stone.

Scar is shielded from the attack by his brother, but still does not come out unscathed. A scar ripped into his forhead and his limb torn off, Scar is left clinging on to life when his brother comes to the decision to help his younger brother by replacing Scar's arm with his own.
Waking up in the hospital, Scar is confused to see his brother's arm attatched to his body and becomes histerical. And in his rage, he killed his saviors --the Rockbells.

Back in the present, Winry is unable to shoot, so Scar moves to attack. Ed protects Winry from the attack. But then Scar is then distracted by the memory of his brother shielding him in the same way. Using this to his advantage, Al then continues the battle with Scar, leaving Ed with Winry. He pleads with her to let go of the gun and Winry breaks down into tears.


23. "Girl on the Battlefield" (戦場の少女)

[Episode Preview]
Ed leaves Winry in the care of the military police in order to catch up with Scar and Al. Upon hearing the news over the military radio, Mustang orders Hawkeye to offer back up, as Ling continues to escape with Lan Fan...

[Episode Description (WARNING: This will contain spoilers for episode 23, and possibly episodes before it!)]
Al continues his fight with Scar, where he finds out about Al's state. Ed eventually catches up with them, and joins the battle. But their fight is soon interupted by the arrival of Gluttony, who was ordered to go after Scar by Bradley. However, Ling arrives to the scene and is able to subdue the homunculus and securely capture him, while Lan Fan hides in the sewers, her arm severed.

Meanwhile, Bradley is thrown off of Lan Fan's trail when he finds that the blood trail he had been following had been left behind by a dog on which Lan Fan's severed arm was attached to.

Soon, Hawkeye arrives during the fight between the Elrics and Scar, allowing Ling to get away with Gluttony. And before Ed and Al could finally capture Scar, May arrives just in time to save him, easily flooring Ed and Al in the process. She then uses her alkahestry to enable their escape. However, Shao May is left behind accidentally, and taken on by Al.

However, Hawkeye's getaway does not go unnoticed by Bradley, who easily recognises her.

When the brothers arrive back at central headquarters, they uphold their promise to tell Winry what is going on. She feels downhearted about the situation and is frustrated over how all she ever feels she can do is wait. But a call from her customers in Rush Valley serves to strengthen her resolve.

Later, Ed and Al bid farewell to her at the station as she makes her way back to Rush valley. It is at this point where Winry realises that she has fallen in love with Ed.

After, they join up with Mustang, Ling and the others at the hideout where Lan Fan's wounds are being treated by Dr. Knox. Soon, as they look upon an apprehended Gluttony, Ed, Al and Mustang are shocked to hear from Ling the news that Bradley is in fact a homunculus. Gluttony, upon hearing Roy's name, becomes furious when he recognises that he is the man who killed Lust. He breaks free of his shackles and transforms into something much more sinister.

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