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Fahrenheit 2600, The temperature at which cities burn.
post Sep 20 2010, 07:38 PM
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The RP forum has been slow lately, since I'm sure a lot of our members are busy. So I'm not expecting this RP to really get started anytime soon, but I'll wait until whenever people join.


Fahrenheit 2600

This is based on the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, but you don’t have to read it to understand this RP. I also added some things, so it’s not exactly like the book.

(Although the book takes place in America, this RP will take place in fictional cities in a fictional country.)

Background Info: (if you haven’t read the book, this is what you need to know)
This is the future: convenient, violent, and senseless.

Houses are mechanical; they do the chores, make the food, entertain its inhabitants with TVs that are more important to most people than their family members are.

Children are brought up in a world where their parents send them away so their parents don’t have the trouble of taking care of them, where children are taught by computers in school, where people commit random acts of violence, where people drive too fast just to get the thrill of running people over in the streets.

Music, advertisements, relentless noise is blasted from everywhere; there is no peace and quiet, even when people try to fall asleep. People listen to their “shells” (think MP3 players) constantly. They rarely try to conduct in conversations with one another.

Books are illegal. Free-thinking is frowned upon. Everything is censored.

Firemen and firewomen don’t put out fires anymore. They start fires. They burn books, and the homes they are kept in. Anyone who is caught in possession of books is sent to prison, or mental institutions. Any hope of escape is thwarted by the fire department’s mechanical hounds, who can track any scent, run faster than any human, and can kill its targets with poisonous injections.


In all of this craziness, there are those who want to fight against it. Outside of society, in an abandoned city known simply as New Fetana (a city that had been destroyed by warfare, like many cities in the world), a place where those people who live in the “normal” society don’t bother to tread, a self-sufficient group has secretly organized to attack the highest powers of society, to bring back books, to get rid of the mechanical houses, to try and restore humanity, to go back to simpler times. They simply (and suitably) call it “the Uprising”. They call themselves “The Risen”.

However, this is not an easy task, seeing as how they are surrounded by enemies, especially in the neighboring city, Alamore, the largest city filled with the most powerful people and companies in the country.

The Risen have been organizing these attacks for years now, and it’s about time they strike.

Your character can be for or against the Uprising. Or neutral, it doesn’t matter.
When you post your characters, state whether they are for, against, or neutral to the Risen. Also, state the type of character they are, which are as follows:

Firemen/women – their job is to burn houses containing books. Your character could be totally for their job and against the Uprising, or they might have changed their ways and joined the Risen. Or whatever you can think of.

Book Keepers – former book owners who either own books or have memorized bits of books. They were kicked out of society and initially started to organize the Risen.

City Dwellers – people who are a product of society. They’re against the Uprising. Your characters can be citizens, criminals, or people of power that the Risen are going to attack directly.

Higher-ups – higher-ups of the Risen.

Outsiders – people who have left society on their own accord. They might have already joined the Risen, or are trying to find them, or are just wandering around the outskirts of society. For any reason.

Other – whatever you can think of, feel free to make it.

1) No one-liners.
2) No godmodding.
3) Be nice to other members!
4) Keep violence, romance, and swearing at a PG-13 level.
5) Have fun~

Oh, and this is sometime in the future. So any weapons/technology can be futuristic. But don’t get too crazy futuristic (they still drive cars. Not hovercrafts or rockets or jetpacks or robot unicorns).


Name: Wilhelm “Will” Braun, Book Keeper
Alignment: a member of the Risen (for 3 months)
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Personality: Restless. Shifty. Extroverted. Willing to be a leader when necessary, but is usually a follower. Can cooperate with others, but will not tolerate working with people he doesn’t respect. Due to his mood swings and his tendency to be impulsive, his true intentions are usually unclear to those who don’t know him well. He doesn’t like to get emotionally close to others. Near people he doesn’t know well, he can be over-protective of himself and his possessions; he is somewhat paranoid. He finds many things intriguing, and will occasionally stick his nose in other people’s business.
Strengths: follows orders (as long as he respects whoever is giving the orders) while still capable of thinking for himself, physically strong, can run fast
Weaknesses: can only run short distances, careless due to lack of awareness of his surroundings, volatile mood swings, compulsive liar
Appearance: Wilhelm
(He also wears black boots, which I failed to draw because I'm lazy.)
Weapons: Anything he can find. Usually he carries around a pistol in his coat, and a rifle on his back.
Will was born into the technology-worshipping society just like any normal person. His parents sent him away to a boarding school at the age of five. However, school could not beat out his eccentric personality, just as his parents had failed to do. So he became distant from others. In secret, he kept a sketchbook and a journal. Eventually he started painting, and became less discrete about his art. However, he always hid his collection of books, for fear of them being confiscated, and him being imprisoned.

When he turned sixteen, he figured he had had enough of learning useless information, and left school. He went back home to his parents, only to be shooed away again. He was told to find a job, but he basically became a homeless bum. When he was eighteen years old, a girl helped him out. She was not as brainwashed as the rest of the world, so they soon fell in love. She let him stay in the basement of her family’s house, and was treated like a member of the family. After years of a relatively happy relationship, they moved into their own house (and Will got a job, as did his girlfriend). Eventually, they got engaged.

At first, they lived together happily. Though his girlfriend eventually joined the mold of society, spending all of her time interacting with the fake characters on TV. Will always tried to take her away from those things, and, although it seemed to work for a while, his attempts were ultimately in vain. However, he figured that he would tell her about his big secret, since they were to spend their lives together. She had always known about his art. But now he told her about his rather extensive secret book collection.

She immediately reported him the fire department. Will, greatly angered by the fact that he had been ratted out by the “love of his life”, brutally killed his fiancée with a fan blade (even now he denies that he ever did such a thing, maybe either because he really believes he didn’t or because he feels no regret over it).

He left the house before the fire department had arrived and burned the house down after they did a thorough book search and dragged out the dead body of Will’s fiancée.

They sent mechanical hounds after him, who almost killed him had it not been for the Risen who saved him. However, he did obtain some nasty injuries in doing so, leaving scars on/around his mouth, left arm, neck, and chest.

The Risen brought Will to New Fetana, and he happily joined them.
Family: mother, father
Theme Song: The Good Life – Three Days Grace
Other info: He has a cross that he wears around his neck (under his shirt); he is not religious, but he finds religion fascinating, and thinks of his cross as a “lucky charm” of sorts. He has memorized bits of the Christian Bible, as well as some of ‘Der Struwwelpeter’ (too bad he has no idea what it means), and parts of a cookbook.

And I’m going to add some higher-ups so they can give orders and help move the RP along, action and plot-wise…

Name: Darius Evans
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Position: Leader and Co-founder
Appearance: average height, average weight. Chin-length black hair, grey eyes. Wears a black trench coat over a white t-shirt, brown cargo pants, black gloves, and black shoes.

Name: Abigail Morgan
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Position: Co-founder
Appearance: tall and thin. Brown eyes, short blonde hair. Wears a red turtleneck, white scarf, jeans and black boots.


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