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General Site Tech Problem Report Thread
post Apr 10 2011, 11:01 AM
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@Nature Path Alchemist - Thank you so much for providing the screen shot! That helps tons, and looking at the screen shot and the info provided on your post, here is my current best guess of what is happening (speaking from my own experience also xp).

First, (I'm going to check around some more, but..) judging from lack of entries by others experiencing the similar problem, so far I don't think it is a compatibility problem between Windows 7, or Internet Explorer, and our system platform. And, so far from what I see from system data it doesn't seem like this is a problem with our server. Instead, here is my current guess of what's happening, especially after looking at the posted screen shot of the problem.

...On our board, we use "resizing" feature for posted large size images in the forums. And when someone tries to load the page with large size pics in our forums, first, the page will load with all the pics in their original (large) sizes.
Then, after the page with the large size pics are fully loaded, "image-resizing (shrinking)" feature kicks in and resize the larger pics and make thumbnails of those pics and replace them with the original large size pics in the posts on that page.

Meantime, until this "resizing feature kicks in and the process fully completed, if some of the pics posted are larger than 550 pix wide, this will stretch the forum page on your monitor sideways, resulting in a computer screen just like the screen shot you have posted. (larger the size of posted pic, or more number of large size pics the forum page has, the more prominent the problem becomes).

Now, for most of users this will take only a few seconds, or even less than a second, and the part with "stretched-out forum page" may be just a flash on the computer screen and hence may not even register into user's mind. But, for some users, sometimes, this takes more than usual time and hence becomes a problem.
Also, this problem gets worse with slower computer, or slower Web connection, or even if with faster connection and faster computer, if the computer is running larger program that takes up lots of computer's resources, etc., then this problem may happen also.

In my own case, I have a Net connection that sometimes turns to a crawling speed, and when that happens some of the pages on the board takes looong time to load, not seconds but many minutes, and if the page happens to have large size pics, not only that makes the page loading time even longer, while I wait, the page on my monitor will stay streeeeecthed, just like the screen shot you posted.
Or, even when I have relatively good Web connection speed, my computer runs an automatic daily maintenance system check, and since this takes up some of my computer resources, when this is running in the background, sometimes I run into a slow page load problem, and hence if the page happens to have a large size pic, the same situation could result.

Now, about Windows 7/Internet Explorer combination.. I don't normally use Windows 7 nor Internet Explorer. (Reason being, Windows 7 is a big computer resource hog, and hence not kind to my antique computer with skimpy computer resouces, and IE is so slow and my Web connection is slow to begin with, and hence it makes my slow surfing problem worse.) Therefore, I can't tell much about this stretching problem while using W-7/IE combination.
When I tried it (W-7/IE combo) after receiving your PM, at that time it worked fine. Although, at that time I did not know more details of the problem, and hence I did not test it on forum pages with large size pics. And now my computer is currently not running sys-check in the back, and my Web connection happens to be in good speed now, so I can't test my hypothesis. (It's ironic because normally I long for my Web connection to gets faster. XD)

But, if my memory serves correctly, one of the boards (non-anime related) I sometimes visit had a similar complaints posted by users while ago, that the forum page stretched to the point of it was unusable, and turned out they were using Windows-7/Internet Explorer combination. (If I remember right, they did have good/fast computer systems, with fast web connections) The solution posted by the mod there was that they'd recommend using FireFox while that was happening. That was while ago, and since then I don't see the same problem being posted there.

Therefore... I'm going to check around some more, but meantime, my recommendation for the time being is to try to minimize the resource hog while on Windows 7... such as, try turning off unused features on Windows 7, and also try not to run other programs that may use up your computer's resources, and also try to minimize the Web connection speed depletion, such as, if you're opening other tabs and windows, try minimizing the number of other tabs and windows, and also try not to do other tasks that may eat up the connection speed, such as downloading or uploading on other tab. And also try turning off unused/unneeded features (especially "security" related features if you already have other program that would take care of those..) on Internet Explorer that may be slowing your page load speed even further (and also clean out your cache often to free up the cache memory)
And, if none of those would help, then please try switching to other Internet browsers such as FireFox, Opera, or Google-Chrome, etc. and see if that would work. smile.gif

I will check around some more, and meantime, please let me know if any of the above may help. smile.gif

(OT: Happy one-day-belated birthday! ^^)

ETA: Got PM. Glad to hear that it's working fine now. biggrin.gif


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