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Chaos Theory, Let the chaos begin!
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The Mad Bomber
post Oct 17 2010, 05:35 AM
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The city of Zion, an industrial city located at the centre of vast plains, is seemingly peaceful and tranquil with it`s streets being patrolled by well armed patrols. Yet despite that every single citizen knows better than that and locks their doors in order to stay safe, not from thieves or burglars mind you. As of late the city has been shaken by nightly battles between unknown participants, no one knows who they are or what they want, but one thing that is certain is that they do not like each others. The situation seems to be spiraling out of control and the governor of the city seems to be buried with various complaints as it seems alarmingly apparent that no one is safe from this unknown plight.

Yet where there is chaos, there is also opportunity, at least for those who are powerful enough to grasp it.

Speaking of opportunity.... in an obscure corner of the city known as the Red District, is an old run down building. It was once some sort of social club judging by the looks of it, but it seems to have been recently renovated by the new propioter of the building. Above the heavy, oaken twin doors hangs a large sign with the word `Chaos` written on it, a name that might have befit some kind of occult club of somesort. Upon entering, you find yourself in a small lounge with a couch, a desk and a chair. The couch is empty and judging by the dust it has gathered does not seem to be in frequent use, the desk on the other hand seems to be polished so that one can see their own image upon the wooden surface. Neatly bundled on the desk lays a red book and a pen, nothing out of the ordinary it seems. The walls are painted dark green and most of the furniture is either wooden or red coloured, creating a somewhat cosy athmosphere. On the other side of the room is yet another set of twin doors and judging by the scribling sound resonating from within someone is feverously writing something down.

Upon entering the room you find yourself being stared down by a lanky figure standing right next to you. He simply examines you from head to toe before returning to whence he came, sitting down behind a desk directly facing the entrance, some five meters away from the door. Looking around at the room you find it to be surprisingly spacious with a staircase to your left, the desk in front of you and a whole lounge exending to the right. The lounge is fully accomodated with luxurious couches, chairs, an antique table in the middle, a fireplace and even a pool table at the end of the room near two windows that allow to keep an eye on the only street providing entrance to the building.

The lanky man, who has continued writing something down begins to speak with a calm tone and invites you to sit across him. You move without a second thought and nervously glance around, feeling as tough there was someone else in the room besides you and the apparent owner of the business. You glance about the room nervously, trying to find the words to describe the problem you and that you had heard that the owner might be able to help in return for a fee. Before you manage to say anything the owner speaks one word only.


You are no doubt confused and begin to inquire what he meant by that. The owner bluntly admits that his operation might seem rather obscure yet he continues to explain that only the those, who are ignorant of what is going on in the city do not know about his work. The lanky man stops writing and leans back in his chair as he confirms that he is indeed in the business of eradicating, expelling the occult elements that plague the city. Starting from demons to their angelic counter parts and other supernatural beings that bother the common folk. He goes onto warn that his fee is quite high as he his associates are quite a greedy bunch, but without a doubt they could get the job done.

You are either relieved that you have found the solution to your problems or terrified that your worst fears have come true, but whatever the case you go onto describe what is plaguing you and what you want done about it. The lanky man seems to be listening keenly and at the same time his pen scribbles down every little detail. After having described the problem the man insists to be paid in advance, which you are luckily prepared for and hand over the savings you had withdrawn from the bank earlier that day. The man counts the money with a shark-like smile and you swear that those teeth are not human, or at least that`s what your mind keep telling you.

After placing the money aside the propertior informs you that as soon as they are able, either he or one of his associates will deal with the situation. Without a word you get up from the chair, simply wanting to leave the building as soon as possible. Yet as you open the first twin doors you gaze at the lounge behind you, you see shadowy figures appearing on the couches and then when you look again at the entrance lounge there is someone sitting in the chair, that was certainly empty the entire time you were there. These figures, you know that they are not human and that you had just hired the owner to get rid of one akin to them. You slowly turn to look at the owner of the store, who simply smirks at you with a set of decaying teeth.

"Ignorance is bliss eh?"

The man laughs as you charge out of the building and quickly pace away from the building, putting as much distance between yourself and beings within.


Basicly Zion is plagued by supernaturals running rampant and battling each others or simply disturbing the common peace. Chaos is an agency formed by my character, that deals with situations involving the supernatural. Chaos employs humans with abilities, demons etc, whatever you can think kinda. They aren`t really good or evil, simply being looking to make a profit out of other people`s misfortune. The techology is around 1800 so guns exist, but they are flintlocks, muskets etc. Early industrialism is beginning with railroads being fairly new, but existing, The common populance is usually taught to believe is reasoning and logical thinking, which relates to the whole events.

Common people are unable to see demons or other beings because they do not basicly `believe`, that they exist, ignorance is bliss basicly. People with powers and some people, who might be very religious are actually able to see the supernatural because they do not `ignore` their existance. The basic idea here is that, the human brain basicly tells the human that something isn`t possible and that is why they simply cannot see what really is. Supernaturals can appear to humans as human beings to fool and even live amongst them, making it the perfect cover, but there is the risk that some humans might be able to see through the `disguise`.

Everyone is free to join and you can take any role you want to. You can be part of Chaos (at least one besides me hopefully), a unaffiliated supernatural, independent demon hunter(just an example), or a normal human, who discovers the supernatural. These are some examples, I basicly give you full freedom on this. If your character is apart of Chaos, you can either have them be a member from the start(and we`ll put together a bit of a history between our characters naturally) or you can have them join up, how you ask? Posters, yes, I said posters. Chaos is sorely lacking in personnel, forcing the owner to spread posters around his corner of the city, hoping that some desperate supernatural would catch onto the chance to make some cash etc.


Name: Pierce
Race: Poltergeist posessing a dead human.
Age: 22 Apparently
Gender: Male
Job: The Manager Of Chaos
Personality: Opportunistic, mellow, lazy.
Strong points: Able to stay calm in danger and read his enemies in order to exploit their weakness.
Weak points: Overconfident, unwilling to make initiatives.
Weapons: A pair of steel reinforced fighting gloves
Abilities: Pierce is able creating illusions in order to manipulate people, possible even demons and other beings. His body is able to take an unprecedented amount of punishment and simply continue moving as it is already dead, broken bones and bloodvessels mean nothing to him. He also possess superhuman strength, tough he rarely exhibits this ability as he chooses to avoid hand-to-hand battles, if he can.
Appearance:Tall, lanky. Dark hair, hazy greenish eyes.
History: Pierce, as he is now known, has excelled in his new supernatural form so well that he has actually come to enjoy the state of undeath. By possessing a human body he can almost live as a normal human, but as a side effect he seems to have completely forgotten his former identity and the very reason, why he still exists on earth as a poltergeist. Needless to say he seems to have simply chosen to continue living like a human albeit in supernatural conditions and with his abilities is able to even compete with the demons in battle tough he prefers to use diplomacy as his first weapon.


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post Nov 20 2010, 04:59 PM
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Tom had been absentmindedly poking at his side, which was bleeding a bit and still painful (however, he seemed more upset over his vest being ripped and blood-stained, and therefore ruined.)

He did this in an attempt to ignore the fire as much as possible; as a young adult he had developed a small, but bizarre, pyrophobia. The screaming did not help, but Tom realized, Ah, c'est la vie; at least they were done with that one.

"What?" Tom asked, staring back at Pierce. His tone was almost careful, as though he suspected that he was in some kind of trouble.


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