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That One Dude
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The year's 2010, and things are kind of freaky in the city-state of Chalk...

... it is literally a melting pot for everything: We've got vampires, demons, half-human hybrids, dragons, monsters of all kinds, people of all kinds... think of the United States, and add a 'magical' flavor to it...

... it's not limited to just that, though. Chalk harbors one of the country's biggest scientific facilities; it's been abandoned for years, though... or has it? Some people have 'theories' that Chalk's military force is up to something in there...

... and of course, no city is free of crime... in fact, most people know very well that Chalk has been home to a mafia, running for at least five generations by now...

It's not all bad in Chalk, though... after all, there are two sides to every story...

... a team of anarchists who would do to oppose the government and their military, sabotage their plans for war...

... the men and women in the local police force, who try so hard to keep the peace...

Which side is good? Which side is bad? Or do they all have varying degrees of good and bad to them? It's all up to you...


PM me if you'd like a more prominent position in one of the sections.

The Military:

A near omnipotent force in the city-state of Chalk. Their technology is several times more advanced than that of the common folk's. There are rumors about their newest project, Azrael, and how human lab rats are being used in said project... it doesn't hurt that there have been mass disappearances...

Characters in this society:

- Samuel Hazzard
- Elaine Becker
- Sinclair Wicker
- 'Leech'

The Mafias:

While there are are rivals for everything, the main family would be the 'native' mafia to Chalk, led by an unsympathetic young man. This mafia is just like any other; they want money, turf and power. Most importantly, they want to steal the military's status as top dog in the city...

Characters in this society:

- Elias Ophir Vera
- Charon Argyros
- Anna
- Raphael Creed

The Police:

The hard working men and women of the city, trying very hard to keep the peace. But there's always a rat...

Characters in this society:

- Cedric Donovan

The Anarchists:

These people are highly unorganized, have no particular grouping, ranking or order and want nothing to do with either the military, the mafia or the police - and sometimes, not even each other. They oppose everything for the sake of opposing everything, and so far, they don't seem to have gained anything from it...

Characters in this society:

- "Red"
- Robert James

The People:

The common folk. Some are complacent to the city's situation. Others aren't. Sometimes their families get caught up in all the chaos of the major forces in the city, and they aren't all too happy about being indirectly involved...

Characters in this society:

The Creatures:

Despite having their rights, they are still outsiders. They seem to be just as lost and guileless as human being can be, but who knows if they might have an ulterior motive...

Characters in this society:

- Clarence Taylor
- Simone LeRoi
- Leon Allard
- Roma Valerios
- Orestes Valerios



~ Arc I~
It starts when the project leader of Azrael, Samuel Hazzard, is approached by the fidgety (and mentally unstable) but talented Sinclair for something of a 'promotion', which is given, but under the penalty that if he fails, he will be handed over to their cruel overseer, the Brigadier General Becker. Meanwhile, in a bar downtown, Elias, the mafia boss, gives a pair of his underlings a mission that starts out being a cruel joke, but ends up being something that will risk the jobs and well-beings of both Raphael and Anna... not to mention, he is not aware that he's currently being tracked and observed by the wicked Brigadier General. Not too far from that very location, two policemen seem to be on the tail of a ghoul, who attracted the presence of Simone, the witch. After telling Robert (the ghoul) that he was being followed, the policemen were outed, where the rookie sadly, lost his life... to his very partner. Things are getting really chaotic now...

Any suggestions, PM me. Also, 'arcs' will take place every 6-10 pages.



- Basic laws of physics apply. However, if your character is non-human, try to put limitations on whatever special power they may have. Such as, if your character can fly, there is a limit to how high he/she can go, and how long he/she is able to fly.
- There exist other 'dimensions', as demons have to come from somewhere. However, try not to make posts such as 'and then he got bored and warped to the demon realm,' unless the specific power of your character would be to warp through dimensions/space/time. If they don't, though, make it more logical, like perhaps they have jewelry, a spell, or there is a portal that can allow them to do this.
- There is absolutely no limit to what powers, abilities or species you wish your character to be. If anything, the only thing that -can't- qualify for the RP would be an android. Cyborgs are allowed, but only if they are more realistic, like for example, they may have mechanical limbs, but they cannot run or jump very well because their parts are heavy/slow to respond.
- There is no limit to how many characters one can have.
- No god-modding.
- No double, triple, or quadruple posts.
- Don't use anybody else's RP characters unless you've been asked to take up their role (unlikely, but entirely possible).
- Keep things generally PG-13. Violence, swearing and romance is all allowed.
- On the opposite spectrum of things, light-hearted humor and comedy is allowed and greatly supported.
- Do not kill off somebody else's character unless you have made an arrangement with the person to do so.
- New characters can come and go on a whim. You don't have to use the same character for the entire RP if you get bored of them; switch it up, have fun.


Character Profiles:

- That One Dude

Name: Elias Ophir Vera
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Species: Half-Human Hybrid.
Appearance: Click here to see
Personality: Arrogant, stubborn and selfish. Has a surprisingly strong willpower.
Special Abilities: Can withstand intense heat and bend the element of fire to his will. Has amazing sharp-shooting abilities.
Weaknesses: Is 'allergic' to water, has little to no tolerance for the cold. Suffers from mild homophobia and moderate anthropophobia (fear of people). Has little to no close-combat experience.
Preferred Weapons: Crossbow, handgun
Profession: Assassin.
Position: Head of Chalk's 'native' mafia family.
Miscallenous: He has a giant pet 'rat' named Chompy and is fond of setting him loose on prisoners and traitors.

Name: Charon Argyros (pronounced KAH-ron)
Age: 57
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Appearance: Click here to see
Personality: Patient and calm. A tad shy.
Special Abilities: Excellent observational skills, is good at tracking and hunting.
Weaknesses: Is old and not quite as nimble as he used to be. Has a wound in his leg that hinders him from running or jumping.
Preferred Weapons: Gladius
Profession: Swordsman/Hunter, mentor to Elias.
Position: Advisor to Elias.
Miscallenous: Has a crush on Elias.

Name: Cedric Donovan
Age: 44
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Appearance: Click here to see
Personality: Quiet. Irritable. Has hidden depths to him.
Special Abilities: Good observational skills, has a heightened sense of justice and is incredibly resilient to pain since his body perceives it as pleasure.
Weaknesses: Is missing his left eye and has a lack of depth perception because of it. Has little to no patience for people and suffers from mild haphephobia. Easily deterred when he's caused pain precisely because it causes him a pleasant sensation.
Preferred Weapons: Handgun
Profession: Policeman
Position: Lieutenant/Detective
Miscallenous: Often goes off on dangerous missions just to get hurt. Has an adopted catgirl daughter named Fido.

Name: Clarence Taylor
Age: 72-73 (looks about 19)
Gender: Male
Species: ???
Appearance: Click here to see
Personality: Carefree, outgoing, and definitely can't keep it in his pants.
Special Abilities: Can 'transform' into a hideous monster that dines on the flesh of humans. Impervious to death (immortal), can heal quickly.
Weaknesses: Is a bit dumb, has no way to defend himself against any kind of threat.
Preferred Weapons: None.
Profession: None.
Position: Just a normal 'human' being.
Miscallenous: He likes being called 'Claire'.

Name: Elaine Becker
Age: 38
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Appearance: Click here to see
Personality: Stoic and tight-lipped. A hard*ss when she needs to be.
Special Abilities: Has heightened dexterity.
Weaknesses: Only the normal human ones.
Preferred Weapons: Handgun.
Profession: Army Officer
Position: Brigadier General and secondary commander of the region. Oversees several different projects.
Miscallenous: She enjoys watching 'experiments' go on, even though they can, at times, make her superior officer sick to his stomach...

Name: Roma Valerios
Age: Unknown, over 50 (looks about 20)
Gender: Male
Species: Devil
Appearance: Will be up soon.
Personality: Nice. Very nice. Until you get him mad.
Special Abilities: Can redirect energy, manipulate fire, has a thousand little tricks up his sleeve from the useless to the incredibly powerful, but does not use his powers often. Can also transform into a strange-looking creature.
Weaknesses: He's not very smart, and he's far too trusting of strangers. Gullible, naïve. Has virtually no resistance to the cold.
Preffered Weapons: A long-sword with a hilt engraved with rubies.
Profession: Shopkeeper/odd-job specialist.
Position: Owner and sometimes manager of Valerios' Trinket Trade
Miscallenous: He's very fond of witches.

Name: Orestes Valerios
Age: 382 (looks about 20)
Gender: Male
Species: Devil-Demon Hybrid
Appearance: Will be up soon.
Personality: Stoic and not very sociable. Keeps to himself and likes to keep it that way.
Special Abilities: He's an expert with a spear. Can suck the energy out of someone within contact.
Weaknesses: Lazy, doesn't like following orders, has very limited vision due to the fact that he was born with only one eye.
Preffered Weapons: Spears.
Profession: Shopkeeper/odd-job specialist.
Position: Manager and occasional guard for Valerios' Trinket Trade
Miscallenous: He can best be described as a cyclops.

- The Mad Bomber

Name: Samuel Hazzard
Race: Human?
Age: Above 20
Gender: Male
Job: Leader of Project Azrael (Military)
Personality: Stoic, private person, who takes great pride in his work.
Strong points: Calculative, unpredictable
Weak points: Over-zealous about his work, lack of empathy or reason at times.
Weapons: Test subjects, drugs.
Abilities/Skills: An expert in the field of bio-genetics thus proficient in medicine and has great knowledge of the human body. Capable of creating/always equipped various drugs to aid him or his `comrades`
Appearance: Tall, skinny. Dark short hair, greyish eyes.
History: Samuel Hazzard was born in a military base and has spent his entire life within the military, at a young age he was trained by the military as a soldier under unknown and questionable conditions. As he matured however it appeared, that his own interests were inclining towards science and the field of bio-genetics. At the age of 20 he was signed to project Azrael as an assistant researcher under doctor Morrisson, who from the very start appeared suspicious of the new arrival, whose doctors certificate had been forged by the military. Hazzard would spend the following years as an assitant researcher despite growing concern about his true role by his superior. Eventually Morrison went missing and the military assigned Hazzard as project leader of Azrael. After these events Hazzard began to exhibit a compulsive need to wear a gas mask, those working for him or with him can only guess what brought this about tough there are stories flying about.
Picture: Click here to see

Name: Robert`Shooting Gallery` James
Gender: Male
Species: Undead-Ghoul
Age: Appears to be at least over 20.
Appearance/Clothing/Accessories: Click here to see
Position/Society: Anarchist
Weapons: Six guns, two colts, two uzi`s, a sawed off shotgun and a grenade launcher.
Abilities: Able to withstand obscene amounts of punishment due to his undead state tough he does not have regenerative abilities, expert marksman and experienced soldier.
Personality: Robert is a quiet man by nature, only speaking when spoken to and when he feels it is necessary. He seems very calm and calculative at first, but scratch the surface and beneath lies the heart of a gun maniac, who enjoys nothing more than instigating and enganging in a fire fight. Whenever in battle or near a battle, he gets wound up and only seeks to concentrate empty his guns at his opponents regardless of the damage to himself. His philosophy in `life` is that doing things half-way comes across as unacceptable.
History: Robert formerly served in the army in a secret project as an enforcer of sorts, but he met his untimely demise at the hands of a rebellious necromancer, who he had been sent to detain for information. Revived as an undead by the necromancer, due to the backlash of his failure, Robert was quick to gain his freedom and abandon the army. Ever since then he has been wandering around, participating in shootouts, duels and even turning a market into a shooting gallery for no apparent reason. He just recently sneaked into Chalk.

Name: Azrael Subject Number VII, Leech.
Race: Genetically modified human
Age: 2 years old, but appears to be 20 years old.
Gender: Male
Classification: Genestealer
Personality: Silent, practically a mute at this point, inquisitive.
Strong points: Quick to adapt, tireless, straightforward.
Weak points: Little to no understanding of the world, impulsive, naive.
Weapons: Natural fighting ability
Abilities/Skills: Able to adapt and consume vast amounts of knowledge in a matter of days(mainly meant to bring him up to speed about the world), capable of stealing features and memories of living beings via consuming their flesh.
Appearance: Pale, blonde haired youth with sharp features. The roman numeral VII branded on his palm.
History: Contained in the heart of the military facility, Subject number VII is the first Azrael subject deemed sane and capable of functioning outside the tank. Leech as he is referred to, has merely opened his eyes a few times before falling back to hibernation, but soon he is about to plunged into what will be a bloody and cruel existance.
Picture: Click here to see

- MaiShadowAlchemist

Name: Anna
Gender: Female
Species: Demon
Age: Unknown
Appearance/Clothing/Accessories: (Including the red marks) Click here to see
Position/Society: Professional Assassin Working For Chalk's "Native" Mafia Family
Weapons: Click here to see
-Enhanced speed
-Ability to influence human minds (to an extent)
-Healing factor (speed of healing depends on the wound and/or method used)
Usually showing a stoic and nonchalant manner, Anna is far from being any of that. Given to cruelty and sadism, she can only be described as a manipulative demon who likes to be in control. Her daily acts include: identity theft, assault, arson, and cold blooded murder. Acts that (as an professional assassin) she finds totally justified. Yet, despite what might seem as a "troublesome-persona" she's always serious when it comes to business, never failing to complete any task.
History: Unknown

Name: Simone LeRoi
Gender: Female
Species: Witch/Bokor (Voodoo Practitioner Who Uses Black Magic)
Age: Unknown (Looks 20)
Appearance/Clothing/Accessories: Click here to see
Position/Society: The Creatures (Has no official profession but she's usually seen reading other people futures, brewing potions/poisons and creating curses under requests)
She carries several poisoned needles and talismans with her. Click here to see
-The ability to use black magic
-Read the past and see the future (though with her scheming nature this ability is seriously questioned)
-Communicate with the dead (There several rumors that say she can also control dead corpses to certain extent)
Simone appears to be quite enigmatic and eccentric, often described as being crazy. Her personality is playful and sneaky and she likes talking in riddles, perhaps taking joy in allowing people to figure things out by themselves. Despite being a scheming bokor who tricks her victims into making deals with her, she isn't exactly dishonest as she does give them exactly what she promises, even though it isn't what they have in mind.
History: Unknown

Name: Raphael Creed
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire
Age: Unknown (Physically looks like he's 24)
Appearance/Clothing/Accessories: Click here to see
Position/Society: Works As A Thief For Chalk's "Native" Mafia Family
He prefers hand-to-hand combat, but when the situation calls for it he's willing to use any weapon that's close at hand.
-Enhanced strength and senses
-The ability to drain the life-force of other beings (not to the point of death but to the point of collapsing)
Raphael can often appear cheerful and friendly at one moment, but vindictive and cruel the next, hinting he most likely puts up a fake persona depending on the situation and/or person. It is almost impossible to know what's going through his head since he presents a calm demeanor in all situations.
History: Unknown

Name: Unknown (People call her "Red")
Gender: Female
Species: Hybrid
Age: 20
Appearance/Clothing/Accessories: Click here to see
Position/Society: Anarchist
Pair of modified Barrett M82 rifles that can be used as scythes. Click here to see
-Can handle pretty much anything that fires bullets.
-Extensive hand-to-hand combat skills
As a proud anarchist Red enjoys any kind of ruckus...even more when she's the one creating it. But while displaying a crude, punkish, immature behavior, and being especially cruel toward any figure of authority (specially the police and the military) she displays a normal and even decent behavior towards her "comrades". She might appear childish and oblivious at first, but when she wants she can be quite cunning and smart, always planning ahead for everything.
History: Unknown

- Razzy

Name: Sinclair Wicker
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Species: Mostly human, though he has the slightest bit of demon in him.
Position: Military; currently working on Project Azrael as a scientist
Skills/Abilities: He is a very talented scientist. He can also have short bursts of energy, in which he has inhuman speed and strength.
Personality: His behavior is extremely erratic and seemingly senseless. He is a hard worker and easily becomes absorbed in his work, though sometimes to an unhealthy extent (as in, going days without sleep, etc.). Friendly toward most people. Usually very calm, though easily angered. Easily offended.
Appearance: Click here to see
History: Sinclair has spent the last two years as a patient in Chalk’s psychiatric hospital. He had been working for the military previously, but he suffered a mental breakdown at work (Sinclair has always been secretive of his personal life, so one could only guess what exactly triggered it), followed shortly by his vicious, random murder of one of his co-workers with the use of scientific equipment. He seems to be in denial of the whole incident. However, when Project Azrael started up, Sinclair was released from the hospital, at the military’s request (only so he could be recruited as a scientist for the military once again, and working on Project Azrael).
Family: none to speak of
Other: He is a germaphobe. He avoids physical contact with others as much as possible, and on occasion will go out of his way to disinfect things.

Name: Leon Allard
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Species: Human/Animal hybrid
Appearance: this
Abilities/Skills: Is physically stronger than the average human. Can also run faster and jump higher. However, this causes him to exhaust himself quickly; he has to eat and sleep a lot, but barely does either, and this neglect for his well-being has worn down his physical and mental health.
Personality: Careless, outspoken, short-tempered, aggressive. He has his moments of naivety. Usually says what’s on his mind. Self-indulgent, self-destructive. At times he can be surprisingly sympathetic.
History: Not much is known about his past. However, he apparently did suffer abuse as a child, and that is probably why he is always quick to distrust and get frustrated with both himself and with other people. Due to some kind of gene splicing project, he is part animal; it is unknown as to what kind of animal he partly is, but it seems to be some kind of predator. Currently he is busy being a lazy good-for-nothing.
Family: no one important
Other: He is addicted to caffeine, and can barely function without it.


The melting pot is boiling over...

You aren't scared, are you?
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"Witch be the term you lookin' for boy..." Simone explained calmly to Leon, almost as if controlling people against their will was an every-day thing...which probably was. "Help the mister get up..." She said as she stepped back so Leon could help him, and she could turn around so as to look at Clarence...knowing the boy knew the spell would soon wear off.
"You boys COULD be helpin' willingly...you know, do somethin' different for a change, get sweet reward" She stated bluntly...the cards were on the table...saying yes or no was all up to them.


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- - That One Dude   Charon furrowed his brow, and simply pressed his h...   Apr 24 2011, 10:49 PM
- - MaiShadowAlchemist   (I'm back!!!!!) Simone si...   Apr 25 2011, 07:02 PM
- - The Mad Bomber   As it just so happened the very moment Cedric came...   Apr 26 2011, 06:55 AM
- - Razzy   Leon tried to fight against whatever was taking co...   Apr 27 2011, 01:20 PM
- - That One Dude   "..." It wasn't the first time Charo...   Apr 27 2011, 09:55 PM
- - The Mad Bomber   Robert let out a wheezing chuckle as a sadistic ex...   Apr 28 2011, 12:01 PM
- - Razzy   “Ew! But he’s bleeding,” Leo...   May 1 2011, 09:24 PM
- - The Mad Bomber   Before Leech could come up with more questions for...   May 2 2011, 11:40 PM
- - Razzy   "Just when it's getting interesting,...   May 6 2011, 01:09 PM
- - MaiShadowAlchemist   Smirking happily at Leon's answer -which she t...   May 7 2011, 09:06 PM
- - That One Dude   Charon merely groaned. First off, he didn't re...   May 10 2011, 05:04 PM
- - The Mad Bomber   A clipboard whirled right past Sinclair head and s...   May 11 2011, 09:14 AM
- - That One Dude   "No. You either leave Chalk now, or I'll ...   May 15 2011, 06:34 PM
- - Razzy   Leon could tell that the witch's hold on him w...   May 16 2011, 03:14 PM
- - The Mad Bomber   Robert sighed a bit as the stubborn old fool thoug...   May 17 2011, 11:16 AM
- - MaiShadowAlchemist   (I'm back! DX Sorry guys, final tests caug...   May 24 2011, 04:16 PM

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