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News & info on FMA "Sacred Star of Milos" movie on official JP site & around the web (Compiled "Movie Guide" on the first post..updated on Aug. 8, 2011) Please DO NOT post spoiler movie storyline here, If post contains movie spoiler discussions please post on SPOILER ZONE
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Guide to the new 2011 FMA Movie, Fullmetal Alchemist The Sacred Star of Milos

Japanese title: 鋼の錬金術師 嘆きの丘(ミロス)の聖なる星 (Hagane no Renkinjutsushi: Mirosu no Sei-Naru Hoshi)

English title: Fullmetal Alchemist The Sacred Star of Milos

Length: 110 minutes

Rating: This movie is rated (映倫区分) "G" (general audience, all ages admitted) in Japan. Although, the movie is quite "bloody" and contains some gruesome scenes and scenes depicting some cruelty.
It rated NC16 for blood spamming in Singapore.
We do not know the movie rating (where it's applicable) in other countries, including U.S. yet.

Official website: FMA:Sacred Star of Milos official JP site (We can watch all the trailers released so far on the site. However, the site takes log time to load.)

Theater Release dates:

Japan: One-time Premier special showing was held on June 29, 2011 in Tokyo, Japan. The nation-wide theater release was on July 2, 2011 with original Japanese version.

France: The theater release date for France is still unknown, but 400 lucky FMA fans in Paris were able to watch French subbed version in Paris on July 2, 2011, the same day the movie was released nation-wide in Japan!!

U.S: English subbed version was premiered at 2011 OTACON, on Sat. July 30, & Sun July 31, 5:00 PM (local time) at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland, and total of 8,000 fans watched the movie.
For the FMA fans on West Coast, the movie will be shown as part of Burbank International Film Festival on Saturday Sept. 17, 2011, 1:00 PM - 2:45 PM
The English subbed movie will come to regular theaters in U.S. early next year (2012), followed by DVD/BD release in Spring 2012.

Hong Kong: The movie will premier in 8 of 30 movie theaters in Hong Kong in the beginning part of November, 2011.
Pre-sale for the tickets will start July 29, 2011 at ACG HK.

Singapore: There will be limited number of showings in some theaters starting Aug. 19, 2011.

Taiwan: Movie will premier in movie theaters on Oct. 28, 2011.


Original FMA Characters:
Large roles:
(Click on the icons for larger images)

Edward Elric, Alphonse Elric

Minor roles:
(Click on the icons for larger images)

Winry Rockbell, Roy Mustang, Riza Hawkeye, Alex Louis Armstrong

The movie has a very few FMA characters... only Ed & Al in larger roles, plus Winry, Riza, and Roy in limited roles, and we see Alex in a very brief scene. There is no "FMA manga/Brotherhood anime"-only characters in the movie, nor any reference to these characters in the movie. Most of the story in the movie centers around the movie-only character, Julia, but there are plenty of action scenes with Ed, and Al, and action scenes in the movie are very, VERY dynamic.

New, movie-only characters:
Large roles:
(Click on the icons for larger images)
Julia Chrichton

Info from the official site, translated by Tombow here:
"To bring back the country, we need great power." (Note: There is no explanation for the quote, but assume this is Julia's words.)
A 16 years old girl who was born in the area used to be called "Milos," situated in West part of Amestris, between Amestris and Creta. She carries a sad past, of her parents being murdered when she was young. (um...like Bambi xP) Has a strong wish to re-establish her home country of Milos, and works as a core member of a resistance organization called "Black Bat." While in Table City for a secret mission for "Black Bat" she was caught by Amestris army, and held in the facility for illegal aliens, but she manages to escape, helped by the group members from "Black Bat" and Al.

Melvin Voyager
(Click on the icons for larger images)

Info from the official site, translated by Tombow here:
"You, ... you have put your hands into God's territory, haven't you?" (Note: There is no explanation on this quote, but assuming this is Melvin's quote, and guessing that this is his words to Ed when he runs into Ed and saw his automail, and possibly Al's condition.)
A jail-bird serving the 5 year sentence for robbery at the Central prison in Amestris. (26 years old). His parole was coming up in two months, but something triggered him to attempt to escape from the prison. During the incident (his escape from the prison) he run into Ed and Al. Ed and Al found that he's also a very skilled alchemsit, and the Alchemy he used during the escape from the prison was something they haven't seen before. After shaking off Amestris army, he heads straight to Table City in Milos. Interested in his powerful alchemy, Ed and Al decide to head to Table City after him.

Other movie-only characters: (shown only some of them here. There are other characters, but you have to see the movie for those ^^)
(Click on the icons for larger images)

From Left to Right: Wolf Chimera, Miranda, Alan, Tony

Story-line Time period & Relation to FMA anime/manga series:
The time of this story is set sometime during the period for FMA manga chapter 45, or around FMA:Brotherhood anime episode 20.
...Al is already able to perform alchemy without the alchemy circle, and Ed & Al, Roy & his gang are still in Central, and this was shortly after Roy and Havoc had a big "encounter" with Lust. (i.e. this is NOT post-series-final FMA:Brotherhood/manga series movie.)

HOWEVER, except the brief moment of reference to certain element in Brotherhood anime/FMA manga, the movie is pretty much "stand-alone" story (although the story is very much within FMA universe, with the use of Alchemy, etc.), and the movie is produced to be enjoyed by ALL FMA fans, including FMA fans who have watched FMA-1 only. (Although, there are some things that are "similar" to what we see in Brotherhood anime/FMA manga, though not completely same/or called with some different name, so the Brotherhood/manga fans may notice the similarity, and these could become discussion points for Brotherhood/manga fans after watching the movie, but FMA-1 fans may not notice. ^^)

Place/Story Location:
In the far Western region of Amestris, border of Amestris and Creta lies an area that was used to be the land for the now-lost nation of Milos, and in the center of the area stands a place now called Table City, so named by Amestris after it's occupation.
Attached File  MilosMap.png ( 46.76K ) Number of downloads: 9

Attached File  MilosMapHongKongMoviePamph.png ( 500.78K ) Number of downloads: 15

There are 3 informational (anime) videos that provide us with enough info about this region that will help understand the movie's storyline, and we highly recommend checking these videos (or screencaps and translations). Scroll down toward the bottom of this post for the links. smile.gif

Production Staff:

Original story: Hiromu Arakawa
Except providing the original design of some of the movie only characters, Hiromu Arakawa was said to have stayed away from any involvement in the anime production.

Screenplay: Yuichi Shinbo
The writer of the screenplay of this movie is also known as the author of several Japanese mystery novels (although he has written screenplays for other movie/anime movie also) and the story of the movie very much has a mystery novel "touch" with twists and turns.

Director: Kazuya Murata
Character Design & Chief Animation Director: Kenichi Konishi
Unit Director: Shingo Natsume
Animation Director: Kiyotaka Oshiyama
The above four were the main core of the anime production of the movie who decided on character expressions and moves, etc. Two main staff, director Kazuya Murata and character design/chief animation director Kenichi Konishi worked together in Studio Ghibli, and hence the movie may reminds you of other Ghibli movies.

Music: Taro Iwashiro
He is a veteran composer for many movies and epic TV series.

Art Director: Kazuo Ogura, Tomoaki Okada

Mechanical Design: Shinji Aramaki
Art Concept Design: Tomoaki Okada
Color Design: Fumiko Numahata
Director of Photography: Yoshiyuki Takei
Sound Director: Masafumi Mima

Theme Song/ED: L'Arc~en~Ciel
Opening Song: miwa

Animation Production: BONES
Distributor: Aniplex, Shochiku Co. Ltd.

Character Design:
Pre-production, original character designs (settei), including the design for Julia were sent by Hiromu Arakawa. The final charcter designs in the movie are neither FMA-1 anime nor FMA:Brotherhood anime. For example, Ed has lemon-Yellow colored eyes in the movie. XD And, in general, characters have proportionally longer legs than the counterparts in FMA-1 or FMA:Brotherhood (except Al who has "hefty" looking armor and smaller head). Also, often the ending of hairs are drawn uniquely rounded.
Attached File  EdAlRoundHair.png ( 119.94K ) Number of downloads: 24

VA Cast:

Japanese VAs for the original FMA characters are same as the cast of FMA:Brotherhood anime. And, unlike some other Japanese anime that often use pop singers, etc. for main roles, real professional actors/voice actors are used for movie-only characters (except the cast of "Black Mayonnaise" Japanese comedian pair for two very minor roles with one line each) so the Japanese VA casts in this movie are generally good and done professional jobs.

Edward Elric: Romi Park
Alphonse Eric: Rie Kugimiya
Winry Rockbell: Megumi Takamoto
Roy Mustang: Shinichiro Miki
Riza Hawkeye: Fumiko Orikasa
Alex Louis Armstrong: Kenji Utsumi
Julia Crichton: Maaya Sakamoto
Melvin Voyager: Toshiyuki Morikawa
Miranda: Sakiko Tamagawa
Lieutenant Colonel Hershel: Hidenobu Kiuchi
Alan: Takanori Hoshino
Tony: Shinji Kawada
Santos: Kosugi Ryuuichi
Carlos: Yoshida Takashi

Original Soundtrack (music by Taro Iwashiro)
Release date: June 29, 2011
Listen to the Original Soundtrack here! Attached File  2873urk.jpg ( 36.62K ) Number of downloads: 8

Opening Song: 「Chasing hearts」 by miwa
Release date: June 29, 2011
Listen to Chasing Hearts here!
See the Japanese and English lyrics to Chasing Hearts here!

Theme song/ED: 「GOOD LUCK MY WAY」by L'Arc~en~Ciel
Release date: June 29, 2011
Listen to Good Luck My Way, here!
Attached File  goodluckmyway.jpg ( 57.05K ) Number of downloads: 8

Trailers (on official JP site) (The page may take long time to load)
Currently listed trailers/promo vids are:

Top raw (from left to right): (They are all short, 15seocnds?)
- Audience reactions
- Comments from some of the music artists who have done OP/ED for FMA series (L'Arc~en~Ciel, miwa, YUI, NICO Touches the Walls, Sukima Switch, Lil'B, Chemistry, Scandal, Shoko Nakagawa)
- Announcement of bonus gift for the theater audience, FMA Volume 11 & 1/2
Second raw (from left to right):
- Selected scenes from the beginning part of the movie, 4 minutes long, including action scenes atop the running train.)
- Trailer #3 (trailer that came out 3rd, 90 seconds)
- Trailer #3 (trailer that came out 3rd, 30 seconds)
Third raw (from left to right):
- Trailer #2 (trailer that came out 2nd, 60 seconds)
- Trailer #2 (trailer that came out 2nd, 30 seconds)
- Trailer #1 (trailer that came out 1st)

After finish watching one trailer, click on the Red Circle at top right corner of the page to get back to the trailer's home page.

ENGLISH DUB TRAILER (Click to watch!)

Key visuals:
Attached File  kv1.jpg ( 93.55K ) Number of downloads: 30
Attached File  kv2.jpg ( 492.78K ) Number of downloads: 33
Attached File  kv3.jpg ( 740.02K ) Number of downloads: 36

Movie Introduction on official site (written mostly for people who have not watched/read FMA anime or manga series.)
Attached File  JpIntropage.png ( 690.17K ) Number of downloads: 11

The translation of the "Introduction" page content on the official site, courtesy of Amber1003 on her Deviantart journal, link posted by Kasumisty here
(Note: Amver1003's English translation has some "unique" style ^^)

Finally, the forbidden story of bond is told.

It ended in June 2010 and the accumulated total of series was over 50 million copies, "Fullmetal Alchemist" drawn by Arakawa Hiromu.
Elric brothers who committed a taboo, the original manga which depicted their pitiless journey and the whereabouts of their soul on on a magnificent scale called forth an echo.
Also, TV animation which was aired in accordance with the ending of manga is still fresh in our minds.
That "Fullmetal Alchemist" appears on a screen in summer 2011 again.
The director, Kazuya Murata (The series of "CODE GEASS Lelouch of the Rebellion") and character designer and chief key animation supervisor, Kenichi Konishi ("Tokyo Godfathers") are received as the new staff, in addition, the movie brings in Yuichi Shinpo who is the novelist and known for "Whiteout" etc as the screenwriter.
Studio Bones engages in creation of anime as well as previous series, and "Fullmetal Alchemist The sacred star on Wailing Hill (Miros)" will be delivered with the scale just like the movie.
Edward Elric and his young brother, Alphonse - they were still on the middle of journey with being tossed about by fateful waves...
The story of bond which is finally told rises the curtain here now.

Hiromu Arakawa's comments on the movie as shown on the Official Movie Website
(Translation of the comment by Tombow here)
From beginning to the end, the movie is filled with one action after another!
And, along with these action scenes, the powerful and dynamic main storyline advances tightly and superbly,
that is sure to deliver everyone a rich movie-going experience!
Yes, I tell you, I really enjoyed these numerous action scenes that are taking advantage of the unique geographical formations of Milos that allowed the action movements to leap in every which way! I had a fine time!
Hiromu Arakawa


Note: Our board staff strongly recommend NOT to read movie story spoilers (except the info shown here) for this movie. We understand that can be said for any movie viewing, but we strongly believe that it is especially paramount for the complete viewing experience for this particular movie. However, those who are curious, reviews with mild spoilers (covered with spoiler covers) written in English by those who had already watched the movie are available here. smile.gif

On the other hand, we strongly recommend reviewing the following movie "bonus" material BEFORE watching the movie:
FMA manga Chapter 45.5 by Hiromu Arakawa (It is on FMA Volume 11.5, available only at the movie theaters in Japan)
FMA mini comic by Hiromu Arakawa that "bridges" FMA Chapter 45.5 and the FMA miloStar movie
Three "Teach Us! Instructor Roy!!" videos on official JP site of the movie

We have translated all these materials. Please see below for more details, links to review the material and the translations:


Bonus gift for those who came to watch the movie at the theater in Japan: FMA Manga Volume 11 & 1/2
This Volume 11 1/2 contains 21 page long FMA manga chapter, Chapter 45.5 "Brief Moment" by Hiromu Arakawa (we have full scans and translations of the chapter) as well as interviews with movie production stuff and other movie info (not translated yet).
This volume 11.5 was distributed at the movie theater, free, to the first 500,000 audiences of the movie in Japan, starting July 2, 2011.

Cover of the Volume 11.5
(Click for larger-size image)

Movie theater-pamphlet: Sacred Star of Milos movie theater pamphlet (it is sold at the movie theaters in Japan starting July 2, 2011, and costs 800 Japanese Yen)
It contains an 8 page mini-FMA manga by Hiromu Arakawa, Fullmetal Alchemist "Sacred Star of Milos" - Prologue that bridges the FMA manga chapter 45 and the Sacred Star of Milos movie. The pamphlet also contains interviews and comments from production staff & voice casts and other movie info (not translated yet).

Cover of "Sacred Star of Milos" movie pamphlet
(Click for large size pic)

"Teach Us, Instructor Roy!" videos:

Special additional videos on the movie's official JP site that show additional information for the far Western region of Amestris. The movie's storyline is based on the complicated history of the region with 3-way power struggle among Creta, Milos, and Amestris. This is partially explained in the beginning part of the movie in the form of dialogue between characters, but because the dialogue is spoken fast many audiences seem to fail to catch these explanations fully. Therefore... is it highly recommended to view these three videos (or screencap & translations as linked below) PRIOR TO watching the movie

We can watch these videos on the "special" page on the official movie website. The videos as shown on the website (from left to right) cover "History", "Culture" and "Power". Overall, with these videos we can get essential information regarding these aspects of Milos.

However, videos are in Japanese, and therefore, we made translations with accompanying screencaps.
Below are links to screencaps and translations of these videos, courtesy of Tombow
"History" edition
"Culture" edition
"Power" edition

Funimation News/Links

- Official Milos Facebook page
- FMA twitter

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New info at Amber's new journal entry

1. Xingnese and Homunculi don't appear in the movie. :cries: (From the interview of the director on the magazine "Pafu")

Also I really liked that they are not gonna with filler romance.Finally,some logic!

But no Xing made me sad a bit...

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