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Shadows Of The Paragon, Post-apocalyptic madness
The Mad Bomber
post Aug 10 2010, 12:37 PM
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Someone made a request for a new rp, I had a few ideas and this is what I came with this time around. As always in my rps humanity has once again managed to f*!@ up, big time. No surprise there really... oh and this is a futuristic rp, there are no laser weapons, but cyborgs and advanced droids exist, also some of mankind have developed Psychic abilities yet these are prone to have mental disabilities or diseases to counterweight.


The year is 3066 AD, Earth has become decimated by pollution, warfare and catastrophies. Mankind has retreated into so called `Safe Zones`, largest of which are Japan, United Kingdom, Greenland and Australia. Elsewhere humanity is confined to their largest cities, which are heavily fortified and protected by various barriers, such as New York, St.Petersburg and Bejing, to name a few. Humanity numbers in one billion and as always life isn`t easy for commoners, but despite various disasters that humanity has faced, the race seems to be recovering. A new wave of colonization out to the barren wilderness has began with colonists finding new settlements and revitalizing the enviorment with new, profficient technology.

This was mostly thanks to a corporation named Paragon Enterprises, which revolutionized energy production and other areas of industry with a new power source named Sygnite. It seemed like the magic-bullet for all the problems and granted Paragon basicly the power to regulate it`s use thus making them effectively new rules of mankind. This however has not made them tyrants or power-mongerers in the public eye, but like every faction that gains power even Paragon Enterprises has it`s own dirty secrets.

One of these is a group only known as Null, commanded by the CEO of the corporation. Null is a band of mercenaries, soldiers, cast-offs and criminals or simply talented people, that have been brought together to deal with issues that the corporation does not wish to see reach the light of day. Some people are brought into Null with force, others are offered amnesty for their crimes and some of them are simply hired.


1. NO ONE-LINERS (no one liners!!! NEVER!!!)
2. Blood, death, violence and swearing allowed, but let`s keep it within reasonable limits as always.
3. Romance is fine, just nothing too sexual.
4. Be serious, people; tough a comedic relief once in a while is appriciated...
5. No god-moding.
6. No controlling other RPers characters.
7. No killing another character without permission from that character's respectful RPer.
8. To improve the depth of the characters, make sure to think of a backstory that fits the setting, how the chaos and death has shook your characters life etc. Would be great if someone even made suggestions to me about my character having met your character in the past or somehow having been involved in their life.
9. Have fun! laugh.gif


1. The main idea is that our characters are a part of NULL, a team of gifted people (a very relative term) doing the dirty cover-ops of Paragon, but if you want to have a character outside the team etc then contact me and we`ll discuss it.
2. Your character can be basicly anything! Mutant, cyborg, dentis... Or well... as long as they prove useful to the team in some manner, they don`t even have to be a combat expert nor have any knowledge in that area. Psychics are usually unstable, one way or another, but they can toss people around and set them aflame with just a thought, nice...
3. Everyone has a past, you can either reveal some of it straight off the bat or bring it along as the rp progresses, but some basic facts are always nice.
4. Members of NULL can also simply be Paragon employees, if you want, these people usually hold a bit more authority.

NULL Roster:


Age: 72
Race: Android (A robot, that looks like a human)
Gender: Male
Personality: Calm, Observant, Suspicious.
Strong points: Knowledgeable, calm, deceptive
Weak points: Suicidal, reckless, uncompromising. Weak against electro-magnetic weapons.
Occupation: Formerly a servant, Currently a member of NULL.
Weapons: Hidden blades coupled with profficiency in close-combat and a hidden arm-grenade launcher.
Specialties/Abilities: Able to take a great deal of punishment, profficient robotics due to his past and skilled in hand-to-hand combat.
Appearance: Cyril appears to be completely human save for his arms, which are completely robotic, this leads many to think he is a cyborg. He appears as an ordinary human, 20 years of age, with blonde hair down to his ears. His eyes are dark green and his skin is slightly pale.
Clothing: Cyril wears dark brown cargo pants, a pair of combat boots, a black, sleevess shirt. Yet most the time these are not visible due to a tan, hooded cloak that he wears around himself.


Cyril began his existance as a Virtual Intellegence and was planted into a humanoid body, he served as an assistant to a prominent professor in the field of nanomachines, in Moscow. However eventually Cyril began to develop on it`s own due to the fact that the professor had planted a new-prototype of nano-machines within his servant. Eventually Cyril developed into a fully fledged AI and abandoned it`s creator. Cyril wandered aimlessly in the outside world for years until he was badly damaged in a battle outside Bejing. At this point the once servant android had modified itself into a weapon of war, most likely utilizing everything it had learned from it`s creator. Apparently Cyril had seen a lot of fighting as it had changed it`s own arms from human arms to what seemed to be scavanged robot arms from a military droid.

Cyril was scavanged from the battlefield by Paragon Enterprises, who planned on using the android as research sample on AI`s, but they accidentally managed to restore the AI back to life. Tough Cyril`s memory was fragmented, he could recall an unexplained hatred for humans and was locked away by Paragon as they did not want the droid having a chance to escape. The only reason they did not destroy Cyril was because the CEO intervined and forbade it. After a few months of captivity the CEO approached Cyril and offered a spot in NULL in return for his freedom. At first the AI distrusted the man and his offer, but after a weeks consideration time Cyril agreed to work for NULL as it was better than rusting away in the dark.

Currently Cyril has been in NULL for over a year, but hardly enjoys any trust or comradeship with other member, who regard him as a machine.

Theme song: Disturbed - Liberate

NULL - Sector 5 - Chain Of Command

CEO Of Paragon Enterprises

The Boss, The Man, The one person, who could sent us all whirling into hell in a hand-basket, if he wanted to.


Commander Of NULL`s Sector 5 - Colonel Radde

The former leader of the Vienna Security Force, a man who prides himself on punctuality and skill in his line of work. Expects his sub-ordinates to follow his orders to the letter, a man stuck in his ways, but ultimately a reliable leader, who understands the need for subterfuge and need for secrecy.


Shock Trooper - Cyril

An android, that we scavanged off a battlefield near Bejing. It would be pointless to say we know little about IT, other than it seems to despise us yet it has proven itself an valuable asset to NULL as the CEO predicted. Deadly in close-combat and completely oblivious to any harm, that befalls itself, for example it sacrificed it`s own arm in order to kill a rampaging mutant on a mission in Siberia. Either it is suicidal or very decicated to whatever it decides to undertake.

Scout/Infiltrator - Alma

A cyborg coupled with extraordinary memory, or to put it bluntly, she remembers everything. This fact leads it to being no wonder that she has been brought into NULL and placed in the position of scout, her small frame, ability to react quickly and skills in combat only contribute to this. A fresh recruit, hopefully she won`t freak out when things get rough, she is human after all.

Profiler/Fire Support - Kari Axeloake

As always, nothing is really what is seems in NULL, Kari is not exception. Despite the fact that she has been with us for three years and is essentially human, she is a bit isolated and aloof. This however does not seem to affect her working efficiency with profiling and acting as a gunfighter on missions. To add those two skills she apparently can see souls of humans.... err... I prefer not to get involved in such non-sense. Yet I suppose that NULL must take in specialists on whatever fields it can, needless to say our missions aren`t exactly basking in the light of day and Kari is one of those people, who belong in a place like that.

Scout - Matthew Cruor

The youngest member of our sector and at the fragile age of 16, he is without a doubt a certifiable prick, even the android has more consideration towards others than this guy. I don`t even have to get started on the kids various conditions or scars, emotional and physical. This one is volatile, the only question is how to direct that trotten nature of his. The commander though it a good idea to apoint him as a scout alongside our other fresh recruit, Alma, who seems to have more of a grip on the handle and has seen a few missions thus far.

Gunfighter/Information Expert - Charlotte Dwyer

Another confrontational character, Charlie as she is known, has an abbrassive manner to go around messing with people`s heads and seems to enjoy the havoc, that the missions bring along with them. After two years it doesn`t seem too much of a problem, she falls in line under the commander like any other, but then there is her shady past. Tough luckily her friend keeps her in check, from time to time. She also has a knack for gathering information, which is mainly why we recruited her, but then again she can handle herself on the battlefield. We though it best to assign her, along with her friend Uri, to the attack team alongside Cyril.

Shock Trooper - Vyacheslav Stefan Alekseev

The calmer of friend of Charlotte, Uri as he goes by, a mystery to say the least. He past is sketchy, even by our standards, which is saying something. In anycase we have confirmed, that he has had a part in some illegal activities and our records have some bits on his past, that do not seem relevant at the moment. He is an expert gunman and fighter, unlike most of the team he is rather ordinary, but due to his profficient work on the field, no one is questioning his talents. The only problem with this one seems to be that no one, save for Charlotte, who loves to spread false rumours about him, seems to know what`s going on inside his head.


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