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Signature & Avatar Guidelines, What is & what is not permitted.
post Jun 20 2010, 01:47 PM
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To clarify for new and old members alike, I am writing up the rules on what we permit members to have within their signatures and avatars. This refers to the image you have under your name and the image/text that appears underneath your comments.

Content - The following applies to both images and text.

1. Spoilers. This means no images/text content that reveal important aspects about story-lines and events. This is especially important when it comes to the ending of the manga and the anime (though not limited to only the ending.) Any images/text that reveal an important part of the story that not all members or visitors of the baord will have seen will be removed. (And, practically speaking, that means any and all significant storyline content for all of FMA series) This is because ANY member/visitor can see your signature and avatar and may not want any spoilers. By the way, this "courtesy" extends to other major series, books, etc. as well.

2. Offensive Material. We try to keep this forum PG-13. To translate, the material must be appropriate for people of the age of 13 and above. Just as with spoilers, there is no chance for "content warning" in signatures and avatars so any offensive material is visible to all members. Therefore it must be appropriate for all members. The following is NOT PERMITTED.

- Violence/gore
- Bad language/cursing
- Inciting hatred of any kind
- Sexual themes

If you are unsure an image you wish to use is appropriate or not, ask one of the Moderators BEFORE you post it. The Moderators are all 18 years of age or older and are the best judges.

3. Themes. We may be a forum for the series Fullmetal Alchemist, but we welcome images from other anime, films, television, books, musicians and sports. However, we are a multi-national forum. For this reason we do not encourage religious symbols or quotes. No prejudice of any kind, even if you believe it to be a "joke", against other nations or beliefs JUST AS we do not wish to see people putting their nation or belief above others. All peoples are welcome here, so we want them to feel welcome. In addition, certain bars and banners are set aside to be used by the board staff and volunteers, and we ask to avoid using those images.

Overall Size, & the File Format for the Image Pic

1. Size: Please make sure your sig (any combination of images and typed-in text) is smaller than 300 pix in height, and also smaller than 500 pix in width, and your avatar is smaller than 120 pixels by 120 pixels in size.

- Signatures on our board can only be a maximum of 500 pixels in width and 300 pixels in height (click me!). This does not mean you can have an image 300 pixels high and then also add some additional typed-in text at the bottom/top. It means, this is the Max size for ALL of your sig content (any combination of typed-in text and posted images). Any sig smaller than this is fine as far as size is concerned. smile.gif

For example, if you have a sig pic that is already 500 pix wide and 300 pix high AND if you add additional typed-in text lines in your sig, this will put your sig OVER the size limit. If you would like to have typed-in text line(s) in your sig space in addition to your sig pic, please don't forget to use SMALLER sig pic to accommodate the room for the additional typed-in text line(s).

Although, because of the possible difficulty to edit the text line to fit into 500 pix width, we may overlook typed-in text line(s) in the sig in customary size 1 or size 2 font size that are extending more than 500 pix wide, if they are not excessive. But, only if those are in small size 1 or size 2 font, and this applies to 500 pix width limit only and does NOT applies to height limit. Members must limit your overall sig size within 300 pix height in any combination of images and typed in-text lines, no matter what size of font(s) is/are used.

Please try and keep your overall signature within this size, or you may get your sig edited by our Moderator. smile.gif

- Avatars can be a maximum of 120 pixels by 120 pixels in size. Uploaded avatars from your computer must be no larger than 100 KB.

2. Image-File Format. The system for our board accepts jpeg, png, gif and bmp. Avatars can be directly uploaded from your computer or from a URL. However signatures must be linked to.

Note: If you're not familiar with how to post pictures on our board, the ADDENDUM at the bottom of this post may help.
(Info in ADDENDUM is taken from "Useful Posting Hints" made and psoted by Popogeejo.)


The following "Crediting Guideline for the Posted Art" is taken/adapted from our image posting guidelines for the Gallery, and applies to both signature and avatar;

1.Crediting is vital. If you cannot credit, do not post! The easiest way to make sure you get this right is to only post your own work. If it is someone elses work, make sure you have their permission BEFORE you use it. To credit someone you state clearly that what you are using is their work, not your own, and you provide a link to the original source (this means, where you found it and where people can go leave a comment with the original artist).

2. If you are unclear about if you are crediting correctly or not, please get in touch with one of the Moderators before you post.

3. If it is Japanese fanart and you are unable to obtain permission, at the very least link to where you found it.

4. "Found it on Photobucket/Google" or any other image storing facility is NOT PROPER CREDIT.


1). As customary, if you're using official art, such as official FMA color pics from magazine, part of FMA manga panel, or image from FMA anime, etc., then you can skip crediting for the use of those. However, if you're using those in some altered form done by some other artist, such as pic taken from FMA mamga panel then colored by you, or your friend, etc., then please don't forget to credit that artist also.

2). If you're using sig or avatar made by someone other than you, then please don't forget to CREDIT the artist who created that sig/avatar. (Even if made by you, it is a good custom to state so in your sig space so that we know who made your sig/avatar.)

3.) You can use part of your sig space to note the credit for your avatar and sig.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
We don't bite, but we like to look out for all our members, and happy to assist if anyone needs help. smile.gif


ADDENDUM: Some Useful Sig Posting Guide

How do I upload pictures for free?
If you are looking for a place to upload pictures for free, I suggest using Imageshack or Tinypic. Use the URL that says "Direct link."

Other good sites for uploading pictures are:

How do I post a picture or a picture link?
The image tags are simple and, basically, it's like this:

Except for I used CODE Tags so that this would show up for you. It's really not that hard to figure out.


How to add a picture that is also a clickable link :
Basically, the CODE we use is the combination of Image code and URL code. Here is the code you need to modify below:

Replace the URL and picture link to specify what you want. It should show up just like this:

How do I insert a web address?
Just click the "url" button or use tags:
[url]<type your address here>[/url]

But how did I do this?

NOTE: If copying and pasting the URLs, delete the "http://" as this forum will put it on automatically.

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