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Fma Season Two, a second season to fma-original anime
post Jun 28 2010, 05:39 PM
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okay so first I was mad at how the first anime ended, so I made up my own ending.
then I was mad at the fact that the series was over, so I began to write a second season.
believe me, it will get more interesting.
I have a bunch of plans and an intense plot.
The main plot will be introduced around chapter/episode 4.
I'm not gonna spoil it but it has something to do with hell, demon, devils, and envy.
Please read this if you are interested, it means a lot to me. I try really hard in my fanfics, and I really try to make the characters act how they do in the show.
if you dont like it, feel free to tell me, and I'd love some writing tips, but don't throw it in my face please. (sensitive ego xD)

Full metal alchemist ending: My version

A/N: okay, even though my stories are long enough, my authors note is going to be long too this time. xD Okay, so I was really mad at the full metal alchemist ending. Ed and Al were trapped in the opposite world, just to be together, and completely forgot about everything and everyone else! So this is starting near the end of the fma movie, starting with the line that Ed says, "So, you put part of your soul again, huh Al?" And then it will get different later on. I'll put a star next to the different part. Please don't read it unless you've seen the movie, because it will make absolutely no sense. And I also want to point out that in the other fma fan fics that I post, it will be as if my ending was the ending in the real show. Not really a sequel, but kind of. Anyway, I don't own FMA no matter how much I rant about wanting to!

"So, you put part of your soul into the metal suit again, huh Al?" Ed looked sadly at the Metal face, thinking that this would be the last time he would talk to his Brother. But to his surprise, the head of the suit slid off, and Al, real in the flesh, came out. "Al?" Ed exclaimed
"I'm here Ed. I'm going to stay with you, just like all the time we spent together when I was in the metal suit." Al told him
"You mean you remember now?" Ed asked.
Al nodded in response.
"I see. Equivalent exchange huh." Ed smiled a bit, and walked towards AL. "But wait, I thought you were going to shut the portal to the gate on the other side."
***"I was, but I have a plan!"
"Hmm." Ed waited to here it.
"Okay, here's what we'll do. Me and you will start closing the portal here. When we're almost done, I'll put some of my soul into a metal suit. Then we'll go through the Portal, and I'll finish closing it on the other side. After I'm done, we can close in our world."
Ed was speechless.
"What's wrong brother? It wouldn't work, would it?" Al asked disappointedly.
"No its just…" Ed scratched his head. "Why didn't I think of that!"
Al laughed.
So in the end, they used Al's plan. It worked flawlessly, and they lived a happy, awesome, alchemy filled, and adventurous life, just like they used too. Only one thing was better: Al was in the flesh. (And still taller than Ed)

FMA season two-episode one: THE CRASH

A/N This episode will begin kinda slow. The main plot will be introduced after the whole crash thing. Maybe around episode 3 or 4. Please bare with it till then, and enjoy for now, I have amazing plans fr the future of ed!
I don't own FMA, but if I did, this story would TOTALLY be in the show! ^^

"Thanks, come again." a baker said, handing Ed a loaf of bread. Ed gave him money for it.
"Yea, thanks." he started on his way home. He came out of the bakery, and,
"AHH!" he fell back.
Al was waiting for him outside, and popped out in front of him by surprise. He started cracking up.
"Oh, uh oh…" now he started to run, and Ed went after him.
"Come back here Al! I wanna give you some bread."
"Yeah right, if I stop, who knows what you'll do to me!"
"I know, so stop and I'll show you!"
"No way!"

Al wouldn't stop, and he couldn't stop laughing. It was only a couple weeks ago that him and Ed were reunited. Everything they did together brought back old memories, and Al could never stop laughing. Ed no longer had the urge to get back at Al. He was laughing a bit too. Soon Al got tired, and stopped to wait for Ed. He was exhausted. When he caught up to Al, he had to put his arm around his shoulder to stand up right.
"Why'd ya have to run so fast, I already did a lot today." he complained.
Al just laughed a little.
"You never stop laughing do you?" he asked.
"I'm just so happy that you're back brother! And that I remember everything. It's wonderful!"
"Yeah, I'm glad to have you back too Al." he agreed. "Man I'm hungry!" he broke off apart of the bread he'd just bought, and gave a piece to Al. "Want some?" he asked.
"Sure. Thanks brother."

They walked home, sharing stories about what they'd done during the two years that they were apart. Soon they were back.
Ed opened to door to Winry's house.
"Hey were ho-"
"EEEEEEH! Edward, I have to show you master piece!" Winry grabbed Ed, and practically dragged him to her construction room.
"Ahh, alright, slow down!" he called.
"You come too Al!" Winry yelled

"LOOK!" Winry opened the door to her invention room, and showed him a car. It was dark blue, and had a shape sort of like a buggy, only more cubic, and the wheels were as big as ones on a truck.
"Whoa… you made this?" Ed asked, astonished.
"Of course I did! It's my new car!"
"Winry, you never had a car before, so it's not really your new car, it's you first ca-"
"Yeah, well it's still brand new!" she sighed. "I just built an amazing thing like this, and all you can do is correct me?"
Al came in now. "Whoa, cool car Winry." he smiled. "So where's this invention of yours?" he asked.
"THIS!" she pointed her arms at the car in a 'Tah-Dah!' sort of way.
Al gasped. "REALLY! That's amazing Winry!" he exclaimed.
"At lest someone's reasonable. Mr. Ed here's a critic."
"I was kidding Winry, It's great. So how'd you make it anyw-"
"I WAS WAITING FOR YOU TO ASK THAT!" She ran to the other side of the room and grabbed her blue prints. She unrolled them to show Ed and Al. "Ya see, I didn't make the whole thing, I just made the motor and most of the parts. I also recycled a bunch of scrap metal to make the material for the actual car base."
"Recycled? How'd you do that?" Ed asked.
"Remember when I asked you to melt all of that metal for me with your Alchemy."
Winry smiled really big.
"You said it was for repairs on the sink."
"I wanted it to be a surprise! But anyway, I bought some of the car parts that are confusing or even more hard and time consuming to make then buy. I used the metal Ed melted, and tricked Al into making it compact and super strong!"
"I thought it looked small compared to how much I melted." Ed pointed out.
"So that's what to wishing well was for!" Al exclaimed
"A wishing well? You fell for that?" Ed smirked.
Al laughed. "Your smirk is funny brother! You look so mature and smart, but then you're so short!"
Winry started laughing
Al was just talking automatically without trying to make Ed upset, but then he remembered that Ed was probably going to kill him now. He stopped laughing and said, "Oh, uh I mean heh heh…"
Ed swung his arm (his left arm because he didn't really want to hurt him) at Al's head, but Al ducked, and hopped inside Winry's car, and locked the door.
"He didn't say that Ed!" Winry told him.
Ed was staring at him evilly
"B-brother, calm down-" but he was cut of by laughter, and again he couldn't stop. Winry started laughing again too.
"Grr…C'mon out already." Ed scowled
Al opened the door, and came out. Right when he did, Ed bopped his head with the palm of his hand. "AND DON'T YOU DARE CALL ME SHORT EVER AGAIN!"
"Alright. Sorry brother!"
"Anyway, I built this car with super strong metal, so no matter what happens, it won't dent. Not even if it crashes! I made state of the art breaks, pedals, and steering wheel! And I even…" she continued on, talking and talking until her grandmother called that dinner was ready.

They went to the dinner table. "Alright! What's for dinner?" Ed asked.
"Yeah! I love stew!"
Winry laughed. "Yeah, I know Ed, it was my idea sense you actually stayed here for more then two weeks this time! And it's great to have you back too! After two long years!"
Ed blushed. "Yeah, good to be back."
Winry threw her arms around Ed. "On the day you came back, you had to go off and fight straight away. Then you were injured, and had to be in bed for a while. And now you're here, and we know you're going to stay. We never had a reunion party, so… let's have one now!"
Ed hugged Winry back.
"Yea, we even bought you a cake Ed." Al started to laugh, but it came out as tears. Winry let go of Ed, who was close to tears himself.
"It's okay Al. We're not going to be separated again." Ed assured him. "I promise." He wiped one of Al's tears away, and then Al hugged Edward.
"I missed you so much brother!" he said over sobs.
"Yea. Me too."
They had stew and a big chocolate cake that said, "Welcome back!" on it.

They were happy that day. For once in a long time, truly happy. They never thought for one second, that the whole thing might be ruined by one simple mistake, made by one person in that room.
"Edward!" Winry yelled, shaking Ed awake super early in the morning. "C'mon, get up, get up!"
Ed moaned. He turned to his alarm clock. "Winry, it's 6:00... Why're you waking me up so early?"
"I don't know, I didn't sleep at all last night, so I just got bored of being alone!"
"Fine I'll get up." Ed moaned
"I'm so excited! Grandma's teaching me how to drive today! I would let you come too, but there's only two seats that have belts on them, I'm adding the back belts later. You can come without one if you want though!"
"Nah, if it's you driving, I wouldn't even go with a belt!" He laughed.
Winry sighed. "Fine, just have fun with Al then. We wanna leave before traffic starts, so we're going now. Have fun!" she waved to Ed and left his room.
"Bye Winry!" he called just as she closed the door. He lay back on his bed again. Then he turned his head toward Al's bed. "Hey Al, you awake?" He asked him.
"I am now." he said. "What is it brother?"
"Nothing. Winry's gonna be gone for a while for driving lessons. Wanna go for a walk while they're out?"

After a little breakfast of butter and toast, they started walking around Resemble.
"I really missed this town. It's so cool coming back now, seeing everyone grown up, and everything. And what happened to everyone. I've been wondering this whole time!"
"Yeah, It's really fun seeing what happened to you too now brother! You haven't changed much, but you still act a little older. And you're taller too!"
"Heh, yeah, I'm not short anymore!"
"Yeah…" Al was the same height as Ed and he was only twelve. "What was it like on the other side of the gate?"
"It was weird, I saw so many people that looked the same. Like General Hughes, Gracia, Rose, and king Bradley, who surprisingly was nice. There was another Alphonse too, he looked exactly like you. Alfons Heidric "
"Whoa, really, that's so weird! Did he act like me too?"
"Yea, I bet if you were in the same situations, you'd do the same things."
"Cool! Was there another you, brother?"
"No, of course not Al, there couldn't be two of me in one place!"
"Oh, look Grandma. Their's Ed and Al!" Winry pointed to them threw the window shield. They were walking along the side walk, but now started to turn onto the cross walk.
"Slow down to a stop Winry, you don't want to run them over." she advised.
"Aha, I know, I am…" her smile faded. "My car… my car wont stop!"
"So Al, did you meet anyone new while you've been here?" Ed was asking as they were walking right in front of Winry's car.
"Yeah. I met…"
"LOOK OUT!" Winry caught both of their attention. "LOOK OUT, RUN! I CAN'T STOP!" At the same time, Ed was running, and pushing Al out of the way of the car. But he wasn't quick enough.
The car hit his right arm, and dislodged his auto mail in his shoulder, and then hit his chest where the top of the hood was.
Al landed safely on the side.
Ed fell down and the tires of the car ran over his left arm.
Winry screamed, and hopped out of the car, grabbing her Grandmother with her.
Al was paralyzed. He was to shocked to move, he wasn't even able to shout 'brother!'
Winry ran up to Ed, as her car sped ahead and bumped into a tree.

His shoulder was torn and bleeding, and his other arm was skinned, and gushing with blood. The wound on his chest looked terrible, and Ed could hardly breathe.

His pulse was low.

And he could definitely have died any second.

oh yeah, half of the fan fic is i italics if you actually click he link...
I really dont know why, I didn't write it that way it was a glitch on fanfiction.net
i tried re uploading it, but it still did that.


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Otherwise, I am going to merge this thread with the Do You Have FF.Net Account? thread later since as of now you are only posting an address of your FF.net account where you have your work, and hence I think FF.net thread may suites better for this posting. smile.gif

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I thought it was amazing. None of the characters were even slightly out of character which is a first for probably ANY fanfic I ever read =O
I loved how you made them laugh so easily because that actually makes sense since Al and Winry hadn't seen Ed for 2 years.
and you fixed BONE's ending too! <3

EDIT: omg I read more omg its so sweet and heart warming!! <3333
I love it love it love it xD
but I haven't gotten to the crash part yet =O

EDIT: @$%#$@%# cCLIFF ENDING ;_;
write more!!


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I edited my post chiyo, hanks for your help!

lol, audre it wasn't THAT good. xDD
its just cake.....
and nowthat I think about it, i think i made ed a little to emotional.
but thanks so much! ^^


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