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The obsession with the weight of females., Who's to blame?
Envy's Lady
post Dec 27 2010, 01:31 PM
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Okay this whole obsession with a woman's weight really bothers me.

Very often other women will express to me things like "You're so thin! I envy you!" and I'm thinking "Why....why do so many women want to be so thin like me?"

I accept the way I am and have learned to like myself the way I am but that doesn't mean I think other people should try to be a size 0 too. Yes I LIKE my size but that's only because I should be happy with the way I naturally am right? It is natural for very few people though I think and I hate seeing people starve themselves to be that way. I think that in general women who are larger than me are considered more attractive too by men. Most guys like girls with larger breasts than me and a fuller figure. I think a lot of guys tend to assume I'm starved since that's the image portrayed of all skinny women which also bothers me. I've had people come up to me and say things like "What do you eat? One cracker a day?" And that is of course not true but I wonder how many people would believe me if I really told them I just ate 4 slices of pizza and also had some chocolate and that I did not puke it back up after(I hate puking I've only puked once this year due to being sick).

And one time on some forum I used to go to someone took a picture of me and pasted it in with concentration camp victims. I've also had a girl yell at me in the cafeteria when I was putting my back pack on "Careful you might break your skeletal frame!"

I get a lot of backlash and hate for being so thin.

I know people hate being called fat but being called a starving stick isn't exactly nice either.

Also large breasts seem more 'valued' in our society than small ones and mine are small. So other girls who are larger than me, although they want to be as thin as me, they probably don't want my small breasts. Being as thin as me and having large breasts at the same time probably isn't going to happen for hardly anyone. This is why a lot of women are so insecure. Look at the standards we're expected to be like.

I have insecurity issues about my boobs sometimes....and since I was born with a birthmark on my face that caused me a lot of insecurity also. Birthmark is obvious in this picture: http://frigida.homestead.com/files/DTAC4.jpg

I do struggle with feeling beautiful sometimes.

Has anyone else had this problem? Where does this obsession with weight come from?

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post Dec 29 2010, 05:04 AM
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You aren't the first member on this forum to have had this problem.

Let me try and put my thoughts in. My weight, in regards to health, is fine. In terms of this country's average, I am a smaller size than many women.

Do I still wish to be thinner? Yes, I do, because I can't see it from your side of things. If we take our old friend, the media, in to account then my size is still deemed too large to be attractive enough to portray. Fashion dictates we should be thin, so we are told we should get ourselves down to size 0 so we fit in to those skinny jeans etc. Just as you are unfairly criticized for being too slim, others are unfairly criticized for being too large. In a world where slim is deemed a far more attractive quality, only those who have been on the receiving end (as you have) can fully understand being slim isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Now, as for breasts, it depends what you class as "valued". I have a friend with very large breasts (H cup) but she is also fairly slim (UK 10/US 8). People see her and think she is going to be a complete airhead who is obsessed with her appearance and she hates it. Can she do anything about it? Aside from surgery no. She has gone in to modelling, and though accepted in the USA, she's struggled here in the UK because she still deemed too large for the target audience. Having large breasts has been a burden to her so she tried to make something of it and still comes across blocks in the road.

We're a judgemental society. That will never change.


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