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FMA "MiloStar" Characters discussions (Any post that contains actual movie spoiler --> please post in SPOILER ZONE forum), Please do NOT post any posts with movie spoilers on this thread!
post Mar 9 2011, 05:05 AM
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Characters from FMA:
Edward Elric

Alphonse Eric

Winry Rockbell

Roy Mustang

Riza Hawkeye

Alex Louis Armstrong

FMA:MiloStar movie-only characters:
Julia Chrichton

Info from the official site, translated by Tombow here:
"To bring back the country, we need great power." (Note: There is no explanation for the quote, but assume this is Julia's words.)
A 16 years old girl who was born in the area used to be called "Milos," situated in West part of Amestris, between Amestris and Creta. She carries a sad past, of her parents being murdered when she was young. (um...like Bambi xp) Has a strong wish to re-establish her home country of Milos, and works as a core member of a resistance organization called "Black Bat." While in Table City for a secret mission for "Black Bat" she was caught by Amestris army, and held in the facility for illegal aliens, but she manages to escape, helped by the group members from "Black Bat" and Al.

Melvin Voyager

Info from the official site, translated by Tombow here:
"You, ... you have put your hands into God's territory, haven't you?" (Note: There is no explanation on this quote, but assuming this is Melvin's quote, and guessing that this is his words to Ed when he runs into Ed and saw his automail, and possibly Al's condition.)
A jail-bird serving the 5 year sentence for robbery at the Central prison in Amestris. (26 years old). His parole was coming up in two months, but something triggered him to attempt to escape from the prison. During the incident (his escape from the prison) he run into Ed and Al. Ed and Al found that he's also a very skilled alchemsit, and the Alchemy he used during the escape from the prison was something they haven't seen before. After shaking off Amestris army, he heads straight to Table City in Milos. Interested in his powerful alchemy, Ed and Al decide to head to Table City after him.




Wolf Chimera

ETA: Apr. 13. Info added by Michiyo-


hi everyone!
It's me again!!XDDD

I've bought this month's magazine-animedia
and found these great news!!!!




just call me --> hil~ o w o
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post Apr 10 2011, 09:16 PM
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^I noticed that about Tony as well. I think it's his snubby nose and beady little eyes that makes him look so comical and out of place. >>
Thanks everyone for the screencaps! biggrin.gif I really appreciate it.

I'm not really sure what to think about the red haired girl, Julia. She's obviously one of the main characters, but I don't know anything else about her because I can't read Japanese. <<

Does anyone here read Japanese, and if so, could the maybe translate what it says on Julia's, and perhaps some of the other new characters pages? I found this page about her, but it doesn't say much about her, other than her appearances in the teaser trailers.

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post Apr 10 2011, 09:47 PM
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Thank you, Kasumisty and Michiyo-! biggrin.gif

QUOTE (Rainshine @ Apr 11 2011, 12:16 AM) *
Does anyone here read Japanese, and if so, could the maybe translate what it says on Julia's, and perhaps some of the other new characters pages?

Translations for Julia and Melvin are posted. biggrin.gif

I will check out the newer characters (Miranda, Tony, etc.) when I get the chance later. smile.gif


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