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FMA "MiloStar" Story-line/Time-line/Plot discussions (Any post that contains actual movie spoiler --> please post in SPOILER ZONE forum), Please do NOT post any posts with movie spoilers on this thread!
post Nov 1 2010, 09:05 PM
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ETA: 11 April 2011

[Image Provided by hilary on this post.]

QUOTE (Tombow)
The quick reading tells me...

The first page scan in hilary's post above says the time period of the movie is when Al is already able to perform alchemy without the alchemy circle, and Roy and the gang are still in Central.

- From part of interview with the director of the new FMA movie...
He said they wanted to make a story for some place Ed and Al have never visited before, and make them meet some new people there, and then asked the writer, Mr. Shinpo who is also famous for his mystery novels, to write the story for this movie.


The latest info, (although we could already guess it ^^) is that according to the wording on recent Yahoo.jp news (the news was actually about the Japanese volume books of FMA manga being expected to surpass the total sales volume of 5,000,000 copies with the release of Japanese volume book 27 on Nov. 22) this has been announced to be an ANIMATION motion picture. ...yes, I know that's nothing new, but this is the first time I see that news media clearly saying this one will be an animation motion picture. ^^

And, since I'm making a new post, let me put my latest predictions/wild guess for the movie: XD

(Note: The following are my predictions/wild guess only, and there probably would be no truth to it. laugh.gif )

...There will be promo pic, poster, etc. for the new movie on Jan issue of Shounen GanGan, with increasing promo in coming months.

...The movie will open either July 2011 (first premier in June in Tokyo) or in Dec. 2011.

...In the movie, Ed & Al are still somewhere in the middle of FMA manga story-line, and the story in the movie is not directly related to the main FMAmanga story-line, but some side "event" such as in FMA Game "Prince of Dawn," with bad guys that are independent of the main FMA manga storyline, and of course Ed, Al, & Mustang's gang will eventually take care of the bad guys. tongue.gif


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post Nov 16 2010, 08:35 AM
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Oh wow, I never saw the first teaser for CoS until now either - it does make me feel a bit better. O_o That said, it's probably a stretch for us to hope for lightning to strike twice in the same place. My inclination is still that it will indeed be a midquel... especially since the main promo image shows them younger as well (whereas in Shamballa, didn't they mostly use that one image of 18-year-old Ed and human Al?).

But yeah, I am also disappointed that it does seem to be a midquel. sad.gif I was never a big fan of the video game plots. They're pretty generic and IMHO barely worthy of the FMA name. And while CoS was odd in many ways, I loved that it furthered the plot, unlike most anime movies based on TV series (*cough*Bleach*cough*Naruto*cough*). While I will still be thrilled to get any new FMA at all, half my excitement over the project was the tease that it could be a post-series adventure. While the conclusion was satisfying, there are still many more threads that could be followed and developed (for example, I'd like to see Xing and I'd like to see Ed and Winry's relationship progress as more mature young adults, as opposed to the constant immature bickering and UST we get through most of the series).

I am trying to reserve judgment on the art style, since the first teasers for Brotherhood were also underwhelming. But so far half the shots look half-baked to me (maybe they are unfinished...?) and the other half look pretty good.

My first reaction upon viewing the trailer was to LOVE the first shot of Ed asleep (I've always loved that one manga image and while there was a version of it that was a promo image for FMA1, this version is so much more detailed!). And I liked that they put a new creepy spin on an image that always seemed so peaceful before. But then it all just went downhill from there... I was not impressed with most of the rest of the trailer. Riza looked great and Ed's eyes looked great in that one close-up, but the rest... I hate animation that looks like squiggly lines (like some of the shots from a distance in Brotherhood) and this had it in spades. To me this does not look stylized, it just looks sloppy. And then the wolf dude. My first instinct was to cringe, but then I reminded myself that it was obviously a chimera and therefore acceptable. But then the flying gadget girl. *facepalm* This I could not recover from. It just looked like lame shonen action with outlandish bad guys! FMA is so much better than that!!! I could accept that in the games and in short bursts in filler anime episodes, but to center a whole movie around something like that? I sure hope not... Please let this crazy bat woman be just a tiny, TINY part of the film. >_<

And I missed out on the brief live action discussion a few pages ago, but I'd just like to add that there are other directors out there who could do justice to FMA besides Peter Jackson (although he would indeed be the dream ideal). I think Guillermo del Toro, Alfonso Cuaron or David Yates could also all do decent jobs. And yes, it is my gameplan exactly to pitch FMA as something in the style of Harry Potter or LoTR. Whoever back there mentioned they were in film school, I feel ya! ;D I went to NYU Tisch film school myself and am keeping a close watch on things here in Hollywood now... while trying my best to work some magic. wink.gif Who knows, maybe in a few years when FMA is a major blockbuster live action franchise, you all might recognize 'ol Allykatty1 from the message boards as one of the producers, lol!!! ;D
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post Nov 16 2010, 03:59 PM
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QUOTE (allykatty1 @ Nov 16 2010, 10:35 AM) *
But then the flying gadget girl. *facepalm* This I could not recover from. It just looked like lame shonen action with outlandish bad guys! FMA is so much better than that!!! I could accept that in the games and in short bursts in filler anime episodes, but to center a whole movie around something like that? I sure hope not... Please let this crazy bat woman be just a tiny, TINY part of the film. >_<

That pretty much covers my opinion for the flying bat-woman...machine guns/gadgets are so overrated. FMA can do better. (of course, I can't judge until I've actually seen the movie, lol)

I don't think a sequel to manga would be interesting. Everything is back to normal and we already know what is going to happen. What is there to expect? Diaper stories?

I agree with this. Though I would LOVE to know more about the FMA universe and all (what's in the West? more about Hohenheim's history? Xing? all the other foreign countries and their cultures? stuff like that), I don't think a sequel movie would fit the manga's plotline.

But I am a bit wary of a filler movie, too. >.<


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